Shriya Saran – The Sivaji girl

Shriya is a very popular actress in the South Indian film industry. She was the leading lady in superstar Rajnikanth’s Sivaji. She has acted in 4 Bollywood films so far. Tujhe Meri Kasam with Ritesh Deshmukh which clicked at the box office. Her next two movies ‘Thoda Tum Badlo Thoda Hum’ and ‘Shukriya: Till Death Do Us Apart failed to make an impact’.

Shriya’s 4th bollywood film is Mohit Suri’s Awaarapan (Emraan Hashmi) which releases on 29th June 2007.

Enjoy the pic

Shriya Saran - Awaarapan



  • dear shriya,

    i L.O.V.E. you very much dear…
    after i saw your movie “sivaji”.., i can’t stop thinking of you..!!
    you are so beautiful in that movie dear…

    good luck in your future undertakings..
    stay COOL…
    bye my dear..luv you 4 ever and ever…!!!! xoxox

  • dear shriya saran…,

    i’m a girl…and i’m still studying…
    i juz want you to know…that you are so beautiful especially in the movie “sivaji the boss”
    you’re not only beautiful but also cute and sexy…
    Moreover, you have such a beautiful smile which can melt every heart that see you dear…
    all my friendz called me a “lesbian” because they said that i luv you tooooo much…
    Well dear..,
    best of luck from me your #1 fan…!!!bye..!!xoxoxoxo..

  • hi….shriya,
    wht’z up gurl?
    cute name..juz like you dear…
    you’re acted wif VIJAY in “Azhagiya Tamil Maghan”..and “Awaarapan” wif EMRAAN..rite?
    if i’m not mistaken….
    I’m looking forward 2 see that movie.. :>
    bye gurl..and Muaxxx!!
    luv you 4 ever and ever….!! gud luck!!

  • shriya!! shriya!! shriya!!…
    how’z life? cool?
    wow girl…!! you are so HOT in the movie “SIVAJI”!!!
    after i saw you in “SIVAJI”…i kept asking myself…” Is this she the heroin from the movie “MAZHAI”..?
    coz shriya dear.., you are sooo PERFECT in that movie…especially your dance movez which is sooo SEXY and acting..!!!
    your acting in that movie is so CUTE and CUUDDLLY!!!
    in the song named ” Athiradee ” you are so rockin’ sexy..!! luvez your dancing movez…!!!
    bye gurl..and gud luck in your future..!!
    I’ll be waiting here to see your next movie…even though i’m a girl…I can’t stop liking you..!!
    you are so PERFECT in every ways…!! luv you and Muaxxx!! bye bye..

  • Dear shriya…,
    the #1 beautiful actress in the whole INDIA…
    hi..and wht’z up shriya?
    plz read my message patiently dear…I’ll be waiting for your reply…
    Well shriya…I’m juz a simple person…and i’m now 25…
    I like you sooo much.. plz understand me…I really want to see you dear…I can’t stop thinking of you..
    I have your poster a lot dear..but…only poster not the real person…..!!!
    When I wrote this message to you…I’m putting all my feelings towards it….
    So plz understand me and don’t think anything bad about me…!!! I really luv you da!!
    If I wrote anything bad in this message..plz forgive me…!! :

  • Okay,Let me tell all of you guys something, Shriya Saran is my cousin. I love it how she gets all these beautiful compliments from all of you. To tell you the truth, Shriya is a good hearted girl, funny, smart, intelligent, polite, hard working, and honest girl. I understand all of you guys her her fans. I know you like her because she is beautiful but remember I hope you like her for who she really is. Okay? thankyou

  • hi sherya how ru seen your movies sivaji so cute and sexy but i like a hair cool coostumes kandasamay movieyour so sexyi like the song sahana looking like smart sofunny in dreamworld you in heart sherya bye sherya

  • sorry shriya is beautiful. I was just mad because in shivaji she didn’t want to marry him because he was dark, and was prjeudice against blackand shir lankan girls like me. She thinks she is so beautiful, but Shriya should be beautiful inside. Unfurtunatley, she is not! ):

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  • hi………….shriya u r very hooooooooot and beautiful in shivaji.u r exposing too much now a days .i dont like that.i want to meet u .

  • shriya…… all i can say that if any one wants to see jannat on d earth, den look at d most beautiful girl of d world “shriya”!!!!!!!!!!!!

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