SRK is very caring and friendly: Chennai Express co-star (Pics)

He may be a superstar to the world, but for his co-stars Shah Rukh Khan is just a caring and friendly person, says Mohan Raman who worked with SRK in upcoming film “Chennai Express”.

“He (Shah Rukh) is very friendly to his co-stars. He ensures that everybody around him is well looked after. He never makes you feel that he bears the superstar title and, therefore, you feel more comfortable around him,” Mohan told IANS.

“The only superstar thing about him is that he would mostly be accompanied by his entourage, which is for his own safety. Otherwise, it was a pleasure working with him. I even clicked a picture with him to keep it as a memorabilia,” he added.

Raman will be seen in an important role in the film, which is being directed by Rohit Shetty. It also features Deepika Padukone, Manorama, Sathyaraj and Priyamani.

How was it working with SRK as an actor?

“He would personally help us with lines, whenever needed. A thorough professional on the sets, he is very serious about his work. He spends a lot of time going through his lines and rehearsing to perfect them before enacting them,” Raman said.

Known for working in a host of Tamil films and television serials, Raman has also worked in Hindi film “Sabse Bada Khiladi”.

Shahrukh Khan with fans - Chennai Express on location

Shahrukh Khan with fans – Chennai Express on location



  • We know that and that is why we love him

    he is A king in every thing and he will always be

    love and respect sir

  • yes, rightly said….and few narrow mind shld undrstnd the difference btwn ego and confident.

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  • @John cena fan : In you dreams, salman’s time is over and srk’s 2nd ininings started? Lol

  • The biggest joke I heard today that Salman Khan is afraid of Shahid Kapoor (Though I like Shahid and a very hardworking person) !!!!! Lol .. Some people are beyond stupidity, cant help it !!!

  • @hritic salman help shahid and will do a cameo in ppnh and mental is not release not year even sohel khan confirmed mental is not release on 22 nov. We need salman khans fan help as eid is a festivel of salman, diwali is for srk and christmas is for amir and bollywood is nothing without khans, no one can beat the khans, khans are only beaten by the khan, it can’t diesest by hro fans and khans hater. This eid srk will rock at bo like every year salman film do and kick is release on eid 2014.

  • John cena fan: get the info right don’t talk like losers Salman is playing a cameo on Shahid movie get the correct information. SRK himself not announce about his movie C express until he confirmed that “MENTAL” is not releasing on EID.

  • srk doesn’t discriminate b/w co-stars nd junior artists…he has really a big heart…in reality..not for the show-off….but wat abt that worldwide famous “khan”…who was accused of fighting and harassing his co-star….really….excellent job by him nd quite appreciated by his moronic fans…:P
    #samajdaar ko ishaara kaafi…:D

  • @Romance Express: u seems to be an innocent n simple person. I could have make fun of u for asking salman fans to watch CE during Eid n make it a Blockbuster but I wont do it. World is not as u think bro. All the best for CE !! n dont abuse hrithik roshan, he has nothing against Khans.

  • @xzone : learn something from Romance Express, he is a srk fan n knows how to respect other fans. Give respect n take respect, if initiate abuse then u will surely receive the same. This is ur beloved srk page but ur height of insecurity forced u to include Salman with false allegations.

  • @hritik…who is saying that i am against hritik (original…not like u jerk),aamir or akki….they are also my beloved…but this budhau “remake” khan will always targetted by me…though..i ve din’t mentioned anyone’s name in my comment nd posted a caution that “samajdaar ko ishaara kaafi”…so it seems that u r that “samajdaar”…lol..nd as far as i m concerned…i don’t need ur crap advices…

  • @john cena fan

    Hey hey its been a while my ‘you cant see me’ nonsense talking friend. You were right john, it had been a while since anyone saw you or heard from you…! ;-)

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