Shivaay and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Dialogue Promos

Three dialogue promos of Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay and the first dialogue promo of Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil are out. When it comes to scale, action and visuals, Shivaay is looking every bit the ‘festival’ film that we expected it to be.

On the other hand, ADHM is suddenly looking like a fun film.

Watch all the promos and tell us what you think in the comments section below:

Shivaay Dialogue Promos

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Dialogue Promo



  • Befikre trailer broken every possible record on youtube 20million views in 6days
    But also see the likes & dislikes.
    It is like ‘I did not like the trailer but will watch it many times’

  • Shivaay promos look so worldclass, especially the 3rd promo. Brilliantly made. Shivaay promos has swerved my thought abot the plotline of Shivaay. BGM of 3rd promo of Shivaay with the so awesome visuals looks really awesome. This is the reason why I’ve been waiting for Shivaay so long and I know it will be worth the wait. Shivaay FDFS!!!!!!

  • SHIVAAY looks top notch in every aspect… Emotions, Actions, Thriller and dialogues also makes it SONE PE SOHAGAA….
    The Great Story is in Stores for us..

  • ADHM is a fun film…. Everyone expected Intense Love Story but sadly the expectations (looks like) falling flat.
    We have enjoyed innumerable number of films in the ROM-COM genre.
    So ADHM is totally ignorable film.

  • ADHM timeline
    Song teaser – Increased the hype
    Trailer – Killed the hype
    Songs -Back to square 1
    Dialogue Promo – Back to square 2
    ADHM film naa hua, bawal ho gaya

  • kuch movie blockbuster hoti hai kuch time pass
    decide for yourself which is time pass and which is blockbuster or deserves to be blockbuster

  • BT adhm team is promoting aggressively comparing to shivaay.ranbir is appearing on all TV shows frequently.I wonder what shivaay PR team is doing.

  • Shivaay Promos R Fantastic….ADHM,To Be Honest,After YJHD Every Makers R Repeating YJHD Theory At This Genre..1st Tamasha Thn This…Over Jokes,Frankly Said,Smartness.. Shit….Feel Like Nothing In That…Makers Expact These R Part Of Love,This Generation’s Memories For Love,This Generation’s Thinkings….Lol We Also Love To Watch Love,Romatic Movies,Today Also This Generation Love KKHH,YJHD,RNBJ But These R Already Public Watched It.!

  • Both movies looking good but i will go for adhm first, if shivaay reviews come out as good as trailer then next day or next weekend for shivaay.

  • I am looking for a good/ intense romance movie for the very long time. Hope adhm will be a kinds of movie i am looking for..

  • Now it’s looking more even contest….
    …now I have doubts for shivvay after looking the dialogue promos……and adhm has definitely picked up since trailer. ..

    ….acc to me if on coming days adhm team releases these type of fun dialogues. …adhm will definitely open better….

    ….adhm going upwards and shivvay going downwards. ..

    …..all fans will agree with this except obviously ajay fans…

  • haha.. I don’t think the neutral audience are excited for Shivaav. Apart from few ajay fans and the good for nothing haters are talking on social media for both films. Respect ajay for doing something like this but in the middle he did some cheap shots which don’t suit to his perceived standard. ADHM is way more connecting to larger audience with triangle and chartbuster music. It’s not the genre, even action is not for all but love story is. Tamasha trailer was so poorly executed but ADHM showed up well with is music and dialogue baazi. If maharashra is okay then i bet my house for ADHM to take much better opening.

  • ADHM will make a storm like YJHD did. No one wants to watch a sad and dark movie like Shivay on Festival. ADHM = 165cr, Shivay = 75cr.

  • honestly! shivaay is looking great..
    ADHM is looking only for multiplex audiences(only urban youth) movie…

    Shivaay: 15 cr
    ADGM: 10

  • Ae Dil hai mushkil is looking like a great film.. Eagerly waiting for it. Will definitely watch ADHM first day first show..

  • Both films are looking promising…I think Shivaay will have a strong social message,family values……and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will be of relationship goals,love,and friendship

  • ADHM ka to pata chal gaya….waihat r pakau…hackneyed ,ghasapita dialogue and expressions………….SHIVAAY IS LOOKING MIGHTY….appropriately fit for festive season…..SHIVAAY all the way…

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