Singh Sahab The Great Release Date Announced

Anil Sharma

Gadar Ek Prem Katha director Anil Sharma has announced the release date of Singh Sahab The Great starring Sunny Deol and Urvashi Rautela. The action film will release during the festive weekend of Dussehra on October 11th 2013.

“We are ready with Singh Saheb The Great and the film is currently in its post production stage. When I was editing the film, I had tears in my eyes. The film has shaped up very well and we will be releasing it on October 11th” said Sharma.

“Sunny is the number 1 action hero in the country and Singh Sahab The Great will be his comeback as an action hero. His pairing with the new girl Urvashi Rautela is looking outstanding. Every director praises his own film, but you will realise it once you see the film.”

Singh Sahab The Great Release Date: October 11 2013.



  • Kai Po Che premiere tomorrow on Zee Tv at 1 pm IST. Deepika about Ranbir during YJHD promotions” Ranbir is afraid of spiders & cockroach & he hides under the bed when he sees them”

  • sharma ji….sunny deol was no. 1 action hero of india….but as of now, it’s akshay kumar….no one is better than him, if action is concerned….!!!!!!!

  • i’m sure that sunny leone’s Ragini will open better than Sunny deol’s SSTG. so please shift the dat, we don’t want to see sunny Deol get insulted.

  • @xzone. One correction, I agree that Sunny deol was the no.1 action hero little while ago but disagree with ur second point that Akshay is no.1 action now. Akshay’s expression as a action hero is ok but his dialogue delivery is very weak and his voice is not powerful eg: Rowdy Rathode. Earlier he was known as action hero just due of his stunts and now he became superstar bcuz of his comic timing. In short, Akshay kumar is more like a stuntment in 90’s and now he is more like a comedian. Acc. to me no.1 action hero title shud go to Sulaiman bhai.

  • @soroop…bro….salman nd action hero… r u kidding me….wat type of stunts u r talking abt…?? which r performed using duplicates…nd actually there r no stunts as well…he can hit 50 peoples simultaneously…..he can jump frm frth floor of a building…that’s is not a stunt…u can call it as “circuis”….
    i m agree wid u that now-a-days , akshay is totally focused on comedy or different genres…recently , he din’t work in action genre much more…but he is no. 1 in action, bcoz he is well trained in marshal art…moreover he does 80% of his stunts by himself….so he has obviously an edge over this “remake” khan….

  • @xzone. Even sunny deol don’t do stunts by himself. Even rajinikanth, amitab bachan are great action heroes but they don’t do stunts by themselves. Salman khan has re-invented himself with wanted and now he is a good action hero. But in akshay kumar case, he has good physique and can do stunts but lacks other things like expression, dialogue delivery and voice for an action hero. But I agree with u that Salman khan dont have to do any hardwork like Akshay and Sharukh.

  • Sunny deol is power full and no1 action hero and good hard power full voice during deliver diologes

  • Sunny deol was and will still remain the No. 1 Action Hero of the Bollywood. His movie like Ghatak, Gayal, Gader, Narshima, Arjun, Ziddi, Jeet and so many other movies have proved his metal in the bollywood as an Action Hero. He is uncomparable with other Heroes when Desi action is concerned. He has a good dialogue delivery and booming voice. I am sure that he will come back with SSTG as he did earlier one dacade before in GADAR EK PREM KATHA.

  • This year sunny deol will surely come back. He has good projects in hand like I Love New Year, Singh Sahib the great, Mohalla Assi & above all Bhayajee Superhit.

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