Shahrukh Khan’s Valentine’s Day performance in Muscat

Shahrukh Khan is all set to enthral his fans in Muscat, as superstar will be performing live on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

SRK will perform along with celebrities like Preity Zinta, Pakistani actor Ali Zafar, Katrina Kaif and Anusha Dandekar, as part of their Temptations Reloaded tour. 

Being a ‘global superstar’, SRK is likely to perform in front of more than 25,000 people.

Below are a few pictures of Shahrukh that we clicked at Taj Lands End in Mumbai on Monday. Have a look!

Shahrukh Khan at Taj Lands EndShahrukh Khan at Taj Lands End

Shahrukh Khan - Taj Lands EndShahrukh Khan in Mumbai

SRK at Taj Lands EndSRK at Taj Lands End

Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan latest photo

Shahrukh at Taj Lands EndShahrukh Khan waves to fans and media



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  • @Ram:If you have a problem with indicine then don’t visit…More no. people are intrested in news related to srk…if you want news related to salman then wait for the results of Ghanta awards.Because sallu is going to win for worst actor.

  • 24,000 people r coming to watch katrina,preity,anusha and ali zafar and remaining 1000 r coming to watch our global star.

  • @sachin, so?? Do u even remember when Salman performed not even thousand people came to watch the show in dubai?? Now don’t tell u never heard of it..go search it then..
    25,000 is something huge!!!

  • Sachin@

    Lol If The Stadium Capacity Is 25000 Then How Can You Expect 1lakh People To Come??
    And By The Way the Stadium Which Salman/Priyanka Performed In Dubai Ice Capacity Off 18000 seats but 7000 Tickets went unsold.

  • @Ram…hahaha…u r talking like a looser….if u have a problem with indicine, then what is the sense of visiting it…don’t try to make fool….but still u r visiting , it means u r not annoyed with indicine, but u r feeling jealous that y indicine is publishing srk related articles…if they ll publish an article related to salman then u ll welcome that with open hands..wat a shame…
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  • #ram
    so you are saying IAA award is nt fake coz it salman won it,
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  • SRK fans thinks :

    SRK is greater actor than Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman and Sean Connery in acting.
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    SRK is more feminine than Julia Roberts and Marlyn Monroe.
    SRK is more sexy than Megan Foxx and Eva Mendez.

    Kudos to you guys !!!! keep it up.

  • I hope that Shahrukh one day will perform at Bahrain, our country.. then I will be the first one to attend his show.. am dreaming of this day.

    He got thousands of fans in Bahrain.. so why doesn’t he pay us a visit?!

  • @to all SRK Haters..

    “A Man’s behavior is the index of his mind” it tells everything :) but you won’t get it, will you?

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