Shahrukh Khan’s FAN to release on Bakrid?

Shahrukh Khan’s FAN is likely to release on September 23 (Wednesday), which happens to be a national holiday for Bakrid. The film, initially scheduled for a August 14 release, was postponed due to the post-production work taking longer than expected.

The final release date hasn’t been officially confirmed by Yash Raj Films, but sources say, a further delay in releasing the film would have pushed the Maneesh Sharma directed film to 2016, something that Shahrukh didn’t want.

The fact that all the other major dates this year have been blocked by other stars, meant that the makers of FAN are likely to settle for a non-festive release – SRK’s first since My Name Is Khan in 2010.

SRK spotted shooting for his forthcoming film Fan

SRK spotted shooting for his forthcoming film Fan

FAN will now get a extended 5-day weekend at the box office and has nine open days before the release of Akshay Kumar’s Singh Is Bling and John Abraham’s Rocky Handsome. Both films are scheduled to release on Gandhi Jayanti (October 2).



  • so kabab me haddi,akki will continue his trend of releasing his films soon after a release of a big film!!!

    his films as usual end up becoming a 60cr-70cr avg grosser but end up eating some crucial crores from 2nd week,3rd week collection of the big film

    kick,ce,race2, all underperformed to some extent bcz of this kabab me haddi

  • Well, 23rd is a holiday for Bakri Eid and with it comes an extended 5 day weekend. This will be extremely beneficial for the film and also since Shah Rukh’s other film with Rohit Shetty is mostly up for release in Christmas, the gap is good.

  • …fan varses bajrangi bhaijann …. H bhai .. .. Fan holiday nahi hai bhai .. Bajrangi bhaijaan coming EID …

    Fan varses bajrangi bhaijan is for competion on 2015 … Khans competion tough ….. Mr.X 3D on 17 april h bhai….

  • Fan will be either flop or below average.
    So now, king fans not flying in paglarpur but flying in manipulationarpur.

  • Big stars get big holidays like eid, christmas etc. Small stars get small holidays like bakrid, raksha bandhan etc.

  • @intresting date choose

    dare to release on a non holiday but also getting 5 day
    extended weekend but again getting only 9 open days. If this is the thinking of Yrf and srk then there must be a strong script in FAN because sustain is a big problem now a days for big stars. And Yrf and srk is doing while choosing this date.

    So certainly there is a strong script.

  • Bajrangi bhaijaan great for Music album confirm bolye hai… Kareena kapoor salman bodyguard jodi back confirmed news …. Fan xpects non-holiday not confirmed bole h news…..

    Fan varses bajrangi bh confirmed updates news …..

  • No way,in worst case it will release on October 2,which will tend small stars tonshift their release date.if not it will as usual a DEEWALI release will cause destruction of remake ratan dhan payo.

  • Kya din aa gaye hain …. SRK movie struggling to find a good release date.. this movie deserves a better release date…
    Last year Crappy new year got a good release date… and now wen he s coming with a better content movie he is struggling to find one..

  • Bakr eid is falling on 25 September on friday bcoz its on 24th Sep in Saudi arab ( always one day ahead of India). So I think Fan should capture either 2 Oct or 25 Sep.

  • @Arjun TableFan
    hey bastardo ………!! …… Srk has announced date later …….. During ouatimd … Ce came later……
    Akki has announced date first ……..

    BTW what is flop 3rd class arjun kappor,ranbir kappor doing ??? ……

  • ohh so haters have commentef even b4 his fans….dat shows how tensed dey r… fan will surely have a gud script… if lallu wud had sm brain then he wud nt always go for eid

  • Now Baadshah Khan will prove to that peoples who said khans are remain for only holidays releases, 3rd 200 crore movie for SRK is ready, much eagerly waiting for Fan.

  • No way!!!!!!! It is better to release on 02 oct than bakri eid…….or take it diwali for clash….I would like to see whose opening is bigger prdp or fan…I

  • @sambuddha: Keep doing your sycophantic activities for SRK fans but ultimately no one is going to watch your star’s upcoming will flop badly..Keep your boot licking work in progress..NIce Going..

  • As for FAN i think it will collect around 140-150crs max. but if they make a sensational film then it can cross it too but 200crs without holiday release for any star is really tough..

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