Simran Movie Review

Kangana Ranaut has been making the news a lot recently for all the wrong reasons. She’s preferred to talk about her personal life rather than the movie Simran, which she was promoting. The trailers of Simran have a major Queen hangover but will the movie be as good as Queen?

Story: Simran is about Praful Patel (Kangana) who is a Desi immigrant living in the USA and is a divorcee. She is full of spunk but there are complex layers brewing in her character. One find day she wins at a game of Baccarat and wins a lot of money which she conveniently splurges on high lifestyle items. She ends up gambling more and more and with each turn, she ends up losing a lot more money. To compensate her losses she resorts to a life of crime where she robs banks in Atlanta. Is she finally caught? Watch the film to know.

Screenplay and Direction: Simran is a movie which is inspired by the real life exploits of one Sandeep Kaur who resorted to bank robberies to sustain her high lifestyle. Director Hansal Mehta and writers Apurva Asrani and Kangana herself, tread the prickly matter with a matter of fact touch and make it lighter. Simran had the tailor made idea to be a thriller but instead ends up being a comedy thriller which is neither a good comedy nor a good thriller. It is a mismatch of genres which could have worked in theory really well but unfortunately the execution falls short on various levels. A handful of boring sequences don’t help the entertainment quotient of the film either.

Simran has the looks and feel of an English indie film because of the cinematography and the costume design which is accentuated by the fine production design. If director Hansal Mehta wanted the indie look for his film, the crew has delivered on that count perfectly. The editing of the film is decent although Simran has a tendency to feel overlong even at a mere 2 hours of running time. The songs of Simran are decent and give the treatment of the film nice little touches. 1 song should have remained on the cutting floor.

Acting: Simran feels like a showreel for the acting talents of Kangana Ranaut. She delivers and how. She is full of bravado in times of adversity. She doesn’t lose grip of her character throughout the film but there are a few scenes where her acting comes across as too experimental or spontaneous and sometimes even repetitive. But whatever she does, it works. Sohum Shah who plays her fiance has the looks to carry of his character and does a dependable job. Hiten Kumar and Kishori Shahane who play her parents are good actors but they don’t have more than one dimension in their roles.

Conclusion: Simran is a film which had a gem of an idea behind it (thanks to the real life drama of one Punjabi girl in America) but trying to make it light and giving it a comedic touch doesn’t work for the betterment of the film. Simran wastes one of the better Kangana Ranaut performances because it isn’t quite sure what type of a film it eventually wants to become. It won’t be wrong to say that writer Kangana has ruined a great performance by the actress Kangana.


  • Kangana’s amazing performance
  • The production design, costume design and cinematography make it feel like an indie film
  • The background music is decent


  • Mismatch of genres
  • Has quite a few boring moments
  • Takes time to fully come into its own

Rating: ★★½☆☆



    • Coz I have vagina can’t save this shit…now she equalls the level of krk….hrithik, srk, Karan haven’t done even 2% of cheap publicity done by you….even pornstars are not cheap as you..

      • Overall reviews average score is 3 plus. Must be a good movie. Please disscuss movie not personalities. Be professional

  • @indicine I have made an article.. I want you to read if you feel it is good then I request you to post on your site.. Can you plz reply me on Gmail, twitter, fb

  • Lol,I was expecting the same from you..
    From starting you started only negatives..what the normal audience has to do with her controversis with Hrithik and many others,they will come to see the performance Queen if it’s really get appreciation.
    When any actor trapped in controversies like the he become Hero,just like Salman cought in road accident, controversies with Aishwarya, Shahrukh ,chinkara matter,sultam rape sentence and many example I can give of many others but then it not matter to them, because they are having fan following but most importantly they are MAN…but when it comes to atress,she should stay in her limit,stay in the shadow of her male counterparts.
    I think we should change our thinking by our thoughtprocess.
    Women empowerment is not just mean that women centric movies are doing good and they are giving erotic sex scenes and wearing bikini,it is about how we think about them in general.

    • @Sehwag-the bald;
      Sorry to say bro but you are an Idiot, don’t compare Salman and Kangna…..Salman never create controversy its the media who unnecessary create it, but Kangna is a controversy queen , she did it intentionally to get publicity……..
      Salman’s fight with Srk is his personal matter, but they both never disclose it in public, its the media which gives so many reasons for that fight…..if Salman talk about that fight before every release of his movie then we can say that he is doing this for publicity, but he never talk about that fight in media……Road accident and chinkara matter is also his personal thing but he never talk about it in public or during promotion of his movies……..His rape sentence was just a slip of tongue, for which he apologies immediately in the same interview, but its media who give it fire and make it controversy, after that incident Salman never talk about it…….
      But in the case of Kangna she create controversy for publicity, I understand she was asked about Hrithik in AAP Ki Adalat (AKA) and she reply, fine….but then she took name of Pancholi and Karan too, why?…Also after AKA she took Hrithik and Karan’s name in so many other interviews, I want to ask you what’s the use of taking their name in so many interview? She can easily avoid those questions by not answering them, but no she keep taking about it, actually She was intentionally creating these controversy because her movie is releasing…….I want to ask you why she made that AIB video, does that was not creating controversy knowingly……In that video she target Srk, Hrithik and Karan…..there is no connection of that video with her movie…….Recently in her interview she said that if she work with Khans she would have been FLOP in her career……she said this so many times before also, why given these same statement everytime before the release of movie……These are called creating controversy intentionally to get some free but cheep publicity……

      I have nothing against Kangna I like her as an actress but trust me before her statement in AKA I have no Idea when her movie is releasing, but after these controversy I came to know about her movie…..this is called creating Controversy for cheep publicity, by taking name of Big actors just before the release of movie……..

      • It’s “Cheap” not cheep.
        Oops! I forgot that you are the fan of a 10th standard fail useless jerk.

      • @Salman- the bald fan…
        I have nothing against salman,even I me too big fan of him,I just gave example.In case of acting I can not even compare both of them.
        Now come to point
        So you mean to say by creating the controversies,you can make publicity of film,but will it help to create the box office collection?
        You came to know Simran by her publicity stunt in AKA,but have you gone to theatre to watch her movie?
        In India,for big celebreties,nothing is personal because superstar are worshipped here.
        Do you think that media fire the issues only when Salman is involved in it.If tomorrow,she killed 2 people by drunk and drive, do you think anyone would cast her in movie?
        Her sentences in public may not like you,but them It is her choice to say it or not.Salman beaten Aishwarya on the set of Devdas which is not even his movie,but he can do it because that the personal matter of him.He slapped Subhash ghai,but then I it his personal matter.He made of Hritiks GUZARISH by saying even bee wouldnt go to watch a the movie in theatre.In reality Bees deserve,Salman don’t even deserve to watch the class act of HR.He confronted SRK in Katrinas birthday party,now is it good thing to insult the guest in which he himself was host?but that was his personal matter.But he is really good human being.He even help to the people in their debut who are charged for mental and physical exploitation due to which Jia Khan done succide.His tounge slip every time and every time his father comes to rescue him.Even his hand also slip from steering.

      • Very well said. I liked her performances in Queen and TWM series, but she has done all this cheap publicity stunt to promote her movie. I have nothing against her. But according to her everyone in Bollywood is bad, and she is the victim. Too hard to believe. She should focus on good scripts.

  • Ohh look that blabbering witch will finally see the ground
    She wants equal pay….dumb head for that u have to make a standing in the industry, accusing superstars wont help.
    I dont know how people like her acting. Yeah she is good at times like in TWMR but the other times she looks rather same. Acts like a drunkard.

  • indicine cant decide whether to love it or hate it!

    I think it must be a nice film.. a little experimental but so what?

    even jbms had only two characters in the entire film so what

  • The movie is very unrealistic based on location..Atlanta is a city full of gangsters and is a very tense place..a character like simran can’t exist over there and neither can a person of her calibre gambling and stealing…just feels weird that a city which is known for its hard-core lifestyle is given a comedy twist which is unrealistic af

  • Dear Kangana
    Will you stop complaining about pay disparity??
    If male actor is useless then he will get less money
    Eg Lallu in Hahk/R Madhvan in TWMR

    If heroine is good she will get more money
    Eg madhuri in Hahk and Raja

  • Review is not bad overall but not extraordinary also which is needed for these types of movies to sustain at Box Office!!seems Kangana has delivered another great Act but sounds much similar to that of ‘Queen’ !! However let’s see how much Simran will be benefited by decent Review & All these(recently) ‘Bechari Larki Lut gayi by Bollywood’ sentiment of some!!
    When at IIFA karan & others trolled ‘Kangana’ they got slammed by a lot!!but when a Female did the same or may be uglier things…She became ‘Ethical & Gutsy'(not to all though) without any proof being shown ?
    i doubt the myth about our society being a male dominated one…really i do!!

  • “Kangana Ranaut has been making the news a lot recently for all the wrong reasons”


    For the all the talk of women empowerment and unbiasedness, what happened @ Indicine?

    A guy sends notice, and hires a top criminal lawyer, just because his ex called him silly-ex without even referring his name, is all fine…….he can bully this ex g/f, because she doesn’t have a Godfather like the Alia’s and the star kids…..but, with no support, court notices, top criminal lawyers at your throat, the whole industry looking down, when the girl decides to take her time and then file a counter notice, she becomes bad.

    The guy tells openly she has some mental disease, it is all fine, because he is under the protection of his Dad and his money, it is all fine…..but the girl cannot write an open letter or talk in media.

    When she talks openly in a talk show about nepotism, which is there for everybody to see, she becomes bad….but when the same guys who promotes it openly and block other budding guys and girls from outside, it is all fine.

    The girl doesn’t have anyone to look up for support except the media that comes to her and the public whom she can complaint…….Do you want her to just shut up, like everybody and be the adarsh bhartiya naari, which we keep on complaining every now and then and raise slogan.

    • But why is she the only one who keeps on bringing her personal life into the light time and time again..??
      Why is it that every time she has a movie coming up, she starts claiming that she is a bold actress and wants to be known for her acting niche roles and wants to get equal pay as male leads even though no one is willing to watch her movie for her..she literally adds 0 buzz to any of her movi3s..her only movies which worked were because of good reviews and that’s it..the only thing she is doing is trying to appeal to the feminists to watch her movie just because she is a girl..

      Tell me This, why is it that her cheap stunts of ruining the reputation of her colleagues and seniors is not regarded as cheap? Because she is a woman

      Why is it that anyone who speaks against her is blasted with hate comments? Because she is a woman

      The only way she is able to survive in Bollywood is because whenever her acting career is going 2 flop, she starts saying that because of nepotism, nobody wants to support her even though she herself starts abusing everyone who tried to help her.

      She is a conniving diva who is desperately trying to gain attention and stay relevant..she will have a biopic made on her in the future where everyone will be shown the true nature of her antics..

      • why male actors would get more?!!! we are in the 21st Century and still ppl degrade women?!!!!! Still thinking men are better than woman!!!! no actress could’ve done her role in Queen but her.. Simran too.. she’s a brilliant actress and from her first movie Gangster she just proved it, if u don’t believe in her.. then it doesn’t mean that YOU are right!!!

  • @Salman fan
    If that was the case then WTh did movies like Lamhe,Parampara and Mujhse Friendship Karoge flop?

    They were also Yrf films.

    Actually Rajshree was the biggest banner. Even vivaah with Shahid Kapoor became a blockbuster

    MPKDH took a very good opening

    WTH is wrong with this comment indicine??

  • I thought indicine doesn’t talks about the personal life of celebs, or does indicine only licks the ass of big stars who are worshipped in this site??

  • Just saw tanu weds mannu to check whats the big fuss was about it. It a well directed movie and its mostly about the madhavan character mannu’s movie. Why was kangna given all the credit . She actually really overatted. Kareena was better in jab we met

    • I didn’t like Tanu Weds Manu but her performance in Queen and in Simran.. u must be a stupid guy if u could never see her wonderful acting, then who’s good for u?! Kajol with her overacting in some movies?!

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