SRK at 20th Annual Screen Awards 2014: All Photos

Shahrukh Khan was at the Life OK 20th Annual Screen Awards 2014. The superstar hosted the show and walked away with three Screen award trophies – one for himself – Best Actor (Popular) for Chennai Express and the other two for his company Red Chillies Entertainment, for the VFX of Krrish 3 and Best Marketing for Chennai Express.

We have managed to compile together all photos of Shahrukh Khan that we managed to click at the Screen Awards 2014. Have a look!

Shahrukh-Screen-Awards-36Pic: Shahrukh Khan at the Screen Awards 2014

Shahrukh-Screen-Awards-35 SRK arrives for the Screen Awards: Photo
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  • SRK looks HOT here and congratulations you deserved all the awards. And oh my, if a man has to learn how to pose in a suit, just look at SRK. Just fantabulous, love it.

    Disheartening how Lootera has been held back from most of the nominations this year!

    Dint they call it a masterpiece/poetry in motion/world class/technically superior film when it released? That seems like qualification enough to be out there.

    Not nominating Vikram Motwane for best director, ranveer for acting, amit trivedi for music, shetty for cinematography, aditya for art, subarna for costume, amitabh for lyrics makes my nomination feel so out of place!

    Vikram motwane, u will and always be best director for me! Ranveer, amit trivedi, shetty, aditya, subarna, amitabh bhattacharya and everyone associated with this very special film will Always be proud of Lootera whether or not they acknowledge us :)

  • Ranveer and Deepika look super hot in last frame together but what is that old age pensioner doing only God knows… Its ruined the ambience of hotness between the couple… :-(

  • @Navin,cry baby,i always want to to see you in this position I mean jealousy.burn like this what you deserve and also your faded stars.

  • @sss Thank god you clarified what you meant as I was worried you had seen me in some uncompromising position…! :-P

    You know Amit ji looks better than your thakur but what we didnt know until today was how Hot Rekha ji looked- stunningly beautiful- well then again standing next to Thakur would have that effect on anyone…!

  • official dealer of awards-shahrukh lol the biggest buyer of awards, who has mastered the skills of doing dirty politics and manipulating the media. looking older than late yash chopra, worst actor of all time.

  • its ok when it comes to vfx and marketing but best actor for chennai xpress ! ! ? ? ? ? it was a movie dominated by Deepika all the way ! khan was hamming greatly and busy endorsing himself and NO kia lumia ! !

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