SRK, Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar Magazine Cover: Filmfare

Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan feature on the cover of Filmfare’s latest April 2013 issue which celebrates 100 years of Indian cinema.

The 3 legends of the industry from three different eras have exclusive interviews with Filmfare.

Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar Filmfare Magazine Cover

Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar Filmfare Magazine Cover



  • Thanks Filmfare for publishing these three legends of Indian cinema at same cover.
    It’s really an ecstatic moment for every SRK fan.

  • Dilip Saheb looks simply DASHING…
    Mwwah love you Sir forever forever and ever. :-)
    Amit Ji still has that aura about him plus he looks young for his age and very much vibrant and full of energetic charm and charisma. :-)
    Great picture…! ;-)

  • Ahhh such a shame that the ‘Wankhede Stadium Security Official’ was not around on the day of the shoot as he would have definitely kept SRK away from the photo set and prevent him from ruining an otherwise ‘Once In A Lifetime’ golden moment. :-(

    King had to ruin the moment just like hes been annually ruining Diwali with his crappy ‘Raavan’ remake ‘’ and ‘JTHJ I’ll romance Jesus’ Devotee Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ these past 2 years…! :-P

  • Akki legend:
    u r absolutely right man
    akki has to be there ,for his hardwork,inspiration ,he proved what is an action movie in india
    there is lot of romantic hereos like srk,but there is no action hero like akshay

  • Arif Hafeez:
    who is legend acc to u.the word legend also became a usual thing nowadays
    because of so called overrated superstars.they r using their money,fame and everything

  • i am salmanfan but i personal believe that aamir should have been their in place of srk. interms of showcasing the best cenima and acting aamir is not only above srk but also way above then amitji and dilip saab, even they both agree that they have not been a part of movies like laagan, taare zameen par, dil chata hai, rang de basanti, 3 idiots and now PK. no ofense to any of these legend but aamir is way above them interms of showcasing the best cenima

  • The three legends of hindi cinema Shahrukh khan is among them becoz of his telent and hard work he is very well deserving, Amir khan did not deserve coz yes he has best movies bt these all movies are others hard work like story writer doricters he has no iconic character like shahrukh has raaj rahul rizwan khan kabir khan and many more evan salman khan has iconic characters like Radhay chulbul panday and prem and shahrukh khan is legend

  • Where is our Bhojpuri superstar Salman? Oh! I forgot..He is a teacher of a ‘Mental’ school running by a mentally sick person ‘Navin’.

  • Amir hve no guts to performs infront of 50000 to 1 lakh audiance wth positive succesful responce frm audiance in the age of 48 only srk did frm past 20 year srk is truly entatainer great host great actor truly legend only box office records not decide the legends

  • If comedians cannot be legend, then Sir Charles Chaplin shouldn’t be a legend.

    But, Lo and Behold is one of the Greatest Legend!

    Some of you dimwitted people out here should know this – the hardest thing ever to do is to make others laugh, and comedy is the most difficult in terms of acting.

    Put a real tragedy scene and loads of tears, you can make people cry, but loads of VFX action, and people will be in awe, but even if you put loads of silliness to make a plot comic, it will fall flat on its face – Himmatwala is a prime example currently.

    This is not my words, but words of every top actors from around the world.

    So, before some of you belittle comedy, do understand how great a comic act is if it is able to make peiople laugh their hearts out.

  • Aamir and Salmaan are only superstar not legends. SRK is truely legend of Indian Cinema along with Big B and Deelip Kumar.One has to accept He has been dominating box office for 20 years. His Consistency is much better than all the other actors of bollywood. His acting Skills is outstanding in every genre. He has proved many times why he is called king of acting as well as box office

  • @JC great points. Its true even in life, its too easy to make people mad at us and to cause them grief and make their eyes water, we can do such ‘crimes’ with our eyes shut but to make them laugh and smile is another thing altogether plus its alot of hard work. This I think people forget sometimes.
    For me the way Aamir made us all laugh with his wit in Andaz Apna Apna proves he can bring class to any role stroke moment. The man is a Real Legend and not a media created or self proclaimed Legend.

  • May be some frustated moron will say “Tusshar Kapoor should be the third person here, in place of SRK”.

    No matter how you feel, m.fckers its a very general and aceeptable selection. No Aamir or Salman or Akki or even Tusshar can jump in n say “hey, a pic wid amitji n dilip saheb plz”.

  • @Navin 3:21pm comment. I must have said that in a nightmare because not even in my drunken state or my intoxicated smoking pot uni days would I ever make a spelling mistake like “alyas’…! Stop trying to impersonate me as you just making an arse out of yourself you moronic ape. :-P

    For Future Reference it goes something like this:-
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx real navin roxXxXx but
    SRK still suxXxXxX fake navin suxXxXx like ‘remotecontrol/ Damn…!…/ john cena fan…! :-)

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