Sharabi Song Video – Happy New Year

A new song from last week’s release Happy New Year is out. Titled Sharabi the song features the entire lead cast of the film – Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Boman Irani. Watch!



  • This song is the song of the year. Wow…. Out of the world…. Superb… No ,, its the song of the milennium…
    Our king looks superb with his half aged queen….
    Srk fans plz give my kill dill n tevar 9/10 just like i gave ur hny 9/10 even though it was terrible.

  • Srk dances better than hrithik roshan,
    sharabi is better than bang bang title track. Bang bang is worst song of the decade and sharabi is the best of decade.
    Hny was superb movie . I liked it more than titanic and 3 idiots . Because farah khan makes classy movies . She is better director than homi adjania.

  • as srk fans have dissappeared after hny failure, i need to say good about bhojpuri bhai fans and high class hr fans to get likes for my comments and eventually get support.

  • I was not sure if P.K’s teaser was attached to HNY here in Sydney…Otherwise I would have definitely made it to theatres with my frens..

  • crap song movie will just hit at best so salman,s record of 5back to back blockbuster is just dream of other actors hatsoff to bhai the biggest supertsar ever one n only SALMAN KHAN

  • No doubt worst album of 2014. CE album was better. Movie also dumb. Collection is falling continuously but Red Chills is veiling at it. Manipulation at its peak.

  • SRK has become sharabi after watching huge fall in HNY collections. Now HNY may not even beat ETT lifetime, forget Kick. First week will not beat Kick’s 165 crores.
    Top grossers of 2013:
    1.Kick /Pk
    2.Pk/ Kick
    3.Bang Bang/ HNY
    4.HNY/ Bang Bang
    5.Singham Returns

  • Worst period to release movies,3300 screens,less ticket price,compete with haider(4/5 star movie)..
    This man Hrithik bring 180cr movie with all this problems…
    @indicine BB collected 180cr in 3300screens..And Yjhd collected 188cr in 3100(post-ipl release,good period to release movies)
    Bang Bang deserve atleast Superhit verdict..when yjhd blockbuster in 188cr.

  • SUPERB !!!!!!I WAS WAITING FOR THIS SONG!!!!…..and for haters–this song has shot before the release of the film!!!!1

  • Hahahaha i see the same comments with other names. Every hater is trying to being funny on every SRK article. But the fools don’t now they are busy with promoting the King. Thanks you guys, dedicating your whole life hating SRK. And wait till the second weekend, i surely will have a blast.

  • Wed n thurs-24 cr means week will be nearly 160 cr…..then weekend 7,8,10cr…after second weekend total 185 cr……weekdays have 2 holidays socan expect easy 20 cr
    so after 2nd week 205 cr….its realistic….

  • i don’t understand why haters try to be so much over smart. hny, has mixed to negative wom, so whatever its doing is great. last time aamir film had such wom was talaash, i know it was suspense film so there was no chance for huge collections but what abt jai ho which had similar wom. so haters dont try to be over smart.

    coming to the video, it is a nice and fun song for me.

  • Mumbai. After failing to break worldwide weekend records of Dhoom 3, makers of Happy New Year have squarely laid the blame of films less than expected performance on those critics that gave the film good ratings.

    Categorically targeting critics that gave film more than suicidal 2 stars, director of HNY, Farah Khan lashed out at them for affecting box office collections of the film that had a historic day one of 40 crores but fell after that.

    “In India, we have time and again seen an indirect correlation between the critics ratings and the box office performance of the films. People tend to confuse good rated films with some intellectual and sensible stuff and keep away from cinema halls,” Farah explained how critics hampered HNYs collections.

    “I am sure there is a definite Aamir Khan lobby behind all these rumours of HNY having a good script, to stop Shah Rukh from breaking records of Dhoom 3,” Farah further claimed as SRK worked on his 12 packs for the sequel.

    Farah is specifically annoyed with Rajeev Masand, who gave the film 2.5 stars, from whom makers were expecting no more than 0.5 stars.

    “This is insulting. I mean he normally gives 2.5 stars to all time classics,” Farah added.

  • what was wrong in my comments indicine ? you are allowing offensive comments of anandi the unorignal but if I’ve written something unoffensive without abuses, it doesn’t get posted.
    Similarly I saw another comment with a huge number of dislikes which had the word ‘Chutiyapa’ & it still got posted.
    Double Standards .. Eh ?!

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