Singham Returns First Day Collections: Early Estimate

Ajay Devgn’s Singham Returns is set to break the 2014 opening day record set by Salman Khan’s Kick exactly three weeks ago. The film has worked big time in every centre across the country on Independence Day.

The opening was always expected to be huge in Maharashtra, but Singham Returns took an extraordinary start across India on its opening day at the box office. Even the business at multiplexes has exceeded trade expectations.

Early estimates suggest, the film has collected around 1.9 crore in Rajasthan (Kick collected 1.96 cr), around 1.15 crore in C.I (Kick did 1 cr), Mumbai circuit looks certain to be above the 9.5 crore mark (Kick 8 cr), C.P Berar is 1.7 cr (Kick was 1.43 cr), West Bengal is around 1 cr (Kick 1.15 cr) and East Punjab is likely to be 2.4-2.5 cr (Kick 2.6 cr).

When the final collections come in, the first day collections of Singham Returns could be somewhere between 28-30 crore, depending on how the Delhi/UP and other circuits have performed. Business in South India was affected by the release of Suriya’s Anjaan, but Singham Returns has performed very well in the Mysore circuit where masala entertainers don’t open well.

The comparison with Kick is unfair because the Salman Khan starrer released on a working day during the Ramadan period and still managed to collect Rs 26.5 crore on its opening day at the box office. Singham Returns had a big holiday like Independence Day, but had fewer screens and shows compared to Kick.

Singham Returns is set for a long run at the box office as the reports that the film is carrying is excellent. The masses are loving the film, the multiplex audience too are coming out in huge numbers to watch Singham roar in theatres. Sure shot hit!

Akshay Kumar’s Entertainment too has done pretty well after taking a slow today.

Note: These are early estimates published at 11:10 PM on Friday. Actuals will be published tomorrow evening.



  • Critics are bashing kareena khan bcoz she has a small role to play. Now my question to the critics — how can an out an out action(over the top) film starring ajay devgan,amil gupte can fetch a meaty role for kareena khan ????

  • Hate Salman fans. They say Ajay takes help of Salman to get hit. Ek hi record tha kick ka- biggest opener of 2014. Ab woh bhi gaya. Hip Hip Hurray Ajay Lion Devgn.

  • This shows that there is no Khans,Roshan or Kumar but it is about HOLIDAY release.Hope Akshay sir understand that

    • @aeeyy, if Warrior gets a good release date, you’ll get your 30 cr opener. If Akki does a big film, it’ll open very well. OUATIMD was his big film, but it looked like it was destined to fail. Release date was bad, content worse.

  • Who thought an Ajay starrer will open close to 30cr,but it has happen.Khans have been hiding behind Holiday releases!!!

  • finally ajay devgn getting fruits for all the hard work he has done. he needed a good script and an epic director. we are happy for you ajay sir.

  • Lolzzzzzz…
    3 weeks mein record bhi gaayo…
    Hahahahahaha Salman you are finished..
    Retire bro and open being human shops…

  • Rohit has immensely benefitted by doing film with King Khan. His films with Ajay always did well,,, but never this big,,, anything Shahrukh Touches turn Gold. Aditya chopra, karan johar, shimit amin, farah khan, rohit shetty and many more..

  • people are going to watch Singham returns as it is a Big Brand like Dhoom. Also Rohit’s last film CE was one of the Biggest Hit. Then there is blockbuster Rohit+Ajay combo. Anyways salman himself said records are meant to be broken. Stop comparing records. Enjoy a good film. I am sure salman’s next will be the biggest opener. Till then enjoy films.

  • Srk and Salman fans stop fighting over Singham returns. Why are Akshay fans hyper? Ajay sir is was and always be bigger than chakki kumar

  • @aaey: i agree with u. Khans are not so called the rulers without holidays. BO depends upon so many factors. @babaji: i m watching it on monday too.

  • Akshay has no class. Ajay is a classy actor. No one can deny this. Acting toh seekhe phir records todega.. Even that dog entertainment has more starpower than him.

  • Agree wid @aeeyy

    Also i think bang bang has more than a chance to beat D3’s opening day collections if it gets 3900-4000 screens,bcoz the production values are high,and it will get excellent response from high end multiplexes..

  • 1st day collection of SR is going to prove that CE became a blockbuster only because of rohit shetty. Rohit shetty can give big blockbusters even with Ajay devgan. So he is the 3rd biggest superstar of the country after Salman and Aamir.

  • @indicine… holiday was also a big film but did average business only.. main thing with akshay is that he is no more a superstar..
    he does 3-4 movies in a year so nobody cares abt his films apart frm his fans…

  • we have no problem comparing singham with kick bcoz sallu and ajay r very close friend. I m happy that if ajay will break 1st day collection of kick.
    even Salman khan Will happy if ajay break his collection.
    Salman khan tweeted yesterday that IT’S BAJIRAO SINGHAM TIME.
    ajay rocks man with singham.

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