SRK and Katrina Kaif (Pics)

Couple of exclusive pictures of Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif on the sets of Yash Chopra’s next. The pictures were officially released by Yashraj Films.

Have a look and do tell us what you think. Do SRK and Katrina Kaif look good together?

Katrina Kaif and Shahrukh Khan in Yash Chopra's Next

Pics: Katrina Kaif and Shahrukh Khan in Yash Chopra

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif in Yash Chopra's New Movie

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif in Yash Chopra's New Movie

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif in Yash Chopra's New Movie

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif in Yash Chopra's New Movie



  • SRK at YRF production…..again…surely the movie will be enrolled its name in the greatest movie of bollywood all time//

  • hahahahahahaha…………… Iam willing to tell all LALLU fans that ” if SRK is uncle of KAT so as your idiote LALLU” besides that SRK is only co-star of katrina but LALLU was baging KAT serios relationship!!!!!! what a shame to lallu and all his idiote fans.

    LALLU can’t make intercourse so no lady will accept to become his wife even donkeys and dogs will not accept.

    So don’t become jealouse to SRK coz SRK didn’t force KAT to break up lallu and also he didn’t force her to make romantic film with him but she knows romancing and working with SRK is golden apportunity and dreame of all actress in b-town .

    All in all , KAT knows that srk will romance her better and better than lallu who beats all his girl friends.

    GOOD LUCK GUYZ………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love you srk
    salman khan you are a dog
    srk and kat look awesome
    salman is aold baba black sheep
    srk is cooooooooooooooooool the king of bollywood

  • People have gone mad…yes srk looks old coz he its natural..Aamir and Salman who r of his age have gone thru all sought of surgeries..from hair to face..look at aamir of DCH and then see him in 3idiots..
    Srk fans are proud that he hasnt gone any surgeries…what is orignal should stay so

  • Madhuri Dixit Picks Her
    Favorite Khan During BBC
    Asian Network Interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Madhuri Dixit, who is currently in London to unveil
    her wax statue at Madame
    Tussauds, appeared on DJ Noreen Khan‘s chat show for BBC Asian Network. Like every
    other interviewer, Noreen was ready to grill the actress
    with ‘who is your most
    favorite khan? (out of the
    three reigning superstar
    Khans Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir
    Khan – as Madhuri delivered memorable hits with all the
    three) question. Unlike a
    reigning actresses (remember Kareena Kapoor? Press never stopped asking this question
    till date and she already got in
    to trouble for favoring one
    Khan over the other) Madhuri
    gave a honest and straight
    answer – Shahrukh Khan! .

    When it comes to SRK Madhuri
    never had any reservations
    showing her fondness before
    the media.

  • maza aa gia
    shahrukh khan looking so gracefull,dashing,charming and katrina looking so beautifull as she is
    realy super

  • this is fantastic i like to see this because it seam to be a blockbuster the king is fabulous so coooooooooooooooooooooool

  • HEYLO ALL THE RIDICULOUS PEOPLE who r against of srk i want to rimind u that ‘FILM SIRF TIN CHIZON SE BANTI HAI SRK,SRK,AUR SRK’ so dnt be so rude shahrukh was best in the past and is best in present and will be best in the future. Time cant stop him to entertain us he is truely the badshah of bollywood. Indicine is also the biggest power of megazine thanks indicine. I love u and my heart’SHAHRUKH’ god bles u two my lovely.

  • Salman ke fans kyun chid rahe
    hain….Kyunki unke BHAI ka maal…SRK
    ke paas aagya hai..aur ab Katrina bhi
    Salman ko Salman bhai bulaati hai…
    She needed to learn better acting..SRK
    is perfect guide

  • SRK THE bAADSHAH of all hearts n the katrina r awesome !! dey both r luking 2 gud i cant wait till diwali !! I m very excited to see dis jodi I LUV U SRK N KAIT!!!!!!!!

  • O come on Salman is old now do you guys ever heard his real voice he sounds like a donky only grannies will merry him now forget about kat and any girl will merry srk i lov srk

  • shah rukh sar aapki ye movie sare record breake kar degi or salman bathroom m jakar royega, or bolega mene kisse panga le liya

  • l know srk thoda old lag raha hai but sari duniya uski fan hai q ki acting main o sub ka bap hai srk 20 sal se hit pe hit deta aa raha hai salman ki tarha 1 film hit deker 5-5 flop nahi deta & kat srk looking very sweet . ra1 & don2 both filme superhit hai . i wish aane wali srk ki sabhi super duper hit ho…..srk’s no.1 fan SG.

  • hi srk v love ur all movies : and katrina kaif u nice woman 4 indain film
    and god bless u srk anshahla ap khmiyab ho us movie me :thank u :


  • srk always better srk and yesh chopra life main kavi bura nahi hoga all totaly young

  • srk k jo ha aisa koye acting nehi ha, jo kar nahi shakta,ya flim kysha hoga ya to friend log dakhna ki bad hi bolna Qk es flim ka 1k yasha admi director hi jo indriestry mye uska jo bat hai bo kye bolnaki bat nahi bo ha (yesh chopra)producer(adity chopra)music(a.r rahaman)and yesh chopra himself flim ki romintic hero ha.veer zara ko yad karo.

  • look fabulous together!!! The KING OF ROMANCE is back and this time with the beauty queen KATRINA! It’s going to be one the biggest blockbusters of 2012

  • SRK, KATRINA, Yash Chopra, A R Rahman!!!!!!! This Diwali is going ti witness the BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER of 2012!!!!!!!!!!

  • kat is gud but SRK is the fuduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu actor in Bollywood ……………………../ s

  • SRK, He is a king of world. Don’t talk bad things about SRK. I Don’t like that type of people.

  • SRK is a megastar,and he dont need any surgery like salman as salman already did sugery in his face and also did hair transplantation.aur SRK ko prove krne na kuch mehi hai he achieved every thing from bollywood.only donkey can compare SRK with salman who is a 3rd graded acyor……..

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