Shilpa’s sweet nature

Shilpa Shetty plays Big Sister with a ?goody? gesture at the IIFA charity match. She impulsively greeted and hugged a physically-challenged boy who was hoping to catch a glimpse of his favourite stars

At the IIFA Cup match held on Saturday, there sat a 15-year-old boy confined to his wheelchair, eagerly waiting to get a few glimpses of his favourite stars. Sohail Abbas Rehman is suffering from Spinal Muscular Athropy, a genetic illness. And he spends all his time on the wheelchair reading, surfing the Net, listening to music and watching movies.

Sohail has been wanting to meet his favourite stars. Much to his delight, a friend from the media gave him a special pass for the IIFA Cup match.

The atmosphere was lively as the stars from Bollywood took the field. Sohail was excited and was hoping to do his bit in his own small way, waiting for a boundary as the game was about to begin. At the sight of Govinda, his favourite actor, Sohail called out to him, but the actor ignored the child.

Sohail didn?t know, though, that he was in for a pleasant surprise. Shilpa Shetty noticed Sohail from the pavilion and walked up to him with her bodyguards.

Shilpa greeted Sohail and followed it up with a hug. Sohail was amazed by Shilpa?s move. He requested her for a photograph. The good Samaritan Shilpa was only too happy to comply. Not only this, she even put her arms around him for the photos. She spoke to him for a couple of minutes and then left the venue.

Good photo opportunity or not, it did make Sohail happy. At least, it left him smiling.

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