SRK doesn’t differentiate, considers both genders equal: Deepika

Deepika PadukoneActress Deepika Padukone, who made her Bollywood debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in “Om Shanti Om”, says the superstar genuinely considers both genders equal.

Shah Rukh recently announced that henceforth all his films will feature the actress’ name first in the credits, and that has left Deepika even more impressed. She is currently working with him in “Chennai Express”.

“It’s a wonderful initiative taken to prove that men and women are equal in all fields and professions. The way he interacts with us during shooting clearly shows that he doesn’t differentiate. I’ve experienced that in ‘Om Shanti Om’ and now on ‘Chennai Express. Thank you Shah,” Deepika said in a statement.



  • Indi cine in partiality again creating un usual promotional for ce like al Srks previous films but remember nothing gonna help it result will be same like all Srks previous films. .

  • agreement,agreement,agreement

    indicine agreement continuous with srk to post atleast one article per day
    not intersted

  • The reason srk wants actresses name in the credits bcoz he knows no one will watch his film only with his name.. He needs the support of his actresses

  • Every Actor-Actress in the industry
    respect SRK, those who doesn’t respect him is a coward and non actors

  • Just to make clear not only indicine but EACH and EVERY sites in india publishes a article about SRK whether it is positive about him or negative.


  • yes you are right deepika , srk considers both the gender equal because he can’t differentiate btwn them, thats why he can make love to a girl as well a guy too on bed, bisexual.

  • Srk the ‘genius’ isnt having his name on the credits first because he is passing the buck the coward. If the film as expected performs poorly and makes it to 100 cr at snail pace then he will blame the director and Deepika citing that its their movie. If the film does well then bang it will be srk attending the post release press gathering basking in the glory of his film reaching 100 cr.
    He knows perfectly well that his name associated with any film now will only act as a deterrant to audiences who still havent fully recovered from the nightmarish or the neverending torturous JTHJ. Audiences will never forgive him for making them suffer through consecutive Diwali party poopers watching those craps so SRK the business minded greedy selfish crorepati ‘genius’ is playing it safe by disguising his presence in his next film, the Chennai Depress…!
    @star ghanta bhai roxXxXx

  • The king khan is back with romance/comedy/action a complete massala entertainer with chennai express in this eid 8th aug will be the first film of 2013 to cross 200cr mark. Another film d3 100 percent cross 200cr mark.

  • The king khan is back with romance/comedy/action a complete massala entertainer with chennai express in this eid 8th aug.

  • SRK is the only one among Khans who has never hit an actress or banned his co-stars or irritated them with cheap pranks the way other Khans have done. He is like family to his co-stars and always respects them. His co-stars also have only good to say about him.

    Proper upbringing and education impart that class and values to a person. He’s a gentleman. And that’s why he’s always popular.

    Indicine has to put articles on him. Look how only 4 comments are there on an Aamir Khan article. But for SRK, there are many because everyone’s obsessed with him! If any site wants hits, if magazines or papers want to sell more copies, if anyone wants more RTs and shares on social networking sites they just have to write about SRK! Only Salman equals this kind of popularity. All others are pale in comparison.

  • @IMAM : It is actually those who respect self proclaim king are slaves n cowards. And those who doesn’t are outspoken n rebels to unmasked fake
    king !!!!

  • Why all the hullaboo??

    It was only an advertisement. A scripted one.

    Hahaha….you guys are lunatic to believe in advertisements.

    It was all a clever script written by Tata Tea.

    Srk got money for saying that.

    So, stop fighting and respect women in your life, instead of looking at what others are saying.

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