SRK at KKR Discovery Documentary press meet: Photos

Just before the 7th season of Indian Premiere League, fans of Shahrukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders are in for a treat, as Discovery Channel will present the riveting story of the IPL team’s journey in a four-part series named ‘Living with KKR’ to be aired between February 24th to February 27th 2014.

The special television series will be aired at 8PM on Discovery Channel. It will cover the team’s emotional journey from failure in the first 4 years to IPL glory in the 5th edition.

Like most KKR events, Bollywood megastar Shahrukh Khan will be the highlight of the show, as he talks about his worst fears, anxiety, heart-rending moments, his over-the-top celebrations and much more.

SRK will also talk about why he chose Kolkata as his team, his journey with the team, his relationship with the players and the people of Kolkata, the tears from the team’s dismal performance in the first few seasons and a lot more.

Talking about the special series on discovery, Shahrukh said “KKR is not just a cricket team of IPL for us. It has been a family since the inception. I am thrilled to share this journey of tears, sorrow, strength and victory with everyone”

Check out exclusive pictures of Shahrukh Khan at a press meet to present the show.

Shahrukh Khan talks on KKR documentary film

Shahrukh Khan at KKR Discovery Documentary press meet

Shahrukh Khan at the press meet

Shahrukh Khan at the press meet

SRK at KKR Discovery Documentary press conference

SRK at KKR Discovery Documentary press conference

Shahrukh Khan talks on KKR documentary film

Shahrukh Khan talks on KKR documentary film

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan



  • KKR’s journey was like a film,there was a lot of expectations ,there was failure, there was fight back sprit,there was a comeback like a hero. on KKR’s winning ,u can see happiness through shahrukh’s eyes .for bringing those smiles on srk’s face,I love KKR.

  • SRK always in front page. Good to see this type of news about him
    Weekly, monthly, Yearly,
    in INDIA or overseas

  • KKR is a weak team compared to MI,CSK,RCB,KX1P and RR and this year also it will compete for bottom 3 spots with SH and

  • KKR team players r very good at abusing the other team players when they starts losing the match and they r always in the bottom part of the Fair play award list and there Captain Gautam Gambhir leads from the front in maximum matches and Srk has also done the same in Wankhede

  • It is a new way to publicise about KKR & self proclaimed king. KKR win less matches still most profitable team in IPL. All due to business minded malang chacha !!!!!

  • @hrithik srk is not selfproclaimed king like others…he is successful throughout his career not like others who lost magic sometimes for five or fifteen year and claims how to be number two or someone at num one…

  • @yash,u rock man,thank you.

    @hrithik,bhojpuri bhai/chahcha’s career started at 2010 and expired in 2014 but look how he is self proclaimed to be no.1 by paying boi.lallu only knows publicity or killing living beings.go and watch nadiya ke paar dubbing or south dubbing films of your bhojpuri chacha.

    @sachin11,powerful teams like mi,rr, also one time champion even though holding strong players,then being a weak team KKR is also 1time champion,so what’s the big deal.but hold on,did you compare kkr with SRK,then you’re wrong.why because kkr is winner despite of being weak while SRK is the strongest and all time CLASH winner,where every star faded in front of him and last thing don’t forget he is called THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.

  • @hrthik and sachin11 get over ur jealousy and envy please and use ur hating for something good in humanity……………at least SRK is being versatile…………..theres no humilation in defeat in fact victory is all the more rewarding after a struggle like KKR have done, even ur bhai struggled hard from 2000-2009 with little no of hits so why the hell are u judging KKR when Salman endured many flop years himself? Isnt that being hypocritical and self contradicting??……………………get a life plz guys and stop hating on others cuz I am sure u are not as successful or brave enough to try new endevours like SRK…………..all u guys know to do is hide behind ur computer screen and hate on ppl for no reason other than envy………………………

  • @sachin11,@hrithik chacha,I made this special list for you to identify the losers,the list is about 3khan’s last 10 worldwide collection.

    SRK’s last 10 film’s worldwide collection

    CE :422cr
    JTHJ :251cr
    DON2 :220cr
    Ra One:240cr
    MNIK :201cr
    RNBDJ :158cr
    OSO :149cr
    CDI: 105cr
    DON :105cr
    KANK :115cr

    TOTAL :1954cr

    aamir khan’s last 10 film’s worldwide collection:



    salman khan’s last 10 film’s collection:

    jai ho:175cr
    london dreams:30.5cr


    rectify me if I’m losers said SRK is self proclaimed.but from every angle it seems SRK is THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.if we clearly analyze,then non of a SRK film’s collection is with in 100cr,while see the magical numbers of last 5films of other 2self proclaimed advised to haters to take medicine in proper time,because the other 2 khans couldn’t come closer to SRK’s collection in their lifetime because MEGASTAR KING KHAN SRK is always KING.

  • Rulers of
    Kings are Kings. Rest self proclaimed kings.

  • @true fan you should also make the list for loosers.Then see who tops the list.Before 2008 were this papas made stars exits?I have never see such a big looser like salman khan in my life.Flops after flops..he is the king of flops.And amir khan,he is there in the industry because of luck that he has.Otherwise he could completely a washout .
    your list does not justify your name.
    SRK is topper since he came in the industry.

  • Aamir = 3 ATBBs in 5 years
    SRK= 0 ATBB in 15 years
    Salman= 5 BBs in 3 years
    SRK= 1 BB in 5 years
    Case for SRK closed. Aamir and Salman megastars are light years ahead of that star.

  • Of course, SRK is one of the biggest stars Indian Cinematic Industry has ever produced. No doubt about that fact.

    Similarly, to put in SRK’s term, “Salman is one of the biggest entertainers that Indian Cinematic Industry has ever produced.”

    We love Salman for whosoever he is today. He is a superstar both Big Screen and Small Screen (TV). He’s generous person off-screen.

    His film’s Chillar Party has won national award for Best Film under Children Film Category and Arbaaz has won Best Film National Award for Dabangg.

    He can entertain us without acting. That’s best part of his.

    As someone’s put it somewhere, it is not a Marathon race that one needs to be claimed the first ot number no.1. Every star has his/her fan base and good in their own way.

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