SRK breaks his silence on the YRF-Devgn issue

Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan’s “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” releases on the same day as Ajay Devgn’s “Son Of Sardar” and the superstar says he is amused with the row over the two films, especially when everything had been sorted almost a year ago.

Directed by the late Yash Chopra, “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” (JTHJ) is coming out Nov 13 and “Son of Sardaar” (SOS) is also releasing on the same day.

Ajay has filed a complaint with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) alleging that the makers of JTHJ have been blocking the release of his film SOS in certain theatres.

According to SRK, the release date was locked a year ago and the screens were also booked than.

“I find it amusing. This has been decided since a year… They (makers of ‘Son of Sardar’) must have also known, so what is the problem then? If you have delayed, then it’s not our fault. I just find it wrong,” he added.

The 47-year-old also clarified that they have not forced any exhibitor to showcase their film.

“I don’t understand all this. I feel that the exhibitors represent the consumers to me. As a business person, I cannot assume that anything has been put on anyone by force. They chose the film,” he said.

“We only wish them best and hope that both films do good business,” he added.

While director Ashwni Dhir’s SOS is a comedy, JTHJ is a romantic drama that has two leading ladies – Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif.

Talking about his character in the film, SRK said: “It is about a man who cannot die. Through him we show that love never ceases.”

He added: “I think people will really like the film, I don’t know in figures (box office collection).”

Post “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”, the actor will be busy with Rohit Shetty’s “Chennai Express”, which also stars Deepika Padukone.

‘Chennai Express’ is there at the moment. I am also discussing two or three more films at the moment,” he said.

He plans to start shooting for Farah Khan’s “Happy New Year” soon.



  • pity on Ajay…

    He knew the JTHJ gonna release on diwali..
    still he did not think of it before…
    and now fighting like a loser to gain some screens…

  • did u hear the news guys that salman khan tell shahrukh khan if u dnt give more screen for my close friend ajay devgn i will release on of my film with u salman think that shahrukh afraid from he what nonsense

  • This is a battle between an Elephant (JTHJ) and a Tiger (SOS). If both the animals can live and rule in the same jungle, then why can’t both movies be successfull at the box office?

  • Lool I’d like to see Salman Khan release his film with SRK’s ;D

    SRK is an ultimate winner in our eyes from the very beginning . .

  • If Srk realy doesn’t care about BO collections then,he should tell Aaditya to release JTHJ with 50% screens & let to release SOS with 50% & ppl will choose 1 film which they want to watch.

    Yes he should do it if he doesn’t care of BO.

    3 Idiots collected 200 crs with 1300 screens.
    Dabangg collected 140 crs with 1600 &
    Ra.One collected 115 crs with 2700 screens.


  • ajay knew tha jthj wasgoing to release on diwali still he did not think of it before but now fighting like a loser and simply putting complain on srk.

  • Ajay should blame eros and viacom18 who bought the distribution rights of sos. Yrf was very clear about their films. Release dates were annouced year back. What was ajay devgan thinking srk is small actor and he did not know about the dominant position of yrf then? What was eros doing when yrf was planning their strategies? Why they left everything for last moment? Now interesting thing is that eros has not shown much of action now who are their distributors Because they have two release in dec khiladi 786 and dabbang 2. Earlier khiladi 786 release was shifted from diwali. Race 2 also got shifted from nov release.

  • @Jthj

    You are also mad like Srk.
    No one can book screens a year before films release.

    Its not anyones baap dada ki jayjat.

    Normaly screens are booking happnes 1 month before release date & actual available screens counting 2-3 days before.

    But YRF put the condition on Screen owners that,’If you want ETT then you have to take JTHJ also.’ & YRF forced them to sign a single agreement for both films.

    This fact came out when Erros went to screen booking in last month.

    Erros is unaware of this dirty game of YRF.

  • Hw can person book screens before 1 yr of release. . Even they didnt start shooting . . Bull sheet . . Srk is bloody lier. . . . Al bhai fans do not watch jthj in any cost . . Let yrf and Srk taste the dust for unfair to Ajay. . .

  • “jthj release date and screen booked a year ago”..did u ppl heard dat and ett released 3 months ago den how it is possible to book screen with salman and ett names…srk+yash chopra reuniting after 8 years dat’s enough for yrf to get good no. of screen and dats what even yrf spokeperson said…so salman fans pls grow up

  • we srk fans request all salman fans not to watch jthj..we srkians is enough to make jthj a all time blockbuster..abh sabh salman fans apna muh band karo

  • Saroop . . Acha u srk fans r enough to make jthj atbb. . . Joke of the decade. . Then y u dint make ra one and don 2 atbb. . . Ha ha ha. . Wht a funny ans by Srk fans . . Cant control the laugh . . Ha ha he he he . . :-P

  • @amol i have not said anything about booking screens a year ago. I said about release dates. You are right bro screens are not properties of anybody’s baap or dada. It is the theater owners decision what film to run. Ultimately they will decide which movie can earn them best profits. Because theatre owners do not behave like us. They care for themselves only. Nobody can force them to entail losses.

  • AJAY devgan is the biggest looser of bollywood……The fate of sos will be like Nacch,,Jaan E man[salman.,akshay]..Sawarria……..Biggest disaster of the decade …….Son Of Sardard

  • It is so funny to see some desperate ajay devgan fans still trying to defend that clown who used media to have cheap publicity for his B grade movie sos, wake up the verdict is fair and square, distributors got the movie on first come first serve basis, your ajay devgan is nothing but a dishonest cry baby

  • overseas also sos is releasing on 350 prints whereas jthj on 650 screens… if ajay devgan is a man then fight for overseas also…come on show that u r a man!

  • did u hear the news guys that salman khan tell shahrukh khan if u dnt give more screen for my close friend ajay devgn i will release one of my film with ur chennai express film salman think that shahrukh afraid fromhim what nonsense srk is always win

  • Srk nd yrf’s name is enough for distributors to books screens for jthj. Ajay is a big fool now i just feel sorry for him.

  • SRK is king and does not need any support, he is self made star.

    He is not depend on any directors including Yash Chopra and Karan Arjun.

    Now, if SRK is such a huge star why the hell Yash Raj used Salman’s ETT to book single screens ?

    This clearly shows that Yashraj does not have confidence in their own product (JTHJ movie) and in SRK.

    They know SRK popularity is declining (atleast in India) hence they came up with single agreement for 2 movies.

    I strongly believe even if yashraj had not pre-booked the screen JTHJ would have occupied 60% screen compare to SOS which
    would have occupied 40%.

    Disgusting and shame on YRF – SRK team.

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