SRK and Akshay’s role reversal with Chennai Express, OUATIMA

An interesting phenomenon is all set to strike Bollywood in weeks to come. Quite a few actors are coming out of their comfort zone and doing something that they have either never done before or have kept it on hold for a very long time. When was the last time one actually saw Shahrukh Khan letting his hair down? When was the last time Akshay Kumar actually turned into a don? Isn’t Vidya Balan actually associated with only those role which come with a tag of ‘substance’?

However all of this and more is all set to happen and the emerging trends suggest that more and more actors would be actually stepping out of their territory and end up doing something that would be a welcome change for their fans. Have a look at all of that starting in a few weeks from now.

OUATIM 2 vs Chennai Express

OUATIM 2 – Chennai Express

Neil Nitin Mukesh – Shortcut Romeo (21st June)

Middle name of Neil Nitin Mukesh could well be ‘serious’. In each of his last few films, he has played someone really intense. In ‘3G’ he was a man possessed, ‘David’ had him fighting it out to know about his real father while ‘Players’ didn’t quite allow him to chill. However he would be not just chilling with his ‘shola’ as he turns ‘coca cola’ for ‘Shortcut Romeo’ but also let his hair down (literally so, considering his long chops in the film) as he beats the pulp out of Kenyan locals. He could well do with adding some ‘masala’ and zing to his repertoire after a few heavy duty stuff.

Vidya Balan – Ghanchakkar (28th June)

On the flipside, Vidya Balan has been a party to so much heavy duty stuff film after film (Kahaani, The Dirty Picture) that she can afford to mouth an expletive or two and get all dirty and naughty while playing sex games with Emraan Hashmi. Despite his ‘Ghanchakkar’ act, Vidya appears to be in a good form as she aims for her share of the booty as a Punjabi housewife in a film which also marks a huge departure for director Rajkumar Gupta. Considering the fact that the duo had appeared in ‘No One Killed Jessica’ not too many moons back, this one could well have been a time out for the actress and the director.

Ranveer Singh – Lootera (5th July)

He was a ‘Dilli Ka Launda’ in ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ and then turned into a Casanova who is ‘aadat se majboor’ in ‘Ladies v/s Ricky Behl’. One could well have expected that fear of being typecast pretty much on the anvil, considering the fact that this was one style of acting with which he was actually being loved. However he did an about turn soon after and the results are there to be seen in ‘Lootera’. The film has him going subtle in a way that not many heroes from present or recent past have. With his usual flamboyance being kept aside and subtlety setting in, Ranveer is indeed bringing on a role reversal of sorts.

Shahrukh Khan – Chennai Express (8th August)

How many out there would have really imagined Shahrukh Khan in the middle of flying jeeps, a dozen odd man thrown into the air with a mere fist and explosions taking place a la Rohit Shetty ishtyle. Well, all of that and more is indeed happening with ‘Chennai Express’ where Shahrukh Khan is pretty much taking over from where he left with ‘Om Shanti Om’. After a few back to back heavy duty stuff (Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Don 2, Ra. One, My Name Is Khan), Shahrukh Khan is clearly in mood for some fun with ‘Chennai Express’. The man chosen for the job, Rohit Shetty, is just right as well and it is time to see how the fun begins.

Akshay Kumar – Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again (8th August)

On the other hand Akshay Kumar, who did exactly that in ‘Khiladi 786’ (i.e. kicking jeeps into the air and stuff alike) is pretty much expected to let histrionics do the talking in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again’. Oh yes, he did go a tad serious in ‘Special 26’ but then it was never sold as an out and out commercial affair. The Milan Luthria stuff is being seen as one mass-meets-class affair though which means for Akshay, it could well have been a tightrope walk indeed. For someone who is fresh out of the world of ‘Rowdy Rathore’, ‘Housefull 2’, ‘Desi Boyz’ and ‘Thank You’ in quick succession, this one is a role reversal form sure.

Which role reversal are you looking forward to most?

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  • But the real king is RANBIR, all these SRKs and Akshays are old wrinkled uncles. Only Ranbir Rocks!

  • don character is not new thing to akshay.
    he already played it in international khiladi.
    but this is based on real life character.
    akshays look in all the posters r great.

  • This years first poll & we are ready for voting.
    Once trailer gets released we will be their with all acounts.
    We will be ahead in polls & youtube likes but when it come to BO then result will be same as all past years.

  • Now srk fans calling the same masala action (flying vehicles, hitting 10 people at one go) as class or entertaining. Time have made srkians eat their own words. :P

  • vidya balan always interestng…but ranveer singh and akshay kumar dese two m lukng forward to..

  • Sharukh kha is gonna lose dis tym. All the people in india and overseas are eagerly waiting for OUATIM 2. And I am expecting joke of the century award for this statement.

  • Another poll and Srk wins hands down.
    Somethings never change but let the ticket window open and we will see how many of the 250 voters will actually watch this torturous 3 hr documentary on depressed train drivers led by union leader Srk…!

    OUATIM srk was top billing but nowadays hes merely the support cast as the Main Event this year will be the Heartbreak kid, the Showstopper, the International Khiladi- Mr Akshay Kumar……..! ;-)

  • every1 is trying smthng different, bt look how uniq our bhai is………he will keep making craps. bhai rox!!!

  • 2 minute silence for Neil Nitin Mukesh. Not a single person voted for Shortcut Romeo.

    Neil Nitin + Ameesha Patel (in a comeback) = Deadly combo for boxoffice disaster.

    Seriously, I cannot understand why did filmmakers thought of such a film with such a casting. It is a certified disaster at the very moment its shoot started.

  • My predictions:

    1. CE: Superhit
    2. OUATIMA: Superhit
    3. Ghanchakkar: Above average/Hit
    4. Lootera: Average/Above average
    5. Shortcut Romeo: Disaster

  • one depressed person who is going thru middle crisis never forgets to comment on the King’s page……plz someone help that guy get into a mental asylum…….

  • SRK’s biggest flop film RA.ONE also did business of 120cr. So don’t dream to challenge him at box off…so this time the classy train chennai express will win

  • Salman fan vs sharukh fan part 2

    Sharukh fan : Ek tha tiger is flop in all the states of India
    Salman fan : Ur out of ur mind, aren’t u ?
    Sharukh fan : Yes.. actually NO I will tell u why. Ra one total net in india is 115 + 10 (dubbed) is compared with total buget 125 crs. Why they are not considering overseas collection?. If that’s the case then Ek tha tiger is a flop
    Salman fan : How?
    Sharukh fan : Bcuz it’s budget is 80 crs and when its total budget compared with any of the states collection be it delhi,maharashta, rajasthan etc etc, it didnt do 80 crs.
    Salman fan : In india it made 186 crs and ur saying its flop?
    sharukh fan : I am saying it’s flop in each states of india bcuz it didnt do 80 crs in any states of india.
    Salman fan : How can “1 state collection” compared with total budget?
    Sharukh fan : Then how can just “india collection” compared with total budget while giving verdict?
    Salman fan : Each and every films has been done like that
    Sharukh fan : Yes. It started by salman favouring site like who just highlight india collection and compare india collection with total budget. It will benefit hugely for salman bcuz he only does masala remake which eventally do good business in India.
    Salman fan : what u want?
    Sharukh fan : I am making a point that total budget shud be compared with total earning of a film.

  • this eid mumbai will rock as like in ipl mumbai rocked….i m always against srk khate so i’ll be supporting mumbai thought i m die hard fam of sallu……

  • @soroop: Another nonsense comment !!! It seems your life sucks and boring. Keep coming up with more ways to prove Salman’s 5 Blockbusters as flops and he will keep slapping you with more footfalls and records. Now Box office India (even site like Wikipedia refers to BOI for collection update) site has turned into favouring Salman whereas srk fans had called Bollywood Hungama (Taran Adarsh) reports about collection as fake and BOI as authenticate (coz for ETT BH reported 199 crores and BOI reported as 186 crores). This is the perfect example how srk fans change their sides or colors as their idol as per situation or needs. Remember one thing, ‘Jo apni baat ka nahi woh apni baap ka nahi’. It fittingly suits srk n his fans.

  • @hrithik. Boxofficeindia is a good site and gives information on everyfilm but it doesnt mean that they dont support any actor. They act as neutral but favours salman khan. I can give u many reaons
    1. Boxofficeindia is the first site to say salman is bigger in india post dabangg release. Remember, Ready didnt had earth shattering opening as such at that point of time. If salman is bigger than SRK post dabangg release then how come Ra one got more screens than Bodyguard in India?
    2. Boxofficeindia said salman was no.1 to no. 10., Howz dat?. Then how its possible no.11 star film (Dhoom 3) and no.12 star film (krish 3) has the potential to beat Ek tha Tiger opening. Amitabh was no. 1 to 10 at his prime time bcuz no one can imagine comming close to him.

    3. Boxofficeindia said if dabangg 2 didnt cross dabangg collection then it’s a huge shock. Dabangg 2 surpassed dabaang only by 8 crs still it has been given blockbuster verdict.
    4. Recently boxofficeindia said, in UAE both 3 khan are equal. R u kidding?. Sharukh has an clear edge over other 2 khans in UAE. Salman films was able to get good opening in UAE just bcuz of Eid as we all know UAE is a muslim country.
    5. Boxofficeindia intentially reported Dabangg 2 carrying good report as we all know how good the movie was. This shows they are biased towards salman khan.
    On sever occassion boxofficeindia supported salman khan. I have no problem with that but they shud not act like a neutral and shud openly admit that they support salman like some other sites do. Even they can change their site in to

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