Shahrukh Khan with Gauri and Kids

Shahrukh Khan is a global icon with a fan following that counts in billions. Even at the age of 44 Khan’s unceasing search for excellence and creativity is what makes him the true badshah of the Bollywood film industry. His journey from being a nobody to a superstar is truly very inspirational. He is the only superstar who made metrosexual, intensely masculine with the Lux ad initially and now with the Fair and Handsome face cream advert.

And obviously, Shahrukh adds immense value to movies that he is a part of, and the brands that he endorses

Besides all the fame and the stardom he enjoys, Shahrukh Khan is a man to whom family is everything. He is a man who lives in reality and enjoys being the Hero to his children. Some pictures of Shahrukh with his sweet and complete family, that makes him what he is.



  • His kids are lucky, to have a dad like him.. his wife is a lucky woman, to have a husband like him.. lovely pictures.. his son got his mom’s nose and eyes, but dad’s lips.. his daughter looks like him more.

    I wish the family a continuous happiness.

  • SRK i love you loadz!!! Suhanna and Aryan are the luckiest people to have a dad like srk!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U LOADZ SRK U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shahrukh have a beautiful family. I wish SRK and his family a long, happy and healthy life.
    love you Shahrukh…your fan 4 life.

  • Love you and your family to death, Shah Rukh! Love you even more!!

    What a beautiful and perfect family. I pray to God that he will always give you and your family happiness and a healthy long life. Amin.

    Shah Rukh + Gauri = My Most Favourite & The Best Jodi Ever
    Shah Rukh + Gauri + Aryan + Suhana = The Perfect & The Best Family Ever


  • No matter what some rubbish people think about srk.He is one of the most loving fathers and husbands as well.There r so many things 2 learn 4rm him 4 others.God bless this wonderfull human being….

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