Shamitabh Second Trailer

The first trailer was impressive, but gave very little away when it comes to the storyline of the film. However, the second trailer reveals that Amitabh Bachchan is the voice behind Dhanush, who plays a mute in the film.

Recently, a source close to the film had said that Balki isn’t too keen on revealing too much about the film “Balki has designed and edited the trailers in such a manner so as to keep it open for interpretations. It can be anything and that’s what he wants people to think. Balki won’t give out the story but will definitely provide a huge spoiler with the second trailer”

The source also added that Dhanush plays a small town guy who aspires to be an actor, even though he is speech impaired. On the other hand, Amitabh Bachchan is a frustrated drunkard with a fantastic voice. Akshara, who plays a journalist and Dhanush’s love interest, brings the two together and Dhanush becomes a superstar.

While Dhanush attains stardom, Amitabh remains a dubbing artist, which leads to a clash of egos, as Amitabh is well aware that Dhanush is nothing without his voice. Sounds interesting? Watch the trailer!



    • @thullu I can’t understand this multiplex single screen divide.out of all the films I hv watched in theatre most hv been single screens and I found good crowd always for so called multiplex films like queen,kahaani,barfi,cdi,kai po che,highway

      I agree these kind of films only work in the a centre single screens or big city single screens apart from multiplexes but still v should acknowledge their performance in a centre single screens

  • the plot sounds really should b another successful film for big b in a lead role after he had crossed the age of 60.
    mohabattein sarkar black paa cheeni kum r the successful films big b has given in lead role even after becoming a senior citizen of the country and I think he is the only Indian actor to achieve this feat.
    #truly a legend

    • @@tiger big b was in parallel lead with king in that movie so credit goes to both for its success
      btw y did u say ‘ur’ kings’ movie?
      I m not a srk fan but just his admirer and supporter

    • Plz stop hiding behind yungistan, u r a king fan everyone knows that. Many time u replied me and others after the bashing of ur king.

  • it will b interesting to see if the khans can emulate the success of big b that he achieved even after becoming a senior citizen.

    srk and aamir can definitely still deliver hits after becoming old as they r great versatile actors but I hv my doubts over salman as his acting is more about style

    • Rajnikanth is not known for his acting like Kamal Hassan still he is the biggest supestar of the nation. Salman is in same category with rajni sir. So, Salman will remain a superstar after 60 like rajni sir.

    • @mr genius surprised to see u praising someone else except urself for the first time

      u seemed to hv changed a lot in last 5 days.I really like ur New attitude which is that of a friendly,polite and open minded man

      keep it up bro :-)

    • @Caps addict arjun fan

      I have always praised Farhan Akhtar, Nawaaz, Hrithik, Aamir and many others. Sadly I never praise your youngistaan apart from Sushant and Ranbir so you think I never praise anyone.

  • Baby Movie Critics Review

    Akshay Kumar starrer latest movie Baby is going to release this coming Friday with all lots of excitement and public craze on 23rd January 2015. Last year has seen a lot of good releases, some quality cinema and smashing performances by our Bollywood celebrities, Baby movie is also being expected to join the same list by our critics as well as audience. Coming to critics review f this film, from the trailer point of view, it may seem like a stereotypical Khiladi Kumar flick with non suitable songs, some stunts and actions with fighting sequences and a handful of humor character thrown in somewhere. But thankfully, none of it is really true in this case. Critics have given quite nice and favorable reviews to Baby due to its strong story and script.

    Much of the critics have given full marks to the film for doing a superlative job making out such a good content. His last film Holiday was brilliant too, and Baby takes it up several notches higher. This film is crisp, engaging and racy with lots of action and seriousness along. Never does the film lag in pace or substance. A lot of Bollywood films have been made on terrorism, smuggling and anti social elements previously, most of which sank without a trace. But with fame of Holiday, Akshay takes a completely different approach with Baby.

    Talking about the music and characters of the films, then critics are all satisfied with the star casts. Akshay, Rana Daggubati, Anupam Kher, Danny Denzongpa Taapsee Pannu, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Madhurima Tuli all are looking suitable to their roles. Plus music of film is also very catchy and nice. That is the reason most of the critics have rated the film 4 out of 5 stars which clearly shows that not only audience but critics are also in support of Baby.

  • honestly speaking indicine,even though I instally luved ur bew version but now I m finding very mediocre.I don’t know wat exactly is missing but it us somehow looking like an incomplete experience plus I m unhappy how v cn no longer check the 2-3days old articles.I wanted to go to the baby box office predictions article to check @element’s reaction to my comment but unfortunately I couldnt find that article anywhere

  • thanx indicine for adding more no. of old articles in ur opening page.I had initially not seen tgat more articles button so I was confused but I think many ppl would hv nit seen that more articles button so its good that u hv put more no. of articles IN ur opening page

    I feel articles up to 3 days old should b given a space in the first page.anyways thanx for listening to me query

    keep rocking :-)

  • @shamitabh trailer is intriguing though this time trailer gives the plot of the movie but R Balki is a fine director have two brilliant film cheeni kum and paa around him.
    Expectation are high as Dhanush And big b gonna rock for sure.

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