Shraddha Kapoor on Verve – January 2015

Actress Shraddha Kapoor, who recently wrapped up the Las Vegas schedule of her upcoming film ABCD 2, looks beautiful on the cover of Verve for the month of January 2015.

The actress had a good 2014, what with two of her films ‘Ek Villain’ and ‘Haider’ both doing well at the box office. Even her item song ‘Dance Basanti’ in Ungli found appreciation with the masses, even though it didn’t help the film at the box office.

What do you think of her look on Verve? Tell us!

Shraddha Kapoor on Verve Magazine Cover

Shraddha Kapoor on Verve Magazine Cover



  • @element read this line again ”even her item no dance basanti found appreciation”

    ungli hd everything going for it from top actress kangana,big production house,solid star cast and shraddha’s item no. yet the movie flopped bcz of just one man whom audience just don’t want to see.

    u know who I m toking about,right???

  • Young actresses like shraddha kapoor ,alia bhatt, deepika padukone have much more stardom than pungistan(Arjun kapoor, Ranveer singh,……)

  • She looks good…

    But really her Dance Number was super hot but it showcased very little of her dancing potential- all we got to see was 5 sec clips before another scene and so on n on- cant say her dancing is top notch but yes she looked super hot of that there is no doubt…!

  • @Arjun kapoor fan u can’t put a film failure on one man. It had more negatives than minuses. Loopholes in script, delayed film ,no promotion ,plus emran did not have lead role. It was a special appearance to be honest.
    Delayed films never have succeeded in bollywood. Item no.s n all are to create visibility. It would have ended in lakhs like yljk n all but all the positives ensured distributors are not in heavy loss. As is case with every emran release, it is not heavy loss-making affair because of controlled budget. His flops ghanchakkar,dayan,natwarlal ended up making profots for producers.

  • @Arjun Kapoor Fan i respect your views regarding my favourite srk, but u should not be against a particluar actor of class of emran who is my second favourite hotty. His power-packed performances in once upon a time in mumbai,jannat series, dirty picture , gangster and many others are treat to watch. Indeed , as an actor on reel and a person in real, he is much anyday better than likes of arjun kapoor, ranbir kapoor , ranveer singh . Thank you. And please ensure that you are fan of one actor, not a fan of actor which suit your convenience for your selfish needs.
    I noticed you were fan of salman during kick , fan of srk during hny, fan of aamir during pk. But to the core pf ur heart, u are arjun kapoor fan.

  • @soumya I m a fan of any film that I like that’s y I so open heartedly supported kick,hny and pk.but don’t worry if I dislike prdp or raees or fan I will very vocally criticise them.

    and yes my fav actors are ranbir and hrithik yet I hd the guts to openly criticise bang bang.I luv arjun but he is nt my fav actor

    thank u

  • @soumya I deliberately insult abd criticise emraan always.if u look at all my comments I nvr pass any offensive comments ir excessively criticise any actor except just one,MR EMRAAN HASMI.
    sorry soumya but I really hate this guy bcz of several offensive things he has said about Bollywood and some celibrities in several interviews of his interviews.he also comes across as a very arrogant person.that’s y I Just hate him

  • pk is worst movie of the year. bcos, it has no believable story, a alien like man know bhospuri from a pros but not know about god. story of anuska and the other actor is not heart touching.

  • @Arjun Kapoor Fan
    I don’t find his interviews offensive. He is down to earth person. He has never said bad about films. If u take aamir, he has called srk a dog. Isn’t that offensive? Salman is criminal. Isn’t that offensive? And u take emran, he has nor done any such things. He is successful husband. He has a successful career. He has carved a niche for himself. I don’t see any offensive in his interviews. See ranveer singh arjun kapoor interviews, how arrogantly they talk to media, they will suffer as dil dhadakne do,bajirao mastani will be big flops.

  • @Arjun Kapoor Fan
    If you are taking that kwk episode in account. That is just for fun. He said all that to win the hamper after the show. Sorry, @arjun kapoor fan , but u come across as a 2-faced person. U like the arrogant interviews of salman,aamir , arjun kapoor and ranbir kapoor ‘s maligned reel life.for eg. Affair with dp,kat,priyanka,nargis. Such a cheap ranbir. Sonakshi-arjun link-up news ahead of tevar release. Aren’t these offensive and utterly cheap? U maybe hater of emran thatzwhy. Sorry, but u too come across as a arrogant person. Emran never resort to such cheapness to make his films gather headlines.Check his interviews, he has not said anything bad of offensive to make you his hater. I think you might be insecure of his talent and romance.
    I think of only emran as srk’s replacement when srk quits.

  • @soumya ignore arjun kapoor.he is idiot blind hater.he overlooks khans statement to gain support. But he targets emraan because he is jealous of several hits of emraan(13) more than arjun(3).

  • @masud then pls watch HNY.. The most intellectual film ever.

    @soumya you forgot that you are speaking to a chameleon.. So please ignore him..

  • @masud how can you say anu and sushant love story is not heart touching pk is perfect movie made by Raju sir.
    Now next deepika is comming in Bollywood
    Welcome Mahira khan
    We want don 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

  • @soumya ignore arjun kapoor. We emraan fans ignore youngistan articles . But we bash youngistan ONLY and ONLY when arjun kapoor posts his hatred for emraan. We emraan fans r quite generous to him but sometimes hatred goes overboard n we will be forced to bash youngistaan if he does drag emraan to alien articles.

  • @somya who are u too judge that salman is criminal BTW natwarlal and ungli were big losses for producers and @element arjun is much better than emraan and u are the biggest fool comparing the hits of emraan and arjun if you can judge any actor by hits and flops then emraan is even worse coz he has 16 flops while arjun has 2

  • @heropanti aka arjun kapoor fan
    Emraan hashmi is not lucky to get big banners at start of his career like the wasted spoon-fed kid arjun kapoor. Hence he had to do b-grade films like jawani diwani,tumsa mila,dil doya hai, etc . Hence they were guaranteed flops. Okk.

  • @heropanti aka arjun kapur fan
    arjun better than emraan?? Rofl … Lol.. Plz tell more jokes..put jannat peformance on one side n whole career of arjun on other.

  • @soumya plz don’t srk by saying only emmy can replace him!!!

    @heropanti thank u for support but plz ignore that looser.I m here in indicine to make mr.element sensible and stop comparing flop emraan with arjun,ranbir,varun etc

  • @somebuddha mukerjee nobody compared. U started it. First comment is yours. I m sealing it. Remember, if u bad mouth emraan, u will get this results.

  • @soumya ignore looser arjun fan, he is psycho . Dragging emraan in shraddha kapoor article indicates how restless,jobless,looser , starved person this sambuddha is in real life. Always thinking of emraan 24 * 7.

  • @stupid element I m not heropanti.if u don’t stop calling me with that name then I m going to from now call u as ‘DUMBO’

  • Arjun kapoor doesnt know how to act… varun ranveer are far better than him … he is nothing infront of Emraan… Good luck …emraan he has a great line up he wil deliver hits this year ..

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