Singh Is Bling New Poster

A new poster of Singh Is Bling featuring Akshay Kumar is out. All the promotions pictures and videos have revolved around Akshay’s character so far.

The Prabhu Deva director film has got a huge boost as it will now get a solo release on October 2nd. Rocky Handsome, the other film that was scheduled to release on the same day, has been postponed.

Singh Is Bling also stars Amy Jackson in the lead.

Singh Is Bling new poster

Singh Is Bling new poster



  • @akshay Salman lunatic. Haha I knew you guys can’t do without mentioning Ajay Devgn. Insecurity ki height. More and more am beginning to respect Ajay the more akshat fans keep on mentioning his name just like that. You people would have just concentrate with fantasy last 5 movies invalid calculations or just do calculations for aki and sid. Why long analysis of devgn.?? Besides you calculated ajays last 5 so what about ranbir last 5 and he is still ahead of ajay after 3-4 disasters? Too good buddy! If you know you are not in secured with ajay why not show us an explicit calculation of Ranbir last five movies. Waiting for ranbirs total last 5 commercial movies calculations and pardon you for adding a NON released movie figures of Sid just to rank ajay downwards. Makes no sense if you don’t show us ranbir last calculation. Ajay Ajay Ajay most mentioned superstars from akshay fan blogs probably more than even akshay himself. Jallo jallo khuub jallo. Pls ranbir last 5 movies calculations

  • @Funny Chachi : You are right no one can do what Akki do. Turn a movie like Baby into 90 + crs, Doing 4 movies in a year making producers n exhibitors kangaal !!!!! :-p

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