SRK, Deepika with Team Chennai Express: Photo

Yet another on-the-set picture of the Chennai Express team on the last day of shoot – this time around without director Rohit Shetty, who seems to have clicked the picture.

Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone with Chennai Express Team

Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone with Chennai Express Team



  • Hahaha…. He looks like Shirish Kunder. Turn your phone upside down and see :D

    SRK is looking good though. Deepika very pretty in saree.

  • Deepika is looking awesome.SRK is looking charming as always….!!!
    Now it will be revealed on 8th Aug that what job this crew has done , Because the public satisfaction is most important and i think this movie will satisfy everyone – whether he belongs to class or mass…!!!!

  • @JM. That’s Salman Khan in wig. Bottom left corner starting from Salman(Tere Naam make up), Reema Kangti sister Roma(center) and Madhavan (right)

  • what can we say…there have been a lot of things already being said by different personalities abt ce….a blockbuster for sure…now, some remakers fan will learn wat a masala movie shud be…..srk has already proved it in mhn nd oso nd now it is the turn of ce….:)

  • All are looking ok but except for 1 ‘crapstar’ who doesnt look neither manly nor feminine.
    ‘Cheap express’ – The impending disastrous mental torturer!

  • poor srkians cannot digest food until they mention Salman name on srk pages. keep doing it srkians, atleast this way ur king n his movies will gain some publicity.

  • @xzone Oh dont worry kiddo as we Bhai Fanatix and whole of India are waiting with bated breath as to how a Masala film should be made and look like…
    Koyla Express we await your arrival on Eid….!

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