Sohail Khan confirms that Salman is fine

Well, it turned out to be just a rumour. Salman Khan is fine and he wasn’t admitted to any hospital, Sohail Khan has just confirmed.

The actual rumour was, Salman was admitted to a hospital after he complained of uneasiness. Later, it turned out that he had heart blockage.

The news was circulated by few a idiots which led to a frenzy on social networking sites like Twitter. The truth is, Salman Khan is fit, fine and will be promoting Bodyguard!



  • Salman..itna drinking driving..hitting..shooting..molesting karega..toh..heart block hoga hi..bure kaam ka nateeja..

  • @aashkaran…wat the hell is wrng wit u?u fuckin piece of a shit…lagta hain tumhare gaand mein srk ka danda ghusaana padega

  • @javed:::u said the very truth…ashkaran is purev looser…….ghanta aadmi….salman wasn’t hospitalized….it was a rumour….salman is fine…… ashkaran srk ke lund ka deewana hai….busterd ashkaran

  • @aashkaran it’s really same Brother.. u can’t post that kind of comments.i m doubtful about ur humanity.If u likes SRK that doesn’t means u hate All the things about Salman Bhai. Salman Vs SRK’s rivalry all the about movies don’t personal. you know salmaan’s familly & Srk’s familly r very close. so…………… be cool man. get well soon.
    All the worlds Know Salman’s Humanity. If today somethings going wrong with sallu bhai then…….. god knows what will be happen in mumbai.All the Bollywood r still alive only for “SALMAN KHAN”. Even not single Person have there who doesn’t take salman,s Help. So……… get well soon. Before that Comments u known as gentle in front of myself. but from today I HATE YOU……I HATE YOU.
    I am a Human Otherwise I used maybe …………… language.
    WE love Salman & i know nothing going wrong with him.

  • It is no surprise. Salman khan is on steroids and that
    Has basically blocked the heart. Also he smokes a lot.
    Not sure how come Sanju Baba is not having any such problems

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