Shanghai Weekend Collections: Decent numbers

The trade seems to be hell-bent on writing off Shanghai as a disaster, but considering the kind of film that it was (non-massy, dark) the weekend collections are decent.

In comparison, Kahaani too opened similarly but showed better growth over the weekend.

Friday 2.75 crores3.25 crores
Saturday4.75 crores4.25 crores
Sunday5.5 crores4.50 crores
Weekend13.75 crores12 crores

But, the big difference would be the appreciation factor. ¬†While Kahaani did very well after the first weekend as it was carrying fantastic reports, Shanghai is unlikely to trend similarly as the word-of-mouth is mixed. It should wrap up under 20 crores nett. Disappointing, but apart from independent distributors, the makers won’t lose money. Commission earner.



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