SRK gets a Macbook Pro

Time for a change and some tech cum entertainment news! The immense popularity of Apple products like iPhone and iPad has increased the sales of computers powered by the Mac operating system. And the latest to be tempted into purchasing a Mac is none other than Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan.

The actor, currently in London receiving treatment for his injured knee, tweeted “Been away getting my knee treatment done. Two days of intense pain. Feel much better today and feel like getting back to work.”

And then he talked about his brand new Macbook Pro “This (Tweet) is all being written on my new macbook pro. Super excited to have the new machine… felt like a kid when i got it. so wanted it to keep up with my speed of life. yay!!”

We wonder why SRK didn’t get the Macbook Air though, the much lighter Air would have been easier to carry considering the number of days he spends travelling!

Either way, it’s good to know someone like Shahrukh who can afford just about anything, still gets pleasure from buying new gadgets. We all know about his love for Sony’s Playstation, don’t we.

Any of you here have a Mac?



  • Sridhar, nice choice. I got myself a Mac mini 2011. Works very well but had to buy a mini display port to vga cable for it to work with monitors without hdmi. Cost me 35,000 in total with keyboard and magic trackpad.

    Sad that Steve jobs is quitting as CEO. The man was a genius.

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