Shriya Saran – Maxim Bikini Pics

Shriya Saran claim to fame was the tamil superstar Rajnikanth starrer Sivaji. Shriya won hearts of millions of people around the world for her great looks as well as her acting in the movie.

A few controversies later, Shirya Saran is back in headlines for her Bikini photoshoot for the June edition of the famous mens magazine Maxim!

Shriya has posed for various pics on the beach and looks absolutely gorgeous in blue. The Maxim photoshoot is yet another feather in the cap of the gorgeous 26 year old.

Here is the cover of the June 2008’s issue of Maxim featuring Shriya Saran in a super hot Bikini! Enjoy the pics guys. More pics will be added shortly!

Shriya Saran Bikini Pics

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Few pics courtesy : Rediff



  • She’s one of the most boring actress worked in Bollywood…I watched her in Shukriya n Awarapan where she has no leading role at all,..

  • She’s very cute and I like her!!!!!

    she the kindof girl which every man would dream of Marryin her!!!

  • She has a very cute figure, beautiful face and talking eyes. I like her since Shukriya and love her present looks in Mission Istanbul. Pity for those who don’t like her and remain in the shadows of the fake Mallika Sherawat and over-aged Bipasha Basu. Shriya is real n rare beauty.

  • she is cute and dream girl but her face ,action,physic changing into artificial. she is good in ishtam , nuvve nuvve,

  • shriya is an angle.I LOVE Shriya SO MUCH.I want to marry her.she is so beautiful.she is so sexy and also homely heroine.she is so cute in chatrapathi.I love shriyaso much.

  • Shreya is a hard working beauty.Her beauty is her personality,her hardwork is her perfection,her skills is her success,in short she is “what she is”.which is an angel.She may be a dream girl for many men but for me she truly is a wonderful personality.I hope that i could find a girl just like her in my life.

  • Shriya is gorgeous esp in Shivaji movie. She used to just look pretty but now she acts and dances well, so I like her. But these pictures are some of the worst photoshoot pics I have ever seen. The makeup is horrible, lighting and stills are horrendous . The pics are so horribly photoshopped and FUBAR’d that the model doesnt look like Shriya, these pics did more harm than good to her.

  • She’s very sexy..Looks stunning in blue salwar kameez dat she has worn in her latest release ‘Ek’..I wish to marry such a sensuous girl.Not much to comment on her acting prowess,just average.

  • shriya s very sexy…………nd cute…….lovely girl…..i liked very much…..i am loving her now a days………

  • Shreya is absolutely beautiful, has a fantastic figure and the most capitavating eyes. A very talented actress, who can take on a character and make it her own, a rare talent. I adore you Shreya

  • i love shreya, i like very much. please one night arranged me in the room.i l…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….ove shreya

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  • shriya i love you so much, please get marry with me, i am redy to become your doggy for whole life, i am ready to clean your foot wear & also ready to kiss it anytime.

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