SRK begins his first ever shooting schedule in Kashmir Valley

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan who has been in the industry for more than 20 years, has never shot for any of his films, in the beautiful valley’s of Kashmir.

Now, for his upcoming film directed by Yash Chopra, SRK has started shooting for the film in Kashmir.

The 46 year old actor arrived at Srinagar airport and left to south Kashmir’s Pahalgam hill station in a chopper.

Although, Chopra and his crew reached Pahalgam four days back, the film shooting started only after Shahrukh’s arrival.

According to the reports, the next destination of shooting will be around and on the Dal Lake in summer capital Srinagar.



  • @Marz, don’t fool urself check carefully that 1991 year, ajay’s phool aur kaante action and yash ji’s Lamhe releasing same days n ajay win phool aur kaante super hit that time and lamhe flop.. And don’t forget ajay 2 time national award wining actor this time sos blast in diwali yash chopra romance lost against sos.

  • Ek Tha Tiger has become Landmark film of Bollywood History.
    Bollywood never forget Ek Tha Tiger.
    Always remains as Ek Tha Tiger.

  • Forget kashmir, even if the film shooting takes place on mount everest or in the pacific ocean or on the moon or planet mars, srk’s next movie is a guaranteed flop. Bechare yashji, a.r rahman & kat, looks like their hardwork and effort will go in vain this time. Srk looks as if he has been starving and looks visibly weak, tired and old. Even the movie’s trailer has not created any excitement among non-srk fans. I think yashji should seriously concentrate on uday chopra’s career, who has been improving his acting abilities, instead of wasting his time on srk and making a 45 year old weak,tired uncle to do roles of what generally ranbir or imraan do. Its better for srk to do roles according to his age and become a mature actor and not do only romantic movies and keep irritating and torturing people with his movies.

  • Now,when ETT became blockbuster,Salman Khan fans are commenting like the blind people who went to see the elephant. While comparing Salman with SRK,never forget that it was SRK who broke Amitabh Bachan’s record of Sholay with DDLJ. What is the total world wide box office collections of Raone & Ready? According to SRK fans Raone = 240 crores & others 202 crores & what about Ready? Less than 180 crores. Let it be,whatever it may be. Moral: The flops of SRK collect more than Salman’s blockbusters. Then about Salman & Aamir Khan? What is the world wide box office collections of 3 Idiots? More than 400 crore. Your ETT will struggle to get 300 crores world wide.

  • @kracker
    are you mad??
    In 1991 it was ajay vs yash….but ajay won…so it doesnt mean that this time also wins…because in yashjis film lamhe the actor was not srk got it..
    Now its ajay vs srk…

  • @ mohammed rafi . Ra.1 was a grand diwali worldwise release in almost 4000 screens(with 9 month long irritating promotions, 50 C just on marketing and with budget of 150 C and also hiked ticket prices), whereas ready’s non holiday release was in just half of the theatres with just fraction of ra.1’s budget and easily much better than the “greatest ever disaster made in bollywood history” ra.1. So the Moral is even salman’s low budget average movies give much higher profits to producers than srk’s costliest disasters. And coming to ddlj, it is just a good movie but became atbb mainly bcoz of its 1 of all time best music. Srk was in right place at the right time, and if aamir or salman had done that movie instead, it would have been much bigger. Also the credit of the movie should go to its director and many others for its success and not just only to srk.
    Agreed Ett may not break 3i record, but with an above average action movie, salman has come this near but dont worry ur wish will be fulfilled in the future by either aamir himself or salman. Till then be healthy and happy.

  • Buzz has it adi chopra has already planned his next movie with salman after he gave yrf their first 100cr movie.. The movie will be yrf’s first international project and will feature salman in the lead role

  • Mohmd rafi, lol 1975 ki Sholay ko 1995 ki DDLJ k sath compare mat kar. 20 year different hai dono mein DDLJ KE paise dabakar long running daudaya hai wo b sirf mumbai k maratha mandir theater mein. Sholay ne apne dam par record banaya tha. DDLJ ko shayad koi yaad b nh karta Sholay ko aaj dekha jata hai aur uske dialog b aaj kitne famous hai..

  • sallu aur hum sallu fans ki pehle bhi srk se phat hi thi aur aaj bhi phat ti hai kyunki apne bure waqt mein bhi srk sallu ko pel raha hai!!

  • Then about Amitabh Bachan & Salman Khan. What is the total box office collections of Sholay if it would have been released today? Above 1500 crore according to IBOS network. Then Amitabh Bachan have got three national awards for best actor. Then the old Aamir- SRK no:1 incident. Aamir- Iam no:1. SRK- Iam happy to be at No:2. My wife is a big fan of Aamir Khan. Then Aamir Khan to save his face- Amitabh Bachan have never told that he is No:1, for me Amitji has always been No:1. So Big B,the name is enough

  • Then while comparing Akki & Salman Khan,in 2008, Akki’s film Sinngh is Kinng got double the box office collections of sum of three Salman Khan films Hello, Heroes & God Tussi Tu Great Ho

  • I was just talking about the numbers of Raone & not about economics of Raone. It is well known fact that if a film is to be declared a hit,distributors other than producers also have to make profits. This have not happened with Raone & MNIK in India.

  • Srk fans good just saw in news saying that sos postponed bcs in india 4000 screens are there nd yash chopra allready booked 3000 screens so sos have no choice…hahahaha

  • Sos you better prepond october is no big releases ..dont mess with srk orelse sos ll be same as tez nd another rascals

  • @ mohammed rafi. Agreed. at that time akki was at his peak and salman at his lowest. but In hello and heroes salman played cameos and were multistarrers. But if this is ur criteria then ‘SIK’ collected 3 times the total collections of ur srk’s movies like krazzy 4 and bhootnath in the same year. not to forget a show in the same year ‘kya aap panchvi pass..” where he himself accepted that he had lesser knowledge than a fifth grader.

  • It doesnt matter if srk’s movies releases in 4000 screens or only 4 screens, it will be a disappointment for srk fans like tha ra.1s and……. SOS should be an ideal diwali release as it would be more entertaining and exciting than srk’s routine, irritating,dumb,overacting,dull,boring romantic movies. By the way just heard that ‘zandu balm’ will be releasing its new product after the movie’s release cause many non-srk fans usually get head aches and many other mental problems after watching his movies. Really a wise timely strategy of zandu balm.

  • NVS, never ever compare akki with the great khans, just stop talking bad stuffs on srk, even i can say many stuffs on salman that he is greedy for money, he is a show off with his charity and etc. MAN SRSLY GET A LIFE DUDE.

  • @don. Hahahaha….. If only, had all srk haters had watched ra.1, it would have had been the highest grossing movie ever and so would have been the case with his other movies. So it means ‘proud srk haters’ never watch his irritating, mental torturing movies. And remember one thing, a srk fan can be/become a non-srk fan, but a non-srk fan will never be a srk fan.

  • What are doin by saying yr next will relez 4000,3000 screen. You know if yr next will even relez over 8000 screens then it will even never beat Ek Tha Tiger fist day record and lifetime worldwide record. And you kind information Tiger has crossed over 210cr worldwide and if we added satellite rights ,music rights, home video right, indian theatrical right, and overseas theatrical right then TIGER has already gross 300cr mark worldwide.

  • @marz. I want to make one thing clear. i am fan of big b, salman,aamir,akki,hrithik,ajay but “mei in actors ko itna pasand nahi kartha hu jitna mei srk se nafrat kartha hu’. i am not perfect in hindi but i think u got my point.

  • What are you doing by saying yr next will relez 4000,3000 screens. You know if yr next will even relez over 8000 screens in india and 5000 screens on overseas then it will never even beat Ek Tha Tiger first day record and lifetime worldwide record. And your kind information Tiger has crossed over 210cr worldwide and if we added satellite rights ,music rights, home video right, indian theatrical right, and overseas theatrical right then TIGER has already gross 300cr mark worldwide.

  • @ emperor khan. I agree with u. Even if srk’s movie releases in 3500 screens across india, just to break ett’s opening day record, the total occupancy in all these screens should be atleast 93% and with a ticket hike of atleast 20% from the existing ones. So mathematically the probability is less and also srk is not as big a crowd puller as sk.
    @marz say whatever u want to say against any other actor than srk, i will try to defend and if i cant then there are many other countless fans who will reply u in a better way.

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