Sridevi, Preity, Rani – Who will make the strongest comeback?

The moment of reckoning isn’t too far away. Sridevi, Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee are all set for making a comeback to the big screen as a solo leading lady. Though at one point in time it had seemed that all of them would be coming in the same month (September) as Kareena Kapoor (Heroine) and Bipasha Basu (Raaz 3) who would be seen as the key protagonist in female centric films. Thankfully the mayhem has been averted to some extent at the least. Reason being that while ‘Aiyya’ has still pushed its release, ‘English Vinglish’ and ‘Ishkq In Paris’ are all set for a clash on the same day.

English Vinglish – 5th October

‘English Vinglish’ took the lead by unleashing its teaser promo much in advance and it had seemed that the film would most definitely release in September. Call it the rush of films in that month or the fact that the teaser met with a largely lukewarm response, there were change in plans for ‘English Vinglish’. It was clear that the teaser had overstayed its welcome as those never ending 100 seconds proved to be an anti-climax of sorts.

A new theatrical promo has been recently launched and while it reminds one of Shobana’s ‘Mitr-My Friend’ at some junctures, it is time for makers to unleash something far more exciting that would actually manage to pull audience in theatres. In all fairness, movies coming from the house of Balki (Cheeni Kum, Paa) are unconventional and a promo may not do justice to the actual content in store. However in current market scenario where First Look is largely responsible for a film becoming a talking point, need of the hour is to create some more added excitement. And fast!

Ishkq In Paris – 5th October

The film has been in news ever since it’s making and though director Prem R. Soni doesn’t really wish to term it as Preity Zinta’s ‘comeback’ per se, the fact remains that it is after a hiatus that the actress would be seen as a leading lady in a mainstream film. With films like ‘Videsh – Heaven on Earth’ and ‘The Last Lear’ not quite doing justice to the fact that she is inherently an actress for the lasses, Preity has now reverted (and rightly so) to the world of gloss, fun and romance.

The theatrical promo has done well in establishing the fact that this one is a good looking film which won’t mind taking a dig or two on clichés related to Bollywood romantic tales. Moreover Preity is looking as fresh as ever too which brings back the memories from the past. However it has to be seen how far as Prem soni progressed from his ‘Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna’ days which was again a good looking film but couldn’t really impress in it’s execution despite Salman Khan in the lead. Since ‘Ishkq In Paris’ has a newcomer (Rhehan Malliek) in the lead, it would require some good push to entice audience in quick time.

Rani Mukerji

Aiyya – 26th October

While the aforementioned films have started making some noise already, Rani Mukherjee pretty much seems to be in a wait and watch mode. With not even a frame of the film being revealed so far, perhaps the idea of the makers is to gauge the market before beginning to start any promotion whatsoever. No wonder, so far not even the genre, subject or plot of the film is known.

It isn’t as if Rani had gone anywhere. After all, she was seen in ‘No One Killed Jessica’ early last year. However for those waiting to see her as a quintessential leading lady in a mainstream film, ‘Aiyya’ could be the one. For that to happen though, one waits to see if the film indeed releases in October end. Because if that’s indeed going to be the case, it is about time that the film is unveiled for the audience.

Who do you think will make the strongest comeback? Vote now!

– Joginder Tuteja

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  • sridevi’s trailer crossed the million mark and indicine says it got lukewarm response lol. Also Rani shouldn’t really be there as she has had a release last year, out of 3, i would anytime go for sridevi, india’s best actress, indicine could of done better to say more since this sridevi, not any other actress, the lady is returning after 15 years, and thats all the best indicine can write about the first female superstar.

  • sridevi is my all time fav actress, i grown up watching sridevi movies. Amitabh, sridevi, sharukh don’t need good script to make movie likeable coz these actors performance overpowers the movie but now sridevi dont look good, i feel she cant creat the old magic

  • For me, I think Rani and Preity will make the most successful comebacks. Sridevi may be a good actress, but the film didn’t excite the audience much. But hopefully, all three of the actresses make it big in Bollywood once again!

  • Rani – I love watching her movies repeatedly. Watched Mujse Dosti Karongi with Hrithik and Kareena recently – really loved Hrithik and Rani together.

  • still comparision cant be made as we have heard somethin about english vinglish and preity’s film, but nthng of rani’s…. and we also cant ignore her as she is a very talented and superb actress

  • My personal opinion is Sri Devi will be successful. Out of the 3 she is the most talented & experienced one. I liked English Vinglish trailer. And the director also has a history of box office success.

    Rani’s movie……. well, I don’t know. I read its story & sounds stupid for me. I don’t know if that story was released by the makers or not. But the actor Prithviraj of course is a good actor. I’ve watched couple of his Tamil movies & just loved them. Only thing I like about Aiyaa so far is him.

    Ishq in Paris, not interested of it at all.

  • For this issue rani,s name should not come . so what she has done a film before almost 2 year.she has got best suporting actress for no one killed jesica in filmfare and got nominated for best actress also.she can,t be in this domain.I would rather say if only acting is concerned she is the most optimized actress of bollywood who has done variety of roles.She is the very good example of a character playing actress for all the playing.only Vidaya balan is comparable with her !! so no matter aiyaa become hit. flop or avergae she always remains Rani of bollywood

  • This article above is soo lame/stupid . First a reporter has to check the facts before publishig. Does indicine ever do that????. The new Theatrical trailer of English Vinglish might be not pleasing for but he world loves it. It crossed 1 million views within a week. And not even one bad response came from anyone. Everyone was praising the freshly made trailer . The makers are very brilliant to give us that one masterpeice. May be you guys only want masalas.. ….What are you thinking only the masala movies are great cinemas Comon grow up. Upgrade your standard……..
    Ohoh..sorry first have some standard…..

  • Sridevi, without any doubt! Her English Vinglish is doing wonders………and musci is of Oscar standards. Rani too is a very good actress but this time Sridevi will win the battle.

  • English Vinglish is the mother of all comebacks and Sridevi is certainly the best of all. Though all 3 are my favourites…..but year 2012 belongs to Sridevi!

  • Who the hell has written this article? How can they say that the trailer of English Vinglish is still not a guarantee when it has more views and likes? How they call that Preity’s trailer “has done well in establishing the fact that this one is a good looking film”? EV has over 1 million views while Ishq in Paris is around 270,000 even though the trailer was released a week before EV’s trailer?? Does the writer knows what he is talking about?

  • The article is highly biased. Why are there so many negative and false statements about English Vinglish? The first teaser of the film was a big hit and was praised by everyone for creating lot of curiosity for Englisg Vinglish. The new trailer then came and is still rocking Youtube as it became one of the fastest trailers to cross the 1 million mark in just a week of its release. Sridevi’s film has the MAXIMUM MEMBERS on Facebook compared to all other films. The title track out now is again creating a storm as the film is all set to conquer Toronto Festival. Looks like the writer of this piece is anti-Sridevi. Guess the poll result is enough to tell him how wrong he is.

  • Excuse me Mr. Joginder Tuteja. Such an irresponsible article.
    I am one of the millions who watched the Brilliant Trailer of English Vinglish. Kudos to the team for that very refreshing one. I have to say if you want to stay in your profesion as a critic put an effort to understand what is good and what is bad. We viewers are far better than you.

  • Rani made a very affirmative comeback in 2011.That’s why she has two big releases this year.She doesn’t need to “come back” over & over again!
    Rani will rock 2012 but its not what we,her fans are seeing as a comeback.

  • Sridevi’s comeback will be the best. People are really waiting for a some quality which only Sridevi can deliver.

    Just India?? the film will be appreciated all over the world!

  • The analysis on this page looks totally without research. At the moment there is no search for these actresses, Rani and Priety. Sridevi is making a true come back so there is great hype. The trailer crossed a million mark in less then a week and thats not luke warm. Thats a HOT response! I say that confidently as I run my own movies website and I know there is no hype of the other two. Check google searches if you doubt that. :)

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