Shamitabh Total Box Office Collections and Verdict

R Balki’s Shamitabh has failed to make any impact both at the domestic and overseas box office. The film started slow and never gained any momentum in its first weekend and also failed the ‘Monday test’.

Eros International acquired Shamitabh for Rs 40 crore and spent around 9 crore on marketing and release. The film has only recovered around Rs 21 crore (11 cr share approx) from its theatrical business in India. At various overseas markets, the film has collected around $1 million (Rs 6.2 crore).

Overall, Shamitabh is R. Balki’s biggest disaster. His first two directorial ventures – Cheeni Kum and Paa – both low-costing films that did reasonably well at the box office.

DayBox Office Collections in India (Crores)
Day 13.5
Day 24.75
Day 35
Day 41.85
Day 51.5
Day 61.35
Day 71.25
Day 80.4
Day 90.55
Day 100.45
Remaining Days0.6
Total Collections21.2

Verdict – Disaster



  • It was a good movie. @indicine is TWM2 clashing with Hamari Adhuri Kahani? Heard that both releasing on same date ! if that happens then …best of luck TWM2 ..poor date choice

  • @GJ007, My friend, to be honest with you, I used to like your comments and I thought you were a sensible user but after you lambasted media victim Shweta Basu Prasad (although you apologized and I applauded you.) ,Rohit Shetty and to name a few, I decided to skip your comments.

    I know its my choice which comment should i read or I skip and I know you have the right to express your opinion but dude, you really have a weird personality….you criticize/ bash someone and when you get to for counter-reply you disappear or you change your id name. it become your habit.

    BTW, I ave never make a personal attack towards you . I just once said that you are an a$$ and I apologized so lets move on buddy. i av nothing against you. please don’t leave indicine for me,nipun or babaji. you are really great guy and we need you here. :)

    peace bro.

  • Shamitabh never looked promising..didn’t quite excite the audience neither from the trailer nor from its music..this verdict doesn’t comes as a surprise

  • @Indicine plz make an article on these topics 10 young actors 10 self made superstar 10 film series 10 film sensation( like u know what happened during kaho na pyaar hai,tere naam, chak de india)
    Think about….filmlovers will surely love these articles…!!!

  • Still better than Marigold…Our’s dear own Bhaijaan’s Hollywood film…hope bhai makes Marigold 2.:-)

  • @Ajay rocks

    Well I’m not leaving Indicine. I have just decided not to comment on articles. Only read them. That’s because I am way too blunt with my opinions and I do create unwanted hatred at times. This has particularly happened with Rohit Shetty and SLB articles. Yes, I don’t like them, but I have posted way too mean comments about the on almost all of their articles. It does piss off people and I have noticed that.

    It’s not because of you, Nipun or Babaji. It’s because I don’t want to spread hatred. It looks annoying when you open an article about SLB and the first thing you read in the comments is, someone lambasting him. I don’t want to be that person anymore.

    About the arguments, you’re right. I need to be a bit more civilized. Changing name or disappearing isn’t a great thing. It’s not that I won’t comment, but yes, the frequency will most certainly go down. Like I said, I don’t want to be the “Agent of Chaos.” :D :D


  • If amitji did manipulation like our global king then shamitabh would have collected 50cr minimum and got hit verdict…..King roxxx.

  • @gj007, plz keep commenting dude and no need to care about manipulationpurian and paglapurian…..!!!

  • my verdict had come long time ago…

    the day indicine starts believing in my ability as prophetic and astute critic they will improve their vision furhter and enhance their image as a better site

    right now their credibility is poor cos they believe every film is made to cross 100 cr and give inflated figures ..with shamitabh also they have inflated the figures by 20%.

    they should leave this habit and analyse movie from the point of overall impact..

    simply writing a review in their familiar style and follow it up with a rating is not the best form of writing.. i am not very analytical and go by my instinct..badlapur looked promising but meandered out of focus after 15 mts… i wonder being adult film how they will get a satellite release???!!!

    shamnitabh too suffers from entertainment value .. i repeat and plead with these south indians…

    please do not put your brains into making hindi films because you people do not know the flavour of garlic which is different from coconut!!

  • @GJ007, I’m 22 yrs old and age doesn’t define maturity mate. you sound really mature guy.

    BTW, I’m too busy with my studies right now but definitely will visit here whenever av got a chance and would like to see you too here.

    cheers mate.

  • @Tiger – Don’t worry…just like in number of disasters our dear own Bhaijaan has left behind srk in manipulation case also…e.g HNY – 204 – 185 = 19 crs manipulation…KICK – 233 – 213 = 20 crs manipulation.

    #Bhai roxxx
    #Waiting for Marigold 2 :-)

  • @Tiger – Everyone knows that YLJK was a 10 years delayed film also srks voice got dubbed…also it released on less screens than Marigold and is only a flop…Our bhai made Marigold disaster :-)…#Waiting for Marigold 2
    #Bhai roxxx

  • It is shame for us to choose film according to stars and not for content. Thus why the business of bollywood is growing with a constant decrease of the quality. Shamitabh proves it once again.

  • Audience has been changed man…
    Plz grow up…. You can’t make a Hero-based films now without any strong script.
    “Sirf Hero(s) with no script (Rather than Sallu vai, he’s exception), a film will be handicapped.
    Only script without any superstar(s) , a film is a Normal Person.
    A film with script & superstar(s), is itself a Megastar…”

  • Shamitabh a fine movie…..collection at box office is no indication of quality of the film. Perhaps marketing and release date is to blame.

  • @kingshuk : You must be proud of srk !!!!! His YLJK (biggest disaster after 2000 era) record cant be broken by even Tusshar n Talpade. And your king cant give highest grosser since 2007. Keep living in past n make yourself happy !!!!!!!!

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