Shivaay First Look Poster featuring Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn had promised to surprise his fans with a teaser poster of his ambitious directorial venture ‘Shivaay’. Even though the film releases in theatres during the Republic Day weekend in 2017, i.e nearly 18 months from now, Ajay has released the poster of his film.

The poster also highlights the fact that the film will only go on floors during winter this year.

Interestingly, Ajay has followed a trend that is usually seen with Hollywood movies, where posters of big films are released a year or two in advance.

Ajay has also wrapped up the shooting schedule of ‘Drishyam’, which releases in theatres on July 31st.

Shivaay First Look

Shivaay First Look



  • Going to clash with baby 2 .Hope one of them preponed or postpone the release because both movies will be huge

  • mountain in this poster shows that film will be highly inspired by character and story of bhagwan shiv.

  • Oh my god … This is what called Fantastic. This will realy gonna to be huge. Teaser poster is looking very promising. Very excited for the movie. Both of his upcoming movies are looking with full of thrills. Waiting for drishyam this year. Ajay Sir back with bangggggg.

  • The poster is looking very interesting and intriguing . Ajay is one of my most favourite actors . He is a phenomenal actor and has given some terrific performances and i hope Shivaay is a top notch movie . Ajay is also directing this movie and that is a huge responsibility for him . There are 18 months left for the release of Shivaay so Ajay is making proper buzz . The earrings of Ajay are looking very good . The locations of this movie has been speculated for a long time but Ajay finally decided Canada . Ajay will give his 100% for this movie . First he will complete Baadshaho and then he will completely focus on Shivaay . The movie will release on 26th Jan 2017 so that is a very good release date . Although there are reports that Baby 2 will also release on the same day . The movie is looking like an Action/Drama movie . Best of Luck Ajay you are phenomenal actor and a great human being and i will always support you . With Drishyam, Baadshaho and Shivaay Ajay will bring back the days of The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Deewaangee, Gangaajal, Company, Yuva, Omkara, Golmaal, Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai and Singham . He has failed once while making U,Me aur Hum but i hope this time he succeeds . All The Best Ajay You are a Legend and absolutely effortless . Stay Bleesed Always from Saksham Duggal .

  • that’s a good move from ajay
    poster is looking very good
    It just takes the excitement and buzz to another level
    up to some extent it also shows his confidence on the project
    definitely it will be the most awaited movie of the year, may be even bigger or comparable to KHAN movies

  • in two years there is lot of landmark movies is coming bahubali airlift mohanjodaro rudradevi shivaay

  • ajay and akki both are the rock we want baby 2 should be postpone and shivaay enjoy solo weekend …and baby will be release on good friday 2017 ……best luck akki and ajay

  • But I have doubt on his direction,hope this will not go in the.way of action jacksion,you used to good films before singham but during sos he completely ruined his career and after what happened you all knew,he had influenced by villain of bollywood sallu which destroyed his career,if he again will follow sallu,then no one could save him.

    This is not the 1st time whoever followed salman their career simply finished,one such actor is arjun kapoor whose career also finished after tevar.I’m feeling shame of Bollywood because of low grade non actors like salman,arjun are stars in this industry,so sad and their mindless fans is even worse than their 2rs mannerless buffalo stars.

  • Do not believe Ajay’s own direction movies if it will solo release it will be flop sure.
    so just think if it will be release with a huge movie Baby 2 it will be washout

  • Wow….. i am damn excited …… !!!
    Ajay is similar to srk both has done all kinds of genres ….. love both.
    I am looking forward to it.
    All the best!

  • New game: The word Ajay Devgn have been repeated 5 times in this poster, can you find them all?

    PS Nice poster

  • Hello @Indicine. Am new here read yr posts alot n also c fan wars. But am a fan of Aamir Khan but I respect his peers around SRK Ajay Salman and to some extent Akshay. Hritik will b leading d rest wen these superstars fare an aurevoire to d industry. I just want to add my contribution over here. Sincerely nothing personal pls guys.
    Akshay had evry opportunity to rule d chat from 90s. Handsome smart n charismatic. He was never media shy off n on screen unlike Aamir Ajay n even SRK. These 3 actors ddnt have d physical qualities Akshay had. But 2day an Average fan that watches movies genuinely wil never argue that Aamir Srk n Ajay kept on improving exploring experimenting(these r where flops comes in but u don’t just conclude like that). While Akki as usual over confident,doing any how movies esp action made him so lazy I must say. How many Akki movie can u call classic PLS? Honestly is RR welcome Singh is king Namaste London holiday baby? I may pick holiday n s26. He wants money does he’ll lots of movies a year repeating d same genre n comfortable wit 80crores as his target while his beloved fans n directors of d movies expect more?
    Now SRK Aamir Ajay were not blessed wit d looks of Akki based on how u ppl c it but Aamir always had class. SRK always gave in over 100% in his movies. Ajay at such a young age had bagged 2national awards. That’s why am always disappointed wit Akki final verdict movies. With Srk Ajay Aamir u can make a whole list of classic movies done by them and u wil now try n erase edit one of their movies to add another one cos they r much n well touched movies!
    For me Aamir n Srk r d best superstars on achievments 2day. Ajay collects lots of bashes from ignorant fans but one thing is for sure which is his Talent n Hardwork. Without a doubt comparing him wit Akki is a waste of time. 4get about attaining 2 national award pls just look at their clashes on d same date n the winnner? Or look @,d movies both of them had done I think 3 and then go to Imbd n read how they praise of give hats off to any of d superstars. I just hope Akki retires with at least a classic movie instead of putting his fans on d rope almost scrutinized yr. Before his movie is released his fans aim at astonishing figures? Not in d case of Srk or Aamir. Salman is a lovable guy,leading 100 crores actors n charismatic but raw acting talent? No where near Aamir Shah Ajay Hririk. But his strategy n brains r more functional than Akki that’s y he is d top actor in d country. Finally Akki fans shd stop doing baseless comparism or writing list of best acting n put Akki ahead of Ajay or Hritik?+ confuses me alot! Al d best Akki n pls u try n b more versatile if not yes u r among d top leading actors 2day.
    For Ajay. Unfortunately sajid n prabudeva stainted his records but not d man himself. He is so humble shy n very talented superstar. I thinkafter SRK n Aamir definatly if hatred is removed Ajay is way up there too. Already distinguished himself wen acting wit huge stars like Amitabh Sanjay Aamir Salman Akki and at d end he emerges n credits himself n is remembered 4 his role. Read Amitabh statement on Ajay? Truly a lovable guy who still IMO is underated. Wishing Shivaay best of luck!
    Thank you guys

  • Well, it looks grand! Hoping it is not inspired from Immortals of Meluha, though. That novel deserves its own movie. I wish all the best to Shivay team, I hope it turns out to be a landmark film.

  • why does he go “Adha Nanga” in his every movie 1st look poster???
    asie film HIT nahi hote bhai

  • @Dr.Alok: Your comment was bashing akki n nothing else!! You’ve ignored the whole truth..

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