SRK in Chennai Express IPL Promo

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan will be on Extra Innings T20 to unveil the teaser trailer of his upcoming action-comedy Chennai Express.

The superstar is at his charismatic best in the 30 second IPL Promo – as he asks fans to ‘express’ yourself, whether your favorite team is currently alive in the tournament or not.

The episode will SRK will be aired during the IPL 2013 Final on Sunday 26th May.



  • 26 may will be like a festival for me.Too curious to watch SRK in the promos.Hope he will be as best as always….!!!!!

  • When the Chennai Express teaser comes on tv then it will be like any other ad commercial… It will be a cue for audiences to get of their couch and put the kettle on or grab a cold drink from the fridge etc etc. :-D
    Cheers Srk

  • Srk movies are hit only coz of heavy promotions.
    Marketing of Boduguard was less than half of and it earned almost 140 crore.
    Aamir did not promote Talaash at all yet it made 92 crores india and 170 crore worldwide.
    Srk is Nothing without his PR and overhype promotions.

  • King khan is back in romance, action, comedy, a complete massala entertainer with chennai express.
    Highly rated comment

  • Raj : Get on the train baby
    Tina : which train ?
    Raj : Chennai Express
    Tina : and ?
    Raj : express yourself

    Train start rolling on Aug 8th. Get in to the train and EXPRESS YOURSELF

  • Now listen 22 sec title song of C.E, now it’s 100% guaranteed, CE beat OUATIM2 INSHALLAH.



  • @nolaniitjee Domestic collection of JTHJ is 124cr n worldwide is 252cr without any huge promotion n with clash.

  • grt going srk…perfect time to reveal the teaser ….it’s gonna rock for sure…, the temperature has already crossed 40′ C nd there may be a chance of it’s increasing on 26 th may…bcoz a lot of smoke is going to be produced at that day…now even a child can guess, wat ll be the source of that smoke…:P
    @navin…keep barking…but don’t forget to have a routine check-up of ur health on that day….bcoz people like u may get a more severe attacks…so collect all ur aliases like “hritik”,”aki”,”aks”,”sachin11″ with u nd have a visit at ur nearest hospital…..

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