Singh Is Bling Movie Review

Akshay Kumar broke all records with his 2008 film Singh Is Kinng and asserted his box office dominance. 7 years ago, he was a bigger star than the Number 1 star of today, Salman Khan. But today things have drastically altered. Akshay has had a hit and miss run of films lately. People have been seeing Singh Is Bliing as the sequel of Singh Is Kinng, but it is only a spiritual successor of that film. The brand recognition and holiday should help it a lot. But is the film any good? Is it as entertaining and funny as the original one? Let’s find out.

Story: Raftaar Singh (Akshay) is a good for nothing buffoon who keeps getting into troublesome situations in his hometown in Punjab. He has a loving mother (Rati Agnihotri) and a strict father who gives Rafaar an ultimatum to marry an obese village girl. He runs away to Goa where he gets a job at a local Don’s place. Elsewhere in Romania, Sara (Amy Jackson) is the daughter of a super rich Don and her life is in danger because another Don called Mark (Kay Kay Menon) wants her life. So she is sent to Goa for her security. Here she meets Raftaar who is in charge of her security. Sara can’t speak Hindi and Raftaar can’t speak English and they get the help of local girl Emily (Lara Dutta) to communicate. But Emily keeps messing the languages up and eventually helps them brew a romance between each other.

Screenplay and Direction: Prabhu Deva who has to his name some horribly misogynistic films, makes amends of sorts in Singh Is Bliing by writing strong, powerful women characters in this one. There’s more good news. Singh Is Bliing may be consistently low brow, but it is also consistently entertaining. The pace drops off a bit after the interval but still doesn’t bore us. The comedy scenes are also very funny and have thought behind their conceptualization. The action scenes are good, solid endeavors. Prabhu Deva returns to form with Singh Is Bliing.

Singh Is Bliing Movie Review

Singh Is Bliing Movie Review

 Technically, Singh Is Bliing, comes across as a high budget movie with big action set pieces which have been filmed in very high octane tones. The cinematography is stylish and deft. The editing is decent but could have been tighter. The music of Singh Is Bliing is above average with the opening song Tung Tung getting us hooked to it.

Acting: Akshay Kumar is the Singh in Singh Is Bliing and he lives the character of Raftaar right from the start. He is in fantastic form and his comic timing is as astute as it has ever been. And he looks and feels good. Amy Jackson is the Bliing in Singh is Bliing. She doesn’t speak much unless she has to and doesn’t emote too much but she does a great job in her action scenes. She can kick ass! Lara Dutta is a pleasant rediscovery as the comic character Emily. She has perfect comic chemistry with Akshay Kumar. Kay Kay Menon hams it up as the baddie Mark. He overacts and overdoes everything.

Conclusion: Singh Is Bliing is a return to form for Prabhu Deva and Akshay Kumar both. Singh is Bliing is a funny, entertaining movie which works well as a great counter programming to serious real life issues. If you have 3 hours to kill and want to laugh your hearts out, then look no further than Singh Is Bliing. It is earnest and even innocently intelligent. Singh is Bliing is an entertainer. Go watch.


  • Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta and Amy Jackson all give competent performances
  • Prabhu Deva directs a thoroughly entertaining movie
  • The comedy and action scenes work


  • Pace slows down a bit after the interval
  • Kay Kay Menon hams it up
  • Music disappoints

Rating: ★★★☆☆



  • 3 Stars means the movie is entertaining . I am still not sure whether i will watch SIB or not but i will be really happy if Akki and PD hit the bulls eye . According to Koimoi the first day collections of SIB will be more than 20 CR and now i think it is possible . SIB needs a solid weekend because from Monday anything can happen so it will be great for SIB to do superb business in the first 3 days . Best Of Luck Akki and i hope you end 2015 with a bang . Love You Bro !!!!

  • We want PRDP trailer review amd also a voting on hows the trailer is….like tamasha trailer review and voting

  • Happie that Kritie sanon didn’t do this movie.. IT may be entertaining may be funny… but Again will be a box office dud… Akshay Kumar Plz play some sensible comedy movie like Garam masala hera pheri otherwise Audience wont watch ur movie

  • Bebakhup Mumbaiwale ko sirf bakwas romkom pasand he. Inhike wajase sahid, ranbeer, & varun jaise untalented people star ban jate he. Jinka screen presance chanky pandey se bhi weak he.

  • Nice movie..even I’ll go with 3 stars..some songs seem to be forced but overall the film is entertaining..was happy to see Amy Jackson getting a lot of potential to showcase her talent..Akshay Kumar as usual rocks

  • it seems sib is really good as indicine has given 3/5 to a pravu deva directed film.Although the same indicine has given 4/5 to one of the most nonsence,torturous movie bollywood has ever made HNY,i am going to watch SIB.

  • according to indicine, akshay was bigger than salman khan 7 years ago We also knew that But why Mention salman name in this akshay related article You could have mentioned srk or amir name but why salman ??? Are you insecure about aamir and srk future??

  • SIB is getting average response from both critics and audience. Anyway huge first weekend will help it to easily pass 100 cr

  • I am a die hard srk fan but i truely feel its foolish to compare him to the SALMAN KHAN … who is in a differnt league altogether… Bajrangi Bhaijaan collected 630crs worldwide with Bahubali effecting collections .. or else maybe 700crs in first phase release… nd its unfair that srkians tell that bb succeeded coz of harshali or nawaz…. SRK was at his peak before a few years but not now… now its difficult for him to even give 500cr worldwide grosser… PRDP dont be shocked if it doubles The collections of SRK’s highest grosser…. SIB was not up to the mark !!!!!!!

  • @indicine 3?for singh is bling!!!!???? Today i have watched the movie n i don’t find it enjoyable. Comedy is totally falls flat. Kay kay menon’s repated dioluge ‘i am to good na’ is so irritating. Lara dutt n amy jackson are worst of all. Akshya also looks unconvencing in comedy in this movie though he is good in comedy in his previous movies. Nothing is good in this movie. My rating 0.5/5.

  • I watched movie this morning. It is simply awesome. I m sure that you will laugh throughout the movie. Prem ratan dhan payo trailer is just cherry on the ice cake.

  • Excellent first day collection 25.8 crore on the card .wom is bumber ..delhi and ncr are totally full like bb…that is power of khiladi .comeback like 2007 ..

  • hahahahaha just read the review of
    SIB on,they give -10 lol
    the last lines the wrote are
    ” I would rather poke myself in the eye
    with a blunt knife (REPEATEDLY) than
    watch any Prabhu Deva film ever
    again. Trust me that will be a breeze
    in front of this nonsense that spools
    out mercilessly for three hours”

  • @shreya have u read all reviews? Most of the reviews are negative. Only some reviews r decent to goods. @indicine u have not publish my two comment in last article. I hope u will publish my all comment in this article . Please publish all my comments in this article. Thank u.

  • Unfortuntely circumstances are such that I won’t be able to watch SIB this week,will be able to watch only in the 2nd weekend.

    But I am really happy that people are liking it and reviews though are on the lower side but then which masala film gets 4 or 5 out of 5.

    3/5 for prabhudeva = 5/5 for Hirani

    Fellow Akkians on twitter are loving it..

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