Sonam Kapoor recovering quickly, Salman tests negative for Swine Flu

Actress Sonam Kapoor, who was diagnosed with Swine Flu after being admitted at a hospital in Rajkot, was shifted to a Mumbai hospital on March 1.

The ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ star has been showing signs of recovering in the last couple of days.

“Sonam has been detected with Swine Flu but it is under control. She has been shifted to a hospital in Mumbai and she is showing signs of speedy recovery. Hopefully, she should be back at work soon. We thank all her fans and industry alike for their love and support” a statement from her spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, news channels have reported that Salman Khan too underwent a blood test for Swine Flu, reports of which were negative. Sooraj Barjatya and the rest of the cast and crew were spotted wearing masks on the sets of the film.



  • now this happens with with celebrity,if it was for ordinary ppl this fast recovery wouldn’t be possible.treatment should be equal to everyone.I guess everyone has heard of many ppl dying of flu so guys be careful.

  • Sonam kapoor and deepika said offensive comments on KWK show abt captain ranbir calling him condom brandy . But i , bengali idiot, didn’t find it offensive. But i find emraan hashmi cmnts offensive.
    Reason behind it maybe becoz i cannot hate deepika becoz of her affair rumours, our films get publicity .. So we should soft target emraan only…. Such is double faced hypocricy .

  • Looks like this is the story of PRDP….H1N1 virus sent by villain to attack salman…but sonam kapor took them instead…then Salman while rushing her to the hospital killed a few footpath dwellers…then at the hospital he saw that only one bed is vacant and that too taken up by a pregnant Aishwarya…in rage he beats up ash…….after that police chases him…so he fleeds to jungle.There to feed himself he killed a rare specie of deer…after that suddenly Abhishek s bodyguards finds him and beats him up so hard that he loses his memory…then the goons hands him to the police while sonam Kapoor is getting ready to get married with Nil Nitin Mukesh…Court ordered salman to be hanged till death..but salman somehow manages to escape but on arriving to sonams house he finds sonam has committed suicide…heartbroken sallu returned to jail where he is hanged till death.

  • that’s a gd news…!
    Prdp Is Expected to overtake my Akkis highest Grossing film RR collection within 4days

  • @UNDERTAKER excellent Hilarious story imagined by u….!hahaha

    I don’t know about salman and prdp but it definitely sounds to b the actual story of My akkis upcoming flop MAIN GABBAR OR SINGH IS BLING…!

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  • @undertaker what a wonderful story it was!If that’s nt the story of PRDP we shud make a film starring salnam named TERE LIYE.

  • Happy to hear that she will recover completely soon.

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