Shahrukh rocks says Salman Khan!

Watching Salman Khan on the 2 hour special ‘Do Knot Disturb’ episode of 10 Ka Dum was pure fun last weekend. During the later half of the show with Govinda, Ritesh Deshmukh and David Dhawan, Salman spoke about Shahrukh.. Here’s exactly what happened during the popular television show.

When Salman asked Ritesh which actors movie he has watched the most, Ritesh said Shahrukh Khan. The reason – during his college days he was very shy and was in love with a girl, but didn’t have the courage to express his love and then Dilwale Dulhania (DDLJ) released and Ritesh wanted to be a guy like Raj (SRK’s character), a character who is loved by women.

And then Salman Khan took over heaping praises on Shahrukh. “He does a fantastic job, does Shahrukh. His eyes have a lot of intensity, the intensity while romancing on screen is outstanding. Also his energy level on screen is brilliant.”

Salman seems to have a lot of respect for Shahrukh professionally and we hope both stars put their past behind and patch up! Life is too short for such silly fights, don’t you think?

We’ll try and put up the video tomorrow. Anyone interested?



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  • I don’t know why ppl concentrate on the actor’s personal life!! they’re just humen.. like u and me.. they eat, drink, sleep, feel happy sometimes and sad or angry in some other times.. they’ve friends, girlfriends, they love each other, they sometimes hate each other, envy each other, fight with each other.. misunderstand each what?!! Don’t we do this too.. all of us?!! we all sometimes get angry with our friends, fight with them, blame them, mis-uderstand them.. then get back to them as if never happened anything in the past.

    I’m sure of one point.. Shahrukh’s heart is white and he could never envy or hate anyone specially his friends, as well as Salman too.. he’s a hot temper but got a good heart.. and I’m sure that they’d stay friends for ever.

  • who is d king of jungle – lion lyk dat only who is d king of b-town – salman . wateva khajur(srk) fans say abt sallu but many b-town n indians knws d sallu is good heartd guy . who lives lyk a rockstar nd legend . salman bhai may allah bless u . all d best 4 ur movies . Salman Bhai Rocks . Fattu Srk Fans r Jealous of Him Cuz They Wont Agree D Truth .

  • decent – thats what i told u earlier…
    everyone has their own choice!
    I LUV U SRK!

  • Bejul: some haters call Shahrukh “Kaklu” as u r indian what’s the meaning of this word, if u don’t mind answering me?

  • Decent – oh just shut up! please! that salman guy of yours deserves to be in HELL!

    Fathiya – yes i am an indian but halku means bad, spoilt!

  • ok there Khan u noe wat srk well so called srk is the bigest loser… and i dont really care wat people say becuz every one ones EAST OR WEST SALMAN KHAN IS THE BEST…. and go Decent… and go every 1 els tht luvs SALMAN KHAN / THE KING

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