Shirish Kunder apologises to Shahrukh Khan

Filmmaker Shirish Kunder has finally put an end to the ongoing animosity between him and superstar Shah Rukh Khan by tweeting a public apology.

The editor-turned-director, who is married to Shahrukh’s close friend, choreographer-director Farah Khan, had created a stir last year when he took to Twitter for a potshot at the superstar’s mega-budget venture “RA.One”.

“I just heard a 150 Cr firework fizzle,” Kunder had tweeted.

However, Kunder has now apologised for the same in a tweet Saturday and says he regrets it.

“I’ll always regret one thing that I feel very guilty about. I sincerely apologise for my tweet on ‘RA.One’,” he tweeted.

In January this year, Kunder and Shahrukh were caught in a brawl at actor Sanjay Dutt’s bash. However, the two called truce.

Recently, Shah Rukh also got photographs clicked with the aliens of Kunder’s new directorial “Joker”. This act sparked speculations that the actor is helping in promoting the film.

However, Farah, who was present at a post release event for her acting debut in “Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi”, lost her cool when asked if Shahrukh was promoting her husband’s film.

“Where have you seen Shahrukh Khan promoting the film? Has he come on any channel to promote it? He just took one picture with the aliens. Please don’t spread nonsense,” she said.

“Joker”, which is due to release Aug 31, stars Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar.

Even though Farah was not aware of the tweet, she said she was proud of her husband because she feels it takes a lot of courage to apologise.

“I haven’t read the tweet right now. But I am proud of my husband. It takes a big heart to apologise,” she said.



  • shirirsh kunder trying trying hard to promote his movie using SRK’s name…

    SRK-the name’s enuff to make anyone famous…

  • @varun he is not promoting the film he is apologises to srk.akki’s movie didn’t need the help of him.its akki’s movie.not arjun rampal’s movie.akki himself is enough to make his movie hit.don’t say anything.

  • hahaha..poor shirish..
    trying so hard to promote joker…

    Shahrukh khan se panga kar liya bechara..
    zindagi bhar royega aur maafi maangega….

  • @hit
    y is he apologizing just before the release of his movie?
    wat made im took 10 months to apologize for his shameful act?
    agar 1 mahine pehle ya 1 mahine joker k release ke baad maafi maangta toh theek tha.
    par usne joker ke release ke week maang raha hai..
    dat means he’s promoting joker some or the other way..
    and trying to win SRK fans who hate him..and who decided not to watch joker…
    so..shirish kumder is a loser

  • So never ever mess with our KING KHAN HAHAHAHA!!!
    @HIT, sadly this guy is trying use srk’s name coz AKKI is not PROMOTING HIS MOVIE!!
    just check this link out :

  • srk not able bring crowd in theater for ra.1 wat he wil do joker???..akki is enough to bring ppl to theaters…

  • @HIT..

    find a place where u can hide urself..
    coz 31st gonna be most embarrasing day for yu..
    u wont be able show ur face to anyone..
    JOKER ka jab joke banega toh tera kya hoga kaaliya…
    AKKI,SONAKSHI koi nahi bacha payega is sadi hui movie ko..

  • @varun,no one does like that what you are saying.if srk fans like the promos of ‘joker’ then they will go for the movie,then they will not remember what shirish said to srk or srk to shirish,and if they didn’t like the promo they will not go for the movie even after this incident.even i dont like srk because of his so much ego,but i watches his movie in,are you gonna watch the movie now if you dont like the promo??

  • Now it is the turn of some other actors as well who argued with SRK to apologize for their mistake.Nowadays everyone is arguing and fighting with SRK one way or the other to gain publicity!Pathetic people!!

    @hit it is not like SRK is necessary for akshay we told that it is shirish who is trying hard to gain publicity for the film now coz akshay is not doing so anymore due to some arguments.

  • @hit I donot know if you can see a male actor without any ego talking about ego.SRK might have some ego but at least he is not a show off he is as true as he can be always smiling and cheering!!!And that is enough for us why do we need to go into his private lives to see what he is in detail?

  • @champ i am not poor fan who hide his face when his fav. actors movie flops.i am akki fan.jab uski 2009 se 2011 tak bahot filme flop huyi thi,at that time i didn’t hide my face,then why now?i am die hard akki fan,i always support him in any situation.

  • Everyone is either apologizing or showing respect to Shahrukh Khan..

    Salman Khan recently said that he has so much respect for Shahrukh Khan and he likes the amount of intensity in his work.

    Now, Kunder apologizng for his shameful tweet.
    Good to see people respecting each other now rather than insulting.
    But, Kunder’s apology just came before the release of his movie..
    Isnt it smelling fishy?…Publicity?

  • Agreed with ayush, In all the controversies that srk has been involved was nothing but people used srk for publicity, fame, money and TRPs. a great example ” SRK INSULTED THE NATIONAL FALG” what did srk do here? yes, he was waving the flag upside down without knowing as he was surrounded by public and soon when he got to know then he changed the position. And news channels THEY ARE ONLY AND ONLY SHOWING THE PART WHERE SRK IS WAVING THE FLAG UPSIDE AND NOTHING AFTER THAT. what does that mean? Nothing but hungry for TRP. agar insaan sach aur sahi hai toh usski jeet definite hai. just an example KKR IPL mein ciggerete panga, phir wankade staduim sab media ka khel srk k khilaaf likha reality toh kisi ko maloon nahi..phir jeeta kon ??

  • @hit
    y r u wasting ur time here?
    its shirish and/vs srk page…
    there’s isnt joker or akshay related to this article..
    shirsh’s just apologizing to srk…
    so dont waste ur time here..go and promote joker on some other website/page…
    hurry up..just 1 week left..try as hard as u of luck..

  • @hunted,dont tell me what should i do and what not.i think you didn’t read all the comments.they all are blaming ‘joker’movie here.if they were talking about only srk vs shirish then i won’t comment here.but they are saying that ‘akki sonakshi koi nahi nacha payega is movie ko’.whey they are envolving akki here?and why are you thinking about where i am vesting my time and all that?

  • I never understood, why in the first place money mined, talented & intelligent akki agreed to do a movie with shirish considering his ‘talent’. New alien type creative movies may not be easily accepted by masses, where akki has good following, but if the concept is really good then joker might become another superhit, if it becomes so then well and good for both of them and his fans, but if the movie turns out to be another ra.1, akki will make a big ‘joker’ of himself. Shirish was slapped by srk for making some bad remarks against him and his ra.1, but what can bechara shirish do, after seeing ra.1, he had a mild heartattack, his bp,sugar levels went up drastically, he even lost his mental balance and only after serious medication did he regain his normalcy.

  • Sirish, i frankly believe u r the only intelligent and gentleman in this world who can bear farha khan for all these years and so successfully, but in apologising to srk, now ur directly emulating what srk always does and can do for his own use. for publicity and use, he will do anything, even kiss a donkey’s or a pig’s a*s as long as they can be useful to him and after using them he kicks them so hard and bad. That is the real srk. Sorry srk fans & srk if i offended u or hurt u, but we all know this is the real truth and have to accept it. I havnt seen anyone deceptively pretend to be so good in real life as srk. hats off to srk, perhaps he should be the greatest actor ever because not only can he ‘act’ in his movies but he can pretty well ”act &pretend” much better than what he does in his movies. That really is some great talent and perhaps only srk has it. I have tried my best not to hate srk, but dont know why after so many attempts, i have failed to like him for any ‘genuine’ reason. Even his very mention of name irritates me and makes me sick. Once again i sincerely apologise for srk and his fans, but i cant help it.

  • If rakhi sawant is ‘drama queen’, dolly bindra is ‘controvery’s darling’, then srk is ‘king of dramebaazi’, ‘baadshah of nautanki’. No one can do them better than srk.
    But why the hell is shirish apologing srk now to gain cheap publicity for his movie, akki is as big a star and as popular as srk and more so among masses and in single theatres, akki is good enough to do his own promotions without any external help. But is it that shirish has no confidence in his movie, that he is trying for such cheap tricks? shirish-srk controversy happened some time back, after which his wife farha met srk and reconciled with him, but not shirish and that was good for both. Now that apology is made, even if srk accepts it just for his next movie’s publicity, it would be only for show off and nothing else. One thing is certain even if shirish wants to do a movie with srk(only when all his movies flop and he has no option) , srk is unlikely to do his movie but there is a possibility as well, knowing srk, even if his own movies keep flopping(with relative to sk,ak,kak,hr,ad) he may be forced to do a movie with sirish, but in such case what would be the movie’s name? May be “ab hum dono kare, bhi tho kya kare”

  • yash chopra leaves no option for SON OF SARDAR except preponed or postponed…
    Indicine I just read it on….plz make an article of it….I think SOS going to be postponed

  • srk beggin ajay to postpone sos becoz cannot take on sos…if his movie gets solo release atleast film hit lik ra.1

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