SRK, Deepika, Rohit Shetty: Chennai Express on location

A couple of pictures of Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Pakudone and director Rohit Shetty from the sets of Chennai Express. The film is likely to release during the EID weekend.

Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone - Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone – Chennai Express

Rohit Shetty, SRK, Deepika Padukone on the sets of Chennai Express

Director Rohit Shetty with his Chennai Express actors SRK, Deepika Chennai



  • i m sure… this film all time blockbuster,ye film india mein record tor de gi 300 crore business kre gi or wide 200 crore……………..phr pta chalega kaun kis ka bap hai..

  • Srk is the always king of oversease and he prove with chennai express that srk is the king of domestic too.

  • No interest in such a repeatative masala movie , srk look funny with action scenes and if ce release with ouatim-2 then this movie struggles to get even hit status .

  • @salman , your true name is salman or you are use it for to hate salman dont know . And also dreams are costless hence keep dreaming till ce will release , because after release this movie will also struggles to get hit status like other srks most hyped , youtube bb movies.

  • The Movie Will Rock The Overseas Office As usually Because The Ultimate king of box office is Srk and This Time It will Rock in india too…….
    King Khan At It’s Best

  • even as a srk fan i am expecting magizimum 150-160cr if there is no clash other wise 120..
    i am sure there won’t be any clash :P
    all the three films releasing within a week?? thats never gonna happen and between i am hundred % sure it won’t be releasing at eid.. I am sure chennai ex will have non holiday release…

  • @imam
    Pardon My language Pagal hai kya which srk movie had released in such a big scale and OSO Will release in april, and 1 thing ETT is the first blockbuster bollywood movie in Japan so dont say such crap, for u guys we have to suffer in the hand of salman’s fan so plz dont spread such nonsense rumour

  • Chennai express have all the pottential to be BB but not ATBB bcoz ETT collected more Than 190 crores and got the verdict BB, think how much CE has to collect to became ATBB
    Rohit+srk+cars flying+comedy timing = BB

  • @IMAM : pity on you, even srk fans does not agree with your crap.

    @ Superstar : I am a salman fan but agree with u. Mr. IMAM always makes such below the belt comments n humiliates himself unlike sensible fans like you n ‘king’.

  • @hrithik
    In every article wheather be it salman or shahrukh or any other actor, imam alway comment something nonsense which is not acceptable fir whom who also follow bollywood

  • ett has thrashed oso !!! oso released on only 10 11 prints where as ett on 30 prints and over the week it is going to expand to70 screens!!! lol srk ab kahi ka nahi raha!!!

  • @superstar, @imam,@zakir i know you are a srk fan and i am too. It is sure that chennai express and ouatinm2 sure clash in eid. But nothing wory for ce beacause ce is release min 2600screen and 3 idiots release 1800screnn and cross 200cr even d2 3800screen but failed even ra1 3150screen but nothing do. If ce get good world of mouth then in 2600screen it will collect 200cr plus. And if any doubt for jthj then i say jthj is not a king hearted love story and get bad word of mouth and salman khan promote sos a massala entertainer. Also famili aduience do not go to watch jthj as a result it underperformed on our expectation. And ouatim2 not a big brand like dhoom3, krish3 and race2, is a gangstar film with lots of bold and sex scene so nothing worry for ce, as a result not forget what happend don v/s janeman and veer zara v/s atiraj clash.

  • @Romance Express : Imagine if a movie like SOS (with no brand or franchise except AD n Salman special appearance) can hurt collections of srk-yrf movie then what will OUATIM 2 can do for srk-shetty combo.

  • OUATIMagain will be a reminder to all srkians that once upon a time in mumbai sometime between 2000-2008 a srk movie was a must watch film but nowadays a srk film is a must avoid film at all costs if you wish to remain happy…!
    Romance Express, sadly there will be no romance on chennai depress, just a train filled with depression tablets driven by an old depressed train driver called srk.

  • @hritic ouatim2 release max 1900screen is a blod multiplex film. Famili cannot watch the film and underperformed in single screen. Even aki and imaran last 3 films are average grosser. Jthj is a bold multiplex film even the love story in jthj is not kind hearted and bad word of mouth effect its business. And sos a massala entertainer watchable with families and childreen and last 2 year ajay is peak time and srk face bad phase in time. And salman the boxoffice dabangg promote the film thats why sos effect jthj. And if ouatim2 and ce clash then both film do great business, ce business not affected as ouatim2 is not a famili film and ce is a massala film, and today massala film dabangg2 collected 85cr from ss and jthj collect 30cr from ss.

  • @Romance Express : How do u know OUATIM 2 is not watchable for families? Though I agree it may not be as same as Dabangg 2.

  • @ROMANCE EXPRESS,,what can i tell you???you are so blind in love with srk that you can’t except the let me tell you some points about ouatima.
    1.OUATIMA is a balaji productions,,ekta kapoor,,the marketing genius..she will never allow utv to take more will definetly take equal or more screens then express.(i can bet you on that).
    2.OUATIMA is NOT AT ALL a bold film.there is just one kissing scene in it between imraan-sonakshi.(one kiss can’t make movie bold).
    3.AKSHAY KUMAR is second biggest mass superstar after salman,,so his films are bound to get bumper openings in single screens.
    4.OUATIMA is for class as well as mass oriented film(remember first part when people went crazy about sultan mirza in every small centres,,even its dialogues were remembered for long time by masses.)..
    5.OUATIMA is a gangster oriented film,,but there won’t be any blood fights,bad languages,or any family audience can easily enjoy it.
    please don’t be so blind about srk that after his defeat this eid,,you can not even visit this site.

  • @samar i think you forgot no one even big b cannot beat srk in same date release in his films. Srk allways wins batten when it come to clash because clash allways become lucky for srk expt jthj which is not kind herted love story and bold films thats why famili rejected. Srk biggest blockbuster are clash with other films and srk allways won even beat aki also remember veer zara v/s atraj and don v/s janeman. News coming from daili bashkar that chennai express derailed ouatima relese. Aki never want that ouatim2 boxoffice result become action replay by clash with rohit shetty’s golmal3. Ajay is struggling that time and aki is peak that time in 2010. This time aki struggle to get hit film since joker and this time rohit join with srk, the king of bollywood. So aki never do mistake clash with rohit srk combo.

  • @romance express ok bro i understood that you can not understand always speaks the same lines again and again.
    about ouatima postponed news,let me tell you that balaji productions CEO tanuj garg already confirmed that WE WERE AND WE ARE COMING TO THIS EID WITH OUATIMA,DON’T BELIEVE TO RUMORS.
    now what will you say???akshay never afraid clashing.
    about veerzara vs aitraaz,veerzara collected 34 crores whereas aitraaz collected 27 crores,just 7 crores less,,don’t forget that former was yash chopra film.
    and thank you for your concern towards akki’s position and his hit and all that.

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