Single Day Box Office Records

The very fact that films like Chennai Express and Ek Tha Tiger have managed to collect 30 crore or more on a single day at the domestic box office alone, is staggering. Most medium-budget films struggle to collect 30 crore in their entire theatrical run, even a few major releases starring A-List superstars have failed to cross 30 crore in the first 3 days.

For records, getting the timing of the release right is crucial. If the opening day is not a holiday, it is almost impossible for the 30 crore barrier to be breached. While Dhoom 3 later this year might just about manage to change that, there was a time, not too long ago, when a film earning Rs 5 crore on a single day was a big deal.

Single Day Records

Single Day Records

Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish in 2006 was the first film to collect Rs 5 crore on a single day. Two years later, Aamir Khan’s Ghajini collected more than 10 crores to become the first film in history to net 10 crore in one day, something that was unheard of before.

Then, a year later, Dabangg came and conquered the box office. Since then, its been all Salman. Bodyguard shattered box office records with 20.6 crore on its opening day, a year later Ek Tha Tiger became the first film to do 30 crores of business.

Single day milestones:

  • 5 crore – Krrish (Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra)
  • 10 crore – Ghajini (Aamir Khan, Asin)
  • 15 crores – Dabangg (Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha)
  • 20 crores – Bodyguard (Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor)
  • 25 crores – Ek Tha Tiger (Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif)
  • 30 crores – Ek Tha Tiger (Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif)

Coming to the highest single day collections, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan dominate the list taking as many as 8 slots in the Top 10. What’s also worth mentioning is the fact that the Eid / Independence day weekend has been huge for the industry. Both Chennai Express and Ek Tha Tiger were Eid releases. While most records were created on a holiday, the only film to make it to the Top 10 on a working day is Salman’s Dabangg 2.

Highest Single Day Collections – Top 10

  • Chennai Express – 33.12 crore (first day)
  • Ek Tha Tiger - 32.92 crores (first day)
  • Chennai Express – 32.5 crore (third day)
  • Chennai Express - 28.06 crore (second day)
  • Dabangg 2 – 25 crore (third day)
  • Ra One – 24.3 crore (second day, all versions)
  • Ek Tha Tiger – 23.06 crore (fifth day)
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 22.5 crore (third day)
  • Agneepath – 21.9 crore (first day)
  • Dabangg 2 – 21 crore (first day, non-holiday)

Note: Unless mentioned, all the above days were National holidays or Sundays. The second day of Chennai Express was a holiday in parts of the country.

It’ll be interesting to see how this list changes with the release of Besharam, Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 – all of which release during the holiday season this year.



  • i would like that every one read the below comments, its lengthy but have a look
    some unnecessary arguments which made me suprise to haters mentality even sometime i m also one of them

    1. Big b is not a Big or better actor than Khans and Dilip Kumar.
    a person who taken the tag from the first superstar of Bollywood Rajesh Khanna, who is maser of Romance and tragedy movies at that time, a person who completely chaged the taste of audience with super action packed entertainers with movies like Zanzeer,Deewar,trishul with romantic flicks like Kabhi-kabhie,Silsila (a flop but still a classic), complete entertainer like, Amar Akbar Anthony,Don,Sholay,Sharaabi etc, a actor who is fav of critics and public simultaneously.
    One mand indutry since 1975 to 1991, a man industry at his era if any body have doubt just see the list of Top Actors on Boi.once Jeetendra called in an interviwe Amitabh Bachchan is no. 1 to no. 10 in top actors of his era. A person who started to take a path on TV industry with Historical KBC still ruling the chart, some Salman fans & other saying Salman is best host (even i m also a big fan of Salman) but bigg boss he is not only a celebrity, there we have seen Nau-tanki of other non-famouse or little famous celebrity too, while in KBC a quiz show more than a Entertainer with aam janta taking part and only there is one BIG B who made this show such a successful and made complete family entertainer show, a person who was called Star of the Millanium by Non-India publication BBC in the time of 1999 when we people wasn’t aware about polls,internet but he got the highest nos of vote not from India but whole over the world. so nos of reason to call him Biggest star of Indian Cinema that in the age of 70’s he is still at his best.
    some fools called the media hype Amitabh to make him superstar, those idiots wasn’t aware that big b & Media were having opposite path, and big b banned media to publish any article regarding him and media did the same fr almost 15 year there were no articles on Big b, intervies etc ofBig b in any media, so how can Media made Big B superstar, these are the public who made him star of the Millanium not Media.
    and its righly said by him and also suits him
    rishte me to hum sabke Baap hote h, naam hain Shehenshah…….Jahan hum khade hote hai Line wohi se shuru hoti h. Most versatile and perfect actor of all time is Big B.

    2. Khan’s is better than Big B & Dilip Kumar, unjustice to compare any actor with Big B & dilip Kumar, for big b written already too much, Dilip Kumar is the Finest actor of all time though he ruled bollywood in 1960’s along with Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand movies of all of them were having Big Mullah at Box office but its Dilip Kumar great acting which providing him edge than the rest of two, An actor who is perfect in all zoner and best in Tragedy movies. Unmatchable Dilip Kumar

    3. Now comes three Khans nodoubt they combinely ruling the Bollywood since 20+ years, and i m big fan of Salman & Aamir, but Srk is the most consistent thoughout his whole career but still none of them can be called as One man Industry, we are usually called that Khans dominated the Industry not srk or salman or Aamir alone.
    -Aamir having the most memorable movies in his Kitty sice his first hit QSQT to Talash we have seen many different zoner of movies he worked in and having greats like JJWS, Rangeela,Raja Hindustani,Sarfarosh,Lagaan,Rdb,TZP,3 Idiots & Ghajini and others. creater of 100 cr,200cr domestic & 300cr worldwide grosser, superemly talented & one of the Finest & versatile actor of Bollywood.

    -Salman, till now only one actor whose first movie is ATBB & having 2 Atbb in 6 years of his career
    an actor whose fan following were never been questioned even his bad time, string of flops and court cases time, one actor who is not been a great actor like Big B, Dilip,Srk & Aamir but still not less than any of them when comes to popularity.a actor who is mostly remain Salman in the movie not a character which he plays but still so loveable & great entertainer

    -srk one of the best success story & whatever he is achieved in Bollywood is calling a dream comes true for any common man, a person not having a single contact in bollywood, a successful actor since his first film, undisputed king in overseas or we can called Pioneer of Indian Cinema in Overseas, some may argue even i m in one of them that he has movies with big banners foreing suited story etc, etc but still one common factor in all of them and that is srk, from negative character like baazigar,darr to superbly romantic actor of all his romantic movies like DDLJ,DTPH,KKHH,Veer Zaara and others And having classics like CDI & swades. people called that media made srk the king, yaa media given title to srk that he is king but that media also give a name to Aamir that is perfectionist but these are common people like us who made them big as the are

    and Hritik,Ajay & Akshay are also great though they not having fan following like all of these have but still having so strong fan base that they are also ruling with them in the industry
    so salute to all of them and we people too who made them superstars.

  • – sholay is the multistarrer but still since 1975 to 1994 no movie other than HAHK able to achieve 15 cr+, arguably the best move of Indian cinema ever produce, who entertain like never befroe and still in heart more than any movie, a movie whci each character andd their dialogues are remaining in the heart and mouth of the audience even after 38 years of its release, a super story combinely with superlative performance by all of the characters and superb direction made this movies one of the best of Bollywood ever produced.

    – people or can called Aamir haters are saying 3 Idiots is not only Aamir’s success it is multistarrer in whcih sharman joshi & R Madhwan, Omi and Boman Irani given best and better performance than Aamir, a movie whcih only success due to Raju Hirani & content and others unnecessary argues too, i want to ask all of them that how many of you watched sharman joshi or madhvan movies in theatre when they were solo hero in their movies. haters 3 Idiots will always remembered as Aamir’s movie whether you agree or not because in Indian Cinema success is mostly contributed to Lead Actors whether its Big B, Salman,srk, Aamir or any other actor. and i m also saying that 3 Idiots were successful due to excellence in each department of a movie and its a combine effort of all of them who contributed in 3I.

    Moral is that if we dislike someone then we giving so many excuses to bring down the success of theirs rather them to complement their success, we should appreciated their efforts because its not so easy to make a good film and please the audience and maintaing superstardom for long time, tell me how any of us having 1,2,3,5,10 or 50,100 fans in ours respective real life. i think maximum of us not having a single fan of us. so looks at their effort they given their soul and life to maintain that. so salute atleast for this to all of them.

  • Only SRK n Salman khan can make even a worst movie cross 100 crores other actors cant. If Salman acted in Talaash movie instead of aamir khan then that movie would have made easily 120-130crores before the verdict of its flop story reached to outside world. I dont consider Aamir to be a superstar like SRK and Salman…. and by the way Salman khan came to superstardom only from Wanted movie before that he is just a mere actor…bcoz his movies were not crowd pullers…but SRK has never been to such level in his entire career…thats his uniqueness.Aamir khan movies runs based on the story and not for his star power otherwise with solo release atleast Talash would havee crossed 100crores.

    Frankly Dhoom3 didnt suit to aamir khan…he cannot matchup with hrithik roshan body language in dhoom2…Salman khan could have been great to watch in Dhoom3 n could have made wonders in records but I think due to solo release and holiday season, Dhoom3 will touch 150 crores n forget about overseas collection, it will not cross Kabhi alvida naa kehna records also…coz they are used to watch stylish hollywood movies and this movie will look so pale. The teaser of Dhoom3 is crap, the bike stunt looks bad and aamir khan look in the helmet looks childish…really..I was laughing when I first saw the teaser….Dhoom2 was way better.

  • HRITHIK ROSHAN is over rated remove Rakesh Roshans films from his resume what has he done? apart from Lakshya he hasnt done anything mindblowing..flop actor who gives Flops regularly couldnt even save Kites thats his power..Those who talk abt scripts well even other actors do the film bcoz of scripts only Krrish 3 will be a colossal failure mark my words

  • @Aks. Very well said, liked ur comment. Yash Chopra became really rich after DDLJ and before KKHH, Dharma Production wasnt even a big production house, they dont have have even 1 clean hit to their credit and even Mahesh batt production house was lot bigger than Dharma production. Sharukh has the knack of making the small director or production house in to big and big in to bigger. Other production house like Rajshri or BR chopra or Vidhh Vinod chopra production house after 3 idiots is not as big as Yas raj or Dharma yet. Even Rohit shetty next film will get huge opening with any star but Abhinav Kashyap after Dabangg was nothing. That’s why it’s a dream for any director to work with Sharukh khan

  • @Niks:
    hrithik is overrated? ?what happened to you?
    Listen,hrithik is the only actor of bollywood who has been blessed with all qualities,but still ppl like u underestimate him.

    Remove rakesh roshan, he hasn’t done any thing mindblowing? ?
    Isnt the sentence represent your jealousy? ?
    Because hrithik is the most varsatile actor,who has taken highly skilled role.and agneepath,JA,dhoom2,ZNMD are non-roshan movies ,but get succed.okay dhoom2 and ZNMD are do you think ppl went to wath abhishek bacchan,abhay deol?no,it was hrithik who created a huge buzz by his stylish charm and dance numbers.
    And about kites? ?
    Did anybody tell you that hr was bad in kites? ?never.kites become a flop because it wasn’t suitable to indian ppl and hence they cudn’t understand it.but the same kites became a superhit in overseas.
    And about guzaarish? ?it wasn’t a well-promoted movie.the soundtracks except udi are poor it got flopped.even hr was much praised for his performance in is continuously proving his talent and stardom from his first movie.even his mission kashmir opened better that mohabaten(bigb+srk+aish+yrbanner+lataji’s song combo).

    And about k3?only time will answer you.

  • @aks,

    Brilliant. Very Well Said.

    We are fans of a few stars, but being a blind fan is akin to making a f.ool of ourselves in public.

    After a few years salman and srk will be hugging each others and their fans will still bicker. So, the losers are just us the fans.

    There is no question that Big B is and always be the One Man Industry.

    A guy who was banned by media but loved by public for many years. Just imagine, if such things happen now, the stars will be forgotten the next day.

    People are so media savvy nowadays, but to go against it and still rule is earth shattering for a guy.

    Salute to Big B, and the most amazing thing is that no other actor before or after even at this age is getting awards and recognition for roles like Paa, Aks, Khakhee, Cheeni kum etc., he towers above all and yet the most humblest.

  • @Aks good write up but fail to understand amitabh is one man industry from 75 to 1991. But he has not given biggest of the year after coolie which released in 1984. And post shahensha in 1987 all his movie turned flopped expt aaj ka Arjun and underperformed Hum. list of his average to flop from 87 to 91
    Ganga jamuna saraswati
    Mai azad hoon
    Khuda gawag
    Note that all above were huge commercial product but could not manage even hit status. During same period anil kapoor given more hits tezab, ram lakhan, paeinda, Kushan kanhiya, mr india, rakhwala, karma, beta etc
    And srk is king not because of media but his consistency. He have yet to see failure even after 21 year. Let him finish final run and then decide. He is biggest superstar (first phase of career) in terms of longevity. 1993 to 2013 and still counting. (criteria : consistency in delivering hits and big opening) amitabh had 73 to 91 (first phase).
    Second thing let Amir gives 15 hit movies then u put same pedestal of srk. And if u put salman then u have to keep dharmendra and jitenra in same bracket of amitabh who gave more hit. I never denied amitabh stardom but some people intentionally ignore srk!s achievement
    There r only three guniune superstar + actor
    Dilip, amitabh and shahrukh
    This is truth based on data and fact

  • @sht, agree with you bro. But i would like to add rajesh khanna with dilip ji, big b and srk. These four are the true superstar+actor.

  • @sht agree with you that srk never have so called failure in his entire career but still you can’t say that srk ruled alone bollywood or biggest star of all time because the taste of audiences become too different if you compare with Amitabh or Dilip kumars era. and most of only srk fans thinking he ruled alone but not by all of them or neutral audiences…. & you can’t judge star power from Biggest grosser per year because in this criteria Salman ruled than any other but can we call him the biggest star of all time, i think no…… even srk not giving Highest grosser since 2007 let see he can he have this year with ce because K3 & D3 yet to come…..

  • how can you decide who is good actor and who is bad just by looking at how much a film collect at the box office.
    the truth is if a film is liked by the audience then it will collect good money. and if a film is not good it will not work.

    And star power can only ensure a good weekend but lifetime business depends on how good a film is.

  • @sht, did you see the pattern of movie that of Amitabh that were flopped? It all showed him to be a super-human, and it all started when he returned back after a break he took to join politics.

    His persona was so huge that when he returned only these kinda movies were offered, as they didn;t knew how he could do meagre roles? It is hilarious, but that was the aura of him during that time. Take Rajnikant now, his movies are like out of this world, but he never took break, and again Rajni too flopped for a few years.

    Anil Kapoor was the upcoming star, and you can’t comparehim to Amitabh. He was rising and Amitabh was reaching the final stages of his stardom, and every star has his time, no one can stay permanent atop.

    But, Amitabh did reinvent himself and still is a force to be reckon with, while many stars faded into the oblivion.

  • @aks
    Srk’s dominance period was 1992-2004 where he has more hit superhit bb than rest
    Check below only hit and plus considered and lead role only source BOI

    Srk- deewana, bazigar, daar, Karan Arjun, DDLJ, Pardes, DTPH, KKHH, Mohbbatein, k3g, devdas, khnh, Mai hoon na, veer Zara

    Amir- rangeela, raja Hindustani, ishq, Lagan

    Salman – HAHK, Karan Arjun, Jeet, judwaa, PKTDK, Biwi no.1, HSSH, MSK

    Sunny- daar, ghatak, Jeet, border, ziddi, gadar

    Akshay- mohra, sabae bada khiladi, khiladiyon ka khiladi, andaz, MSK

    See above list who is clear dominant. This was similar situation of amitabh during 73 – 85 though amitabh had more hits than srk but same time dharmendra, Jitendra rishi kapoor Vinod khanna manoj kumar have more hits than Amir, salman, sunny, akshay etc but difference post dominance of respective era amitabh failed badly and couldn’t survive till he started character roles ( second phase of career) but srk is still driving force In his first phase of career even after emergence of other stars.

    @JC What do u mean by pattern of d movies except ajooba all were commercial with big canvace and budget. Though ajooba had fantasy product still it had huge budget movie. But being as biggest superstar he should have take it safely to hit category though not blockbuster and u r talking about break he had released every year in 80s only in 88 he had one release

    I don’t undermine amitabh success he is biggest superstar but underestimate srk he still has to finishes his first phase

  • @Alok have you gone mad????? you put Salman Khan in 2nd position in terms of acting?????…..ROFL…..HE IS THWE WORST ACTOR IN BOLLYWOOD INDUSTRY

  • leave alone Dilip kumar, raj kapoor, dev Anand, Amitabh bachchan srk, aamir, salman, hritik, akshay etc etc, Rajesh khanna is one and only and the original superstar of Bollywood, he had sometimes 2 movies released at the same time and both ran to packed houses, no one can achieve that , superstar was a term coined for him.

  • Its combination of amir & ‘DHOOM’ power not only amir khan, if any ‘GRADE-A’ hero play lead roll then definately achieve a blockbuster.

  • Rajesh khanna the ONLY superstar of Bollywood the rest are all stars!!!!
    Rajesh Khanna gave 15 consecutive hits
    a record unbroken 40yrs on !!
    SRK AMITABH DILIP can only dream of the success the hysteria the adulation Rajesh Khanna received !!!

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