Slice and Frooti are very different brands: Katrina Kaif

Katrina KaifSuperstar Shahrukh Khan has been roped in as the brand ambassador of Frooti, a rival mango drink brand for Slice, endorsed by Katrina Kaif. But the actress believes in taking competition in the right spirit.

Katrina, who has been endorsing Slice since 2008, considers both brands and their marketing “different”.

“I think they are very different brands, and I see them as having different messages in terms of their marketing. Everything you do in the market will have opponents, that is why the competition is so high,” the 28-year-old told IANS.

“Today, the consumer feels they deserve the best, and that’s why there’s so much advertising and marketing for each product. But at the end of the day, the choice is with the consumer,” she added.

Katrina features in a new TV commercial for Slice. In an earlier commercial, she showcased her seductive side, in the new ad, which went on air Thursday, she has showcased her playful nature.

For the Frooti ad, Shah Rukh shot with kids, and according to Parle Agro, which is the parent brand, the commercial is an answer to brands which are “busy wooing viewers with seductive commercials”.



  • Well said Kat and You’re absolutely right that both brands are very unique and different.
    ‘Slice’ is being endorsed by someone who is young, hot, hip and happening, lets not forget too that the drink also tastes sweet.
    And ‘Frooti’ is a dated sour tasting drink being endorsed by an even sour bitter old fashioned type ageing actor way pass his sell by date.
    Truly Katrina both drinks and brands are different and unique.

  • NAVIN dear i think u have taken all this negatively…
    or maybe u r jealous of SRK being paid a huge amount i.e; 20 crores for FROOTI AD…
    well whatever may be the reason of ur negative thoughts u can’t deny the fact that SRK is the highest earner of bollywood nowadays…
    in 2012 he had earned more than 200 crores and salman is way behind close to 150 crores…
    so don’t deny these facts…
    FROOTI will get a boost by SRK’s ad…
    and SLICE will be affected now as everyone likes sobreness not the seductiveness that katrina portrays in SLICE ads…
    i hope u understand… :)

  • @FAHIM AHMED you seem to be switched on so can confirm at how many parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthday bashes, office parties etc etc did SRK have to dance and how much was his remuneration so we can verify what percentage of his 200 cr income of SRKs derives from Films, brand endorsements and nautanki saala…!

  • Slice and Frooti are very different bcoz
    E-energetic drink
    O-old brand
    O-old man endorsing

  • Slice is good but Frooti is the King now and another excellent product being endorsed by King Khan in Frooti… Now the entire nation will be “Frooti thirsty” :)

    Question : How do you define the words ‘Standard’ and ‘Inferior’.

    Answer : Standard is what SRK sets, products he endorses like Hyundai, Tag Heuer, Videocon, Frooti,
    Asian Paints, D’Decor, Tata Tea etc

    Inferior is what Salman sets, products he endorses like Relaxo Chappal, Tiger biscuit, Hayate ( Jise koi
    nahi chalate), Revital. LOL hahaha.

    That is the difference between the two.

  • Neither frooti nor slice is the market leader, it is Maaza.

    Frooti is going down and slice is fast catching it, so let us see who makes a bigger impact this summer- Katrina or srk?

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