Shahrukh Khan with Deepika and Madhuri in Dubai: Pics

Shahrukh Khan, who performed in front of 25,000 fans in Dubai, says the frenzy of the show continues to live in his heart.

“Show over… The frenzy lives on… it’s nice to be appreciated. It makes me feel I tried and it was good enough. Thanks Dubai,” SRK tweeted, soon after he performed in Dubai on Sunday as part of the Temptations Reloaded tour.

Madhuri Dixit, Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandes and Yo Yo Honey Singh joined SRK on stage.

SRK performs with Madhuri and Deepika at Access All Areas concert

SRK performs with Madhuri and Deepika at Access All Areas concert

Deepika, Madhuri, SRK, Jacqueline and Honey Singh at Dubai concert

Deepika, Madhuri, SRK, Jacqueline and Honey Singh at Dubai concert



  • Filmfare Awards for Best Male Actors of last 20 Years Year – Actor’s Name – Film
    1] 1994 – Shah Rukh Khan – Baazigar
    2] 1995 – Nana Patekar – Krantiveer
    3] 1996 – Shah Rukh Khan – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le
    4] 1997 – Aamir Khan – Raja Hindustani
    5] 1998 – Shah Rukh Khan – Dil Toh Pagal Hai
    6] 1999 – Shah Rukh Khan – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
    7] 2000 – Sanjay Dutt Vaastav: The Reality
    8] 2001 – Hrithik Roshan Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai
    9] 2002 – Aamir Khan Lagaan
    10] 2003 – Shah Rukh Khan Devdas
    11] 2004 – Hrithik Roshan Koi… Mil Gaya
    12] 2005 – Shah Rukh Khan Swades
    13] 2006 – Amitabh Bachchan Black
    14] 2007 – Hrithik Roshan Dhoom 2
    15] 2008 – Shah Rukh Khan Chak De! India
    16] 2009 – Hrithik Roshan Jodhaa Akbar
    17] 2010 – Amitabh Bachchan Paa
    18] 2011 – Shah Rukh Khan My Name Is Khan
    19] 2012 – Ranbir Kapoor Rockstar
    20] 2013 – Ranbir Kapoor Barfi!
    1.srk . 8 awards
    2.hritik 4 awards
    3.ranbeer . 2 awards
    4.aamir khan. 2 awards
    5.amitab bachan. 2 awards
    6.sanjay dutt. 1 awards
    7.Nana patkar. 1 awards
    who is ur No.1 actor

  • In the 2nd pic SRK is just looking too cool!!!!

    Where other actors find hard to manage finding 5000 people in the same place KING KHAN finds 25000 audiences nearly almost all paying above 10000!!!!

  • Wuhu… King khan roxxx
    Btw I want shahrukh 2 pair opposite jacqueline… Dey look nice together..
    @nipun I think now its high time foh u 2 get some bashing from shahrukh’s fan
    U r degrading urself by commenting lame sentences like dis

  • @damnn:i don’t think i bash my comment again.i said madhuri always overshowed her co actors.may it be salman,srk or anyone.did i bash SRK? ? ?no. . .
    FYI, if i have to choose any actor after my star,then it would be Srk.
    But one thing,if srkfans bash other stars,then why they are expecting respect for their stars.i wonder that most of the k3 and hr abuser belong to Srkfans!

  • Hey @nipun datz just ur opininion..
    Actually take it dis way.. Srk has a huge following.. So dere r ppl wid varied perspectives… Some like hr like I do n some dont .. D more is ur following d more wil b hatred against u n some fans r so much srk obsessed dat dey cant see any oder star competiting wid him.. Datz deir mentality.u cant change
    But changing urself cozz of deir behaviour.. Is just like xpecting a lion not to eat u coz u dont eat lions.
    N u talkin abt madhuri.. Seriously..??
    In which movie she overshadowed srk.. Dil toh pagal hai.. R u joking.. It was srk’s film all d way… Hum tumhare hai sanam.. Salman srk wer d focus of d movie..where was madhuri..??
    N Anjaam.. Huhh wat to say.. At dat time madhuri was a bigger star but stil d movie is remembered foh srk’s acting as an obsessed lover..
    Madhuri is a good actor… But she is somewat overrated… N plzz atleast dont compare him wid srk… Comparing him wid srk is just like u r comparing hrithik wid aish.. Both r good actors(though I dont feel aishwarya is) but dat doesnt mean she overshadowed him

  • @damn. fitting reply Bro.
    @nipun. dude what u people sow is what u get. humble request. open up tsunami express pages and read the hatred comments. majority have come from hr fans. so what do u expect us to do. garland Ur star ????. and its always a misconception that any negativity on other pages is by SRK fans. lol.
    but that ain’t true. and I guess u got to believe me on that. but I am really sorry to say if u post these type of lame comments the same way as @dinda 11 u would get the same treatment as well.
    and for Ur kind notice we don’t skip and choose stars depending on seasons as many of u people do. lol. during SALMAN s film time u run of there and during AMIR s film time u people go there as well. lol.

  • @damnn:about DTPH,i liked both srk’s and madhuri’s acting.but madhuri’s biggest positive is her smile, her expressions.. people can’t stop looking at her. aAout salman,everyone knows HAHK where madhuri was soul of the movie and it is still remembered as a Madhuri Dixit movie.

  • @noam:hatred comments came from hrfans? ?
    There are only 2-3 hrfans on this site who are active majorly.other hrfans don’t prefer to comment in other stars’ pages.
    Comes to ce pages,i have given so many positive comments.u said most of the hatred came from hrfans? ?how? ?2 fans gave most of the negative comments?

  • SRK is looking odd between the 2 beauties. How his trash film CHENNAI EXPRESS became the 200-crore club-member, thats a mystery. It mush be due to well marketing & purchase of hall tickets.

  • @nipun in which movie madhur overshadows srk
    dil tu pagal hai is famous due to srk,s dialogue and his acting(rahul naam tu sona hi hoga)
    koyla(it was only srk,s show)
    anjam only due to srk,s neagitive character
    hths :don,t tell me that madhuri act well in this movie

  • @indicine team, may i know why my comment was not published ?? i want to know a valid reason. its my opinion and everyone should be free to express their opinions

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