Shahrukh vs Salman Khan on July 3rd

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are all set to fight it out once again, not in some birthday party this time around but at the box-office.

Salman Khan’s much awaited Wanted Dead and Alive will release on July 3rd 2009, and so will SRK’s Dulha Mil Gaya which has been in news since the actor injured his shoulder while shooting for one of the scenes in the film.

While the Salman Khan film (full fledged role) is a thriller produced by Boney Kapoor, Dulha Mil Gaya produced by Vivek Vaswani has SRK in an extended guest appearance. Both the producers have locked July 3rd as the release date.

Previously, the last time SRK and Salman battled at the box-office, was during Diwali 2006. The much hyped Jaan-e-mann failed miserably while SRK’s Don did reasonable business.

Does the SRK special apperance film have any chance against Salman’s Wanted Dead and Alive? Post your comments below



  • Recently Salman hasn’t had a single hit film. So I have no hope about this movie as well. Much talked Yuvraj also flopped miserably. I was looking forward to watch it. In vain!! :(

    Since Dulha Milgaya also features SRK only in a guest appearance and since the director is also a debut director I’m not keeping so many hopes on that film either.

    Anyways I wish good luck to SRK!! Love you loads!!

  • hmmmm……..salman khans spate of bad luck will continue, i think. he has gone onto the record books by giving a string of big budget flops. somehow he seems to be losing his aura. his films aren’t doing well because in all his films his acting is poor and his star quality is missing. you can sense there is something wrong with him. unless he can do the spectacular feat of pulling himself together and re-inventing himself or even re-grouping himself, he will, in my opinion, keep on giving flops and watch him dissapear from the bollywood scene sooner or later.
    as for shah rukh. if dulha mil gaya is only a special appearance for him, then the film is likely to go the billu barber way.

    in both cases however i could be wrong, if both the films turn out to be really good entertainers. then they could have a chance at the box office.

  • SRK!! i jst love u! u rock! n tht idiot salman is stupid ah who cares abt him! but all i care for is u! shahrukh u rock!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well as for SRK s special appearence I am not sure if that should be compared to Sallu’s full feature
    I dont take sides when it comes to these two They both Wonderful in their own special ways,
    I agree that Sallu has kind of under perfomed Lately but I still appreciate his work.
    The king Khan will always rule especially in our hearts,He had his own era of flops and hits
    which ever way we look at it they great stars I wish them luck and to stop fighting.

    Sharuk sweety try to watch what comes out of you mouth.
    Love you both stax

  • Shahrukh is manipulative and an egoistic person, this time saliman will beat him surely. DMG will be the biggest flop of this year for sure. Salman is best and shahrukh is the worst actor i have ever seen. Wanted, Dead or Alive will surely be a superhit film. For shahrukh, go and take some rest man. U will never ever going to beat our sallu’s fan following ever.

  • Salman khan is a great actor says me if i wud have 2 rate god tussi great ho partner etc it wud b top 3!!!

  • hey u BEJUL Dare u to speak about sallu anything what u thing about urself and that idiot stupid ijda SRK

  • nazeer – everyone has their own choice!! dont tell me who to like better!! if i dont like him i dont so stop forcing me!!!

  • i think salman is a joker of a bollywood .everytime he tries to make joke on shahrukh. now stop it salman enough is enough .if you can’t give a hit then please stop this nonsense.shahrukh is the real king khan and a badshah of bollywood .i think aamir too is like salman .his box office record is good than salman but then also he comes in same category.

  • hey BEJUL Thats wat i wanted to know, everything is upon their choice .so u dont have any rights to abuse anyone, so dare u speak any stupidiy about Sallu Bhai got it. U know he is my BROTHER !!!!!!!!
    Sallu Bhai is really cooooooooooooolll whereas SRK is ??????????????????????????????????
    i think u got it… BEJUL

  • every actor has its on style, and Salmanis is quite straight forward in whatever he does. I love Salman. if u guys like someone, say it. but u dont have this right to abuse other stars.

  • actually, i was the real fan of srk, i remember my colledge days when i used to mummered like srk, and the whole crowd was like became a fan of me.,but practically , now srk has become just full of ego, he loves to listen himself as badshah or king khan,ridiculous & the other side salman is like a true humble person,beyond dashing,still down to earth and lots of more social thinga in him, i think i luv salman….yes .

  • i m alwys cnfused ,why dat SRK always says himself as king bcoz a king cann’t be a egoistic person,SALLU is the emperor of bollywood.

  • hmm……..i think now a days salman khan is learning dance……but also his dance is not soooo gud……..the RA ONE of srk’s will smach all the movies of salman …….salman is a busturd y he be came becoz he has his CLUB BEING HUMAN thats y he is popular in u s a srk is popular den that burturde

    henceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ,,,,,after lessting all this everybody is understood who is a gud actor

    obuslyyyyyyyy srk yaar………..srk u rockssssssss….

  • i think salman bhai is a batter he is a sher khan he is wanted khan is bollywood he is a badadilwala in bollywood and handsume or no1 acter of bollywood just i like my favrite super star salman is jaguar asli sher hai salman khan sabka baap hai salman bhaijaan

  • according to my self means of Bollywood is only srk.
    talk about sallu he is child front of baazigar. we luv u srk

  • guys….dnt fight yr…both of dem r good…srk n sallu please come together once again,u guys jst rock yr mind blownggggg:D

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