Shanghai New Posters

With about a week to go for the release of the keenly awaited Shanghai, directed by Dibaker Banerjee, the makers have released a few new posters. The film features talented actors like Emraan Hashmi, Abhay Deol and Kalki Koechlin.

Shanghai is scheduled to hit theaters, a week after Rowdy Rathore, on June 8th 2012. Check out the new posters.

Shanghai New PosterShanghai New Poster
Emraan Hashmi still from ShanghaiEmraan Hashmi Poster from Shanghai
Emraan Hashmi picture from ShanghaiEmraan Hashmi’s new poster from Dibarker Banerjee’s Shanghai
Abhay Deol picture from ShanghaiAbhay Deol Poster from Shanghai
Prosenjit Chatterjee still from ShanghaiProsenjit Chatterjee still from Shanghai
Prosenjit Chatterjee still from ShanghaiProsenjit Chatterjee, shares a passionate smooch with Kalki in Shanghai
Scarlett Mellish Wilson still from ShanghaiScarlett Mellish Wilson still from Shanghai

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  • @ shekhar rowdy rathore’s collections will also be affected by shanghai!Emraan bhi kuch ka nahi hai!

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