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Credits for each song in the album:

Song : Bolo Har Har Har
Singer : Mohit Chauhan,Sukhwinder Singh, Badshah, Megha Sriram Dalton & Anugrah.
Additional Vocals Parthiv Gohil
Music : Mithoon
Lyrics : Sandeep Shrivastava

Song: Darkhaast
Singer: Arijit Singh & Sunidhi Chauhan
Music Director : Mithoon
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

Song – Raatein
Singer – Jasleen Royal
Music Composer- Jasleen Royal
Lyricist- Aditya Sharma

Song: Tere Naal Ishqa
Singer: Kailash Kher
Music Director : Mithoon
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

Song :Raatein ( Reprise )
Singer-Jasleen Royal
Music Composer- Jasleen Royal
Lyricist- Aditya sharma



  • Avg to abv avg audio…. But good video

    (ADHM -2 chartbusters and 1 bad song)

    Currently Shivaay is ahead of ADHM…..

  • @Indicine pls post an article on the gigantic clash of Mammootty and Mohanlal films(Mollywood Superstars)..

    Puli Murugan ( 25cr budget)vs Thoppil Joppan ( below 10cr entertainer).

    The atmosphere in Kerala right now is equal to a big festival…..

  • Shivaay album is not popular but other hand ADHM has very good every track is wonderful . ADHM>Shivaay . Will it make make difference or help box office opening ?

  • Every songs of Shivaay take the story forward and don’t hinder the pace of narrative of the film.
    Even the songs videos look so natural, everything is brilliant. There is no heavy make-up, fancy dresses, shouting in the name of singing unlike KJo’s crap Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.
    There are the songs for every type of audience in Shivaay unlike ADHM,where every song has same music and typical KJo’s trademark: crying,hugging, which seems copy cat of many previous rom-coms from Dharma Productions.
    Shivaay will be huge money spineer at the box office and will emerge huge blocbuster. If Post release WOM will be extraordinary, then I won’t be surprised if Shivaay breaks box office records.

  • Nowhere near to the cult songs of Adhm.
    Only good thing about Shivaay is the high octane action sequences shown in the trailer.

  • No song has become popular yet and will not till release….@AiSHA ji why u r hiding in other names…Rampage 😂

  • Trailer did the job and songs r decent ,this movie is looking very high on emotions ,if the emotions connects with the audience(like bajrangi bhai) ,then noone can stop this movie 2 be atleast a hit (not saying blockbuster coz of budget)
    It can go either way ,can be a big hit or big flop, bcoz budget is on high side .
    On the other hand ,Adhm’s teaser and songs work big time but trailer dissapoints .I want adhm to be a hit Ranbir badly needed a hit and its the fault of karan johar ,god knows why this moron is clashing this movie wid shivaay ,he should give it a solo release atleast after the trailer .
    Ranbir is the best youngster in bollywood but bad luck ,his good movie like tamasha becomes flop .Bombay velvet is the wost decision of his career but he will surely comeback wid sanjay dutt biopic, if not adhm

  • It can clearly be seen now that in this clash, Shivay is MJD, and ADHM is Rustom. One movie has been made on a massive scale, the other has more a typical story, but with chartbuster songs, and social media support. Youth will go for ADHM. Expecting it to win the clash easily now.

  • @7:41 pm ranbir’s own career will be thrashed by ajay. Who are you jerk? Shovaay is much bigger movie and Ae hit hai mushkil is like a small mouse in front of shivaay. Ajay will thrahs idiot karan johar’s career and bring him on road.

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