Sooraj, Farah, Prakash, Sajid failed – Can Rohit Shetty deliver?

There is something about the chemistry and sensibility of an actor with a particular director that the result is always entertaining for viewers. Well, there have been many successful actor-director combinations in Bollywood. Some of the prominent ones are David Dhawan – Govinda (11 hits), Prakash Mehra – Amitabh Bachchan (6 hits), Manmohan Desai – Amitabh Bachchan (7 hits), Rohit Shetty – Ajay Devgn (6 hits) and David Dhawan – Salman Khan (6 hits).

The box office outcome of the recent release ‘Himmatwala’ has added more weightage to the theory that delivering a hit becomes harder when a director moves to an actor who is not his regular. In the last 5 years, Sajid Khan has done nothing wrong in terms of film-making. He was on a golden run with a hattrick of successes in Heyy Babby, Housefull and Housefull 2 – all of which featured Akshay Kumar in the main lead. Sajid Khan films were hot property in the trade as the level of success was going a notch higher with every release – until he moved from his regular actor Akshay Kumar to Ajay Devgn for ‘Himmatwala’. The result is shocking and the verdict of such a mega movie is not at all encouraging.

Rohit Shetty Chennai Express

Rohit Shetty Chennai Express

But Sajid is not the first, nor the last person to have experienced this. Here are a few prominent examples of directors in the last 2 decades, who could not maintain the degree of success when they shifted from their regular main actor. Now all of these are back with their favorite lucky mascots.

Sooraj Barjatya: Sooraj is the primarily responsible for the domination of family movies in 90s. His first two movies Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, are not only the biggest hits of 1989 and 1994 respectively but they are the biggest Bollywood hits of respective decades too. His third movie ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ again was the biggest hit of 1999. Sooraj worked with his favorite Salman Khan for all of these movies and he was the hottest director in Bollywood. He made his 4th flick ‘Main Prem Ki Deewaani Hoon’ with young heart-throbs Hrithik, Abhishek and Kareena and the film bombed at the ticket window. His next movie ‘Vivah’ with Shahid and Amrita was a success but that was largely because of the low budget of the movie and the footfalls were nowhere near to his initial three films. Sooraj is now scripting his next movie for Salman Khan.

Farah Khan: Farah arrived with a bang with ‘Main Hoon Na’. The film was the 2nd biggest grosser of 2004 and she presented SRK in a rom-com avatar much unlike his regular love stories. Her 2nd movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ broke all opening records and became the biggest grosser of 2007. She made ‘Tees Maar Khan’ with Akshay Kumar in 2010 and the movie is one of the worst movies in the last 5 years. Film got an initial due to huge holiday release and hit songs, but failed miserably afterwards. Farah is back with SRK for her 4th movie ‘Happy New Year’.

Prakash Jha: A veteran director, who only had a couple of critically acclaimed films like Bandish and Mrityudand. But Jha tasted huge commercial as well as critical success when he worked with Ajay Devgn in ‘Gangaajal’, ‘Apaharan’ and ‘Raajneeti’. Prakash’s next movies were ‘Aarakshan’ with Saif and ‘Chakravyuh’ with Arjun Rampal and both of them sank without a trace at the box office. Now, Jha is directing ‘Satyagraha’ where he is again back with Ajay Devgn.

That brings us to one of the biggest release of 2013 – Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Chennai Express’ directed by Rohit Shetty. Rohit has achieved mega success working with Ajay Devgn as together they have churned out 6 hits which include ‘Golmaal series’, ‘All the Best’, ‘Singham’ and ‘Bol Bachchan’. The big question now is – Can Rohit Shetty replicate the success with Chennai Express? The obvious answer to that question will be given on August 08, when this mass entertainer will hit the screens, globally. Will he follow the path of above mentioned 4 directors or can he break through freely like David Dhawan, who churned blockbusters with Salman Khan also after being labeled as a Govinda director.

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  • Partha only after guddu only guddu was flop by
    srk on 1995 what a legend superstar just one flop look at sallu given 50+flops langoor .

  • K3-185cr
    ouatima-75cr as k786-65cr and s26-63cr
    So stop barking ce vs and ouatima

  • One thing you sallu fans do here support here akki and amir also ajay specially akki becoz he need it if you have more time also support saif
    john imraan shahid also support sunny leone
    malika sherawat chunky pandey and shakti kapoor also support xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • shimit
    akshay also worked in good movies namaste london,bhool bulliayya,omg,spl26,waqt.
    this is the problem with ur srk fans,ur r still living in 90s
    come to the present,look at the releases of both actors
    while akshay can make omg and spl26 hits,what if it is commercial movie
    ur srks movies r saving and doing 200cr bussiness only because of overseas,ce is not a overseas friendly movie,akshay is mch bigger star than srk in maases.
    rr only collected 18cr from overseas still it entered into 200cr club.
    ex: don2 was a commercial commercial collected 80cr from mps and 26cr from ss.
    spl26 is just a offbeat film still it collected 20cr from ss.check boi for above both.
    ce wont work in ss ,and overseas,multiplex audience wont watch masala movies.
    in any condition akki will beat srk

  • Tangoor:ce wil collect 500cr and outim2 wil collect akki dont need anyones support.we akki fans r enough to answer to ur over over excited srk fans.just find some excuses to give after the debacle of ce like what u did for previous releases

  • @indicine team,why UTV is not announcing the release date of Chennai Express officially,while they have announced the dates of Satyagraha & Besharam?

  • I think CE will easily collect 120cr+ in domestic with any clash but it may face trouble to touch 150cr+.It is anti-SRK talking that it will be average or under 100cr or flop.Still now Akshay has no ability to owercome KHANS.SO just wait & see.

  • Chennai express eid release with clash only weekend collections expected
    total-59cr that is huge
    jthj 1st 4 days collection
    it ll growth by srk by ce with clash

  • The draw of SRK& Rohit will make CE a hit in India and worldwide. We have not seen any trailers of OUATM starring Akshay so we cannot make any comperasion I have my doubts about Akki as a DON; he’s been doing too many comedies lately, besides he’s better know for action.

  • @ boss,

    i guess you have a valid point regarding CE.

    srk’s biggest fans are people who like romantic films, and not entertainers like Dabangg or ETT.

    and rohit shetty’s fans are people who like action comedy, and hence Devgan could connect wth them.

    The pairing of srk and rohit is thus a mis-mash, a big gamble.

    The collections will be good for first weekend with promotional help, but the movie needs a strong word of mouth to get the real srk fans, and good action+comedy for rohit shetty fans to be pulled to theatres.

  • Everyone has rights to say nythng nd whatever comment they will feel they can but first I find IMAM is very very funny and now tangori joins his hand.

    Comments from both are funny to read.

  • Rohit last three cross 100cr g3 singham and bol bachchan
    srks last three cross 100cr ra-one don2 and jthj
    and thus ce is combo of both than collections ll be

  • 2013 top 5 disasters
    1ouatima-55-75cr i think 55cr
    3naam hai boss-40cr
    4ram gopal verma ki koi movie

  • @superstar yeah you are right i am a die hard srk fan but i never say ce col more than d3. Mental is not release this year. Tangori say a sci fi film k3 will be the highest grosser of the year what a joke. Even srk in his peak his carear before release of ra1 but it failed. No doubt k3 will be the another ra1, hritic is not capeable to beat the khans. D3 is the highest grosser of the year, no one can beat the khans, khans are only beaten by the khans not others or non khans.

  • Romance express ra one script was very weak
    so its not accepted by peaples but k3 script ll
    good becoz rakesh roshan previous scripts and
    also its populer superhero know that
    ra one directed by non exprnce director anubhav
    sinha but k3 directed by rakesh roshan who has
    more exprnce in superhero and science fic type
    of movie as like previous krrish1 or krrish2 and
    these are superhits movies by hro and rr so k3
    ll accepted by peoples and ll collect more than
    d3 becoz it ll accepted by peoples becoz your fav
    tingu khan in it.

  • Sorry my mistake at last i mean to say that d3 becoz it ll not accepted by peoples becoz your
    fav tingu khan in not intead of – at last line.

  • @rizwan khan thanks for say that cdi release before oso. I don’t know that, i become die hard srk fan after watching my name is khan, i like 3khans and this year max chance the highest grossing film will be dhoom3 after that ce or mental. Lets see what film join 2nd place.

  • @tanguri why you don’t like sallu bhai or amir bhai normaly every people like 3 khans. But some salman fans try to show that all salman or amir fans hate srk. But it is not true. If you like srk then i request you plz don’t say anything wrong about other 2khans, as i never like that people say srk fans hate salman or amir. And i am a die hard fan of srk but i say d3 will be the highest grosser of the year, after that mental or ce. Hro is out of compition as his fan following less than khans thats why after 25cr opening and critically aclaim film agneepath can’t break ready bo record. If ap do srk or amir then it col min 180cr after fantastic opening. No one can beat the khans, khans are only beaten by the khans. And if you say ce will be the highest grosser of the year then we all think that it may done it after clash and for k3 it has no chance. If k3 done with khans then everyone agree with you but k3 is a non khan starer film and a non khan starer film never become highest grosser of the year in present time. So this year the battle for 2nd place not first as every one know amir create 100cr club with ghajni, 200cr club with 3 idiots and may be 300cr club with d3 in christmas.

  • @ Romance,

    You are right about Aamir, he created both the 100 and 200 cr club, and if D3 is great on content, then it could create new 300 cr club.

  • see the thing is CE has no release date yet UTV is afraid to even announce the Release date
    and Shahrukh fans are talking about CE beating OUATIMA….
    they are dreaming….
    In fact i m thinking Shahrukh and UTV don’t have the GUTS to Release with OUATIMA…

    Shahrukh khan’s CE will loose battle hand down in INDIA if it releases with OUATIMA…

    the Matter here is will OUATIMA beat CE in Overseas as well…that we have to see.

  • @Ankur please anything say worng about ce think first verr zara v/s atriaz and janeman v/s don then talk anything. And think last 3 films opening day col of aki films less than 10cr, less than 30cr weekned, lifetime col less than 70cr and our king khan star power last 3 films create record on its opening day col, highest single day col, highest oversease col, after getting negetive review 3 back to back 100cr after salman and 4 back to back 200cr worldwide grose create recorod. Plz remember anything say worng about ce, rohit shetty v/s aki, atb v/s blue, g3 v/s action reply. I am a aki fan also only i hate hritic roshen but i love srk from my heart. Plz don’t say non sense coment about ce beacause every one know about rohit shetty films and boxoffice report.

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