SRK happy with stable government, hopes for positive changes

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is happy that the people of India have given a strong mandate to the Narendra Modi led BJP government.

Even though he wasn’t amongst those who were invited to be a part of the grand swearing-in ceremony, Khan says a stable government can take ‘solid decisions’ that will positively change the state of the country.

Some excerpts from the interview after the image

Shahrukh Khan

“What a mandate! Exceptional. This is clearly a sign of our times where people have decided not for a party, but for a stable government. It gives a lot of reason and power to change things”

“Itís difficult to take solo and solid decisions (in coalition government). So if youíre with the left, you canít take a capitalist decision. If you have the strength of numbers, then nobody can question that … now decisions have to be taken, things have to change”

There is no excuse for the country to not go forward now. Decisions have to be taken and things have to change”

“Iím extremely apolitical, but I know people donít believe it. They have issues with this. But I have my views on friendships and thatís totally separate”

“The country should change from within and from the outside. While we should have a fantastic international face and front, we also ought to have a sense of comfort within the country. And if larger issues get sorted, our film industry will follow suit.”



  • SRK’s right. One party brings stability and firmness in government and its decisions. Coalition spells instability, more bottlenecks and less action.
    Substantial and clear cut views he’s put across there despite claiming he is apolitical. That’s what sets an educated star like him apart from others who are school dropouts and talk gibberish.

  • Well said Mr.Khan…. A stable and a goverment with full majority in their pocket can take every decisions widout any pressure unlike in Coalition Goverment wer der constant pressure and blockage done by itz allies,, May India go Forward under the dynamic leadership of Mr. MODI, and INDIA shows itz STATURE in the World Level

  • Srk is talking about government taking solid decisions in future but 1 solid decision they have already taken by not inviting him in swearing-in

  • So Srk believes in solo government instead of coalition government but when it comes to movies he believes in opposite and takes supports of other superstars by making their guest

  • modi must invited srk in swearing ceremony because srk is the global face of bollywood industry

  • What a GREAT THOUGHT by KING KHAN.HE loves India just like HIS FATHER who was A FREEDOM FIGHTER.he could use word in such a way that it seems like MAGICAL WORDS due to the way how HE SPEAKS.The only GLOBAL MEGASTAR in India who could communicate in a world class style with spontaneous speaking power unlike other superstars who needs break between each word especially salman and amir speaks in a way like umm..aa…aaila..oh teri!!so disgusting.and forget about akki/ajay they speaks better than salman.however KING KHAN doesn’t need any connection with politics.the only thing HE wants politicians must have to progress this country.because HE cares about PEOPLE otherwise HE is THE WORLD’S 2ND MOST RICHEST ACTOR and some fools have a misconception why HE couldn’t be invited to swearing ceremony,what’s the work of an ACTOR in a swearing ceremony,he will be one of those 4000-5000 politicians,which have no importance,lol.

  • are he’s cheapest person in India, he will never think gud for India, He care for Pakistan More than India… Nobody cares of ur thinking Mr. Overactor Hakla.. Go and do some another meme in ur stuipid movies, non sence useless crappy person, go n eat shit of paki..

  • @sss : Tell me honestly whats so MAGICAL about these words ??? Srk is trying to make his presence which was totally ignored by Modi !!!!! Whats the point of being honored by New Zealand, Tanzania, blah blah countries when it cant help it in your own land. This shows the so called srk GLOBALISATION is all his PR work n NOT due to his popularity. If Srk is really powerful he would have been in Modi – PM OF INDIA list for his Guests !!!!!!!!

  • srk is desperately trying hard to earn the respect of Modi and BJP haha after his statement to leave india if modi becomes pm went viral. LOL he is afraid, modi may kick him out. thats why he is giving tweets after tweets to butter modi.

  • @Hrithik — Modi acknowledged SRK in twitter….its just because SALMAN and his father were open supporters of MODI so they were invited…..SRK is a citizen of INDIA and he has every right to speak up his mind…….A non invitation in a oath taking ceremony is not compulsory to prove his power as without power and people’s love he can’t reach where he is now from nowhere…..FYI SRK is the brand ambassador of WB…..If you think that NZ PM, DUBAI royal family etc can be controlled by SRKs PR….Then SRK is double powerful than we think ;-)

  • AAMIR is also not invited….so all the meeting with James C, Bill Gates, etv were his PR works.

  • Poor Sarkar gets invited to crappy movie premieres like Jackpot and Yeh Hai Bakrapur but when it comes to the nations glamourous n most honourable Swearing In Ceremony his ill reputed reputation for acting disorderly n SWEARING profoundly at officials like Wankhede Incident 2012 counted against him…!

    Atleast the swearing in ceremony HAD no SWEARING going on thanks to Sarkars absence…!

  • Srk say which nothing new to us, that’s a fact and even a kid can understand the thing but its great atleast he also said something good for new govt. But there is one kid in comment section who missed his drink and result in front of us, what was magical in this statements what he said anything which can evolve our senses, yes Modi not invited Srk and its not an issue. Salman was present there and its great Srk is son of freedom fighter but i don’t think you are aware of Aamir, his cousin Nazma Heptullah, is cabinet minister of Modi govt, his grand father Maulana azad was freedom fighter and minister of first government of india. Aamir was elected brand ambassador by Election commission, now if you think why Aamir still not invited the reason is He was one who stand against BJP govt in 2006 for Narmada Bachao andolan, he is non political person, his good works for people in front of us same as for salman except his haters, don’t be hypocrite, Aamir already given good views for Modi on 17th may you can read.

  • This all stupid loserr are complaining why SRK did not invited to modi ceremoni? What the big deal with it ? What an actor doing in the swering ceremony…..he is the most busies actor in bollywood and the 2cd richses actor in the world soooo you all losser can imagine how busy he is …..any way all the politician are corroup

  • Self styled Mr. Satyamev Jayate Aamir Khan was also not invited to the ceremony even though his relative Najma Heptullah deflected from Congress to BJP and was to take oath as a cabinet minister in Modi govt! No amount of his so called attempts to suck up to Modi after election results could earn him an invitation. Before making fun of Shahrukh look at your own favorites haters!

  • @Hrithik — I havr read it and confidentaly jumped into commenting….its a separate issue if you want to avoid facing me and my comments/reply.

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