SRK fractures his shoulder, knee tendon torn, advised rest

Shah Rukh KhanThe accident on the sets of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year involving Shahrukh Khan, was initially passed off as a minor injury. However, fresh tests have revealed that the superstar has fractured his right shoulder and also has his left knee’s patellar tendon torn.

The injury has delayed the shooting schedule of Happy New Year by 3 weeks as the actor has been advised complete bed rest.

A source close to the actor, confirmed the same.

“The injury has turned out to be more serious than we expected. Fresh tests were conducted last night, which revealed a fracture in the right shoulder and a tear in the left knee patella tendon. The doctors who have been treating him at the Nanavati Hospital have advised 15 – 20 days of complete bed rest.”

The source also added that Shahrukh will only resume shooting for the film in the third or fourth week of February.



  • SRK injury is Very bad news for industry…
    Jai Ho verdics as Boss or Besharam…
    Salman khan proved that KHANS are nothing without big holiday…

  • Can’t even do light action scenes of farah khan directed movie and people expect him to do stunts in Dhoom series.This is the reason YRF has not taken their favourite in Dhoom 3 bcoz if they would have taken him forgot about records but he must have surely broken many bones of himself and Dhoom 3 would have been postponed and released on 2018 instead of

  • Good time for him now to rest at home and watch his just hit verdict movies like MNIK,Ra1,Don 2 and JTHJ and search the reasons why these movies got just hit vedict when other khans movies got blockbuster and Atbb verdicts after releasing in the same years bcoz Rohit shetty can’t work with him always.

  • he is a hardworking man.

    so we call him king khan / SRK ……………………………………………………..!

  • I hope his shoulder and knee recovers soon and i hope that Farah khan will not ask him to do his signature step of DDLJ bcoz it can hurt his shoulder again or she should not ask him to lift deepika like in CE and also he should not carry school bag like in MNIK and not drive Scooter like in RNBDJ and not stop any running train like in Ra

  • U wil fine in sha Allah.
    Somewhere down d heart I thought its going to b serious.. N ur shoulder injury is back again.
    U need to rest..we can wait foh ur comes first.

  • @dinda11 u have watched so many movies of srk that even a fan may not have watched. .y do u bother to watch his movies if u not like him. .?

  • 1st of all bow to my KING KHAN,GOD please relieve him from this situation.hope soon he get back to work.please sir release FAN in this christmas,I’m eagerly waiting for it.

    @SS,don’t worry at least he is not a fraud like takla roshan and bachcha roshan who already looks retired from this age.

    @sachin11,we are praying for as soon as criminal bhojpuri khan should get arrested and should be hanged,a totally big mf deserve this.

  • I see lots of people talking against Shahrukh Khan but I really don’t understand why’re they doing this? and why’re they here if they don’t like Shahrukh? Swear I would never go somewhere I don’t like but still lots of haters paying visits to every post about SRK. I would say no matter whatever people think but We SRK Fans Love him so much and this is what our KING SRK showed us. He is in every single Person and he made us feel love. GET WELL SOON MY KING, We’ll always love you..

  • @sachin11 ur d biggest creep on dis site…wonder if u do react in d same manner in case f ur father..none f ur so-called fkng jokes make sense..add 2 it d LOL which u use unnecessarily.. -_-
    frustatd guy…

  • @Sayali no i don’t react in this manner with my father but i wonder do u use word like fkng while talking with your

  • @X thanks i will try for the 1st time now but tell me does it work or not bcoz u already applied it during the time of MNIK,Ra 1,Don 2 and

  • @sachin we srk fans are here to worry about him.u rather go watch jai ho.coz salman needs his fans more than ever.

  • @sachin agree.
    SRK doesnt deserve any sympathy.
    I hope the door which bashed Srk is in working condition. Hundreds of Srk’s will come and go, but the door will be really expensive to buy again.

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