Shahrukh Khan unveils Forbes special edition: Photos

Shahrukh Khan unveiled the special edition of Forbes Middle East on Tuesday.

Khan tweeted “So many pictures r taken of me….I don’t really need a mirror. Hmmm maybe a beard trim…..but not a mirror.”

“On a chopper to one of my favourite places in the Emirates…Ras Al Khaimah….been some time since my last visit. Snow in the Desert”

“Forbes Middle-East made me feel spl with their spl edition cover story on my work in entertainment.Off to Dubai for the launch. Thank u all.”

Shahrukh Khan unveils Forbes Middle East cover

Shahrukh Khan unveils Forbes Middle East cover

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan launches Forbes Middle East cover

Shahrukh Khan launches Forbes Middle East cover

SRK interview at Forbes Middle East cover launch

SRK interview at Forbes Middle East cover launch

Shahrukh signs Forbes Special Edition

Shahrukh signs Forbes Special Edition



  • Once a SRKian always a SRKian

    Yes,he rules there…most famous celebrity in the Arab…congrats to all SRK fans

  • 5 ‪#‎Facts‬ Abt Aamir Khan!!
    1) Always try to take away all the credit of a good movie, but if the movie becomes flop then blame the director & other actors.
    2) Never lose an opportunity to kiss an actress in a movie.
    3) Whenever your movie is about to release start taking Shahrukh Khan’s name.
    4) whenever you are asked about a movie of other actor, just say that I’ve not seen the trailer of that movie.
    5) If you can’t write anything funny or witty on your twitter/blog just abuse a big superstar (LIKE ‪#‎SRK‬), you will get free publicity.

  • shahrukh looking good in above pic.hny will be third highest grosser of the year and bang bang might find place in top 10 highest grosser of the year due to presence of Katrina.otherwise it will not find place in top 10 grossers of the year because hrithik has no stardom even ranbir kapoor and ranveer Singh are bigger crowd puller than him.

  • Srk should learn acting from Ranbir, Aamir and other greats. He overacts in almost every movie in almost every scene.

  • As expected now Ras Al Khaimah has suddenly became one of the favourite place of Srk as he is going there.The place where Srk goes becomes his favourite suddenly and if he will go to Dharavi there also he will say that it is his favourite

  • @AKN just 5 facts but we can give u 1234 facts of Srk but it will require hours of typing with 1234 coconuts full of

  • Wowwww.. Incredible
    I think in sha Alah after the super success of hny srkfans/haters wil dawn the bearded look wid the highlighted hair which shahrukh adopted foh hny
    Thankyou middle east n forbes foh honouring srk..!!

  • Jiyo King Khan wow first Bollywood personality to achieve this…..

    Where are Jail ho star and Amit and others why not they get ahead from Srk in the overseas because Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hai.

  • @akn lol sachin11 already ridiculed you but to add the cherry on top let me just say that when Sarkar needs free publicity then its time to pop over to the states where those great american security personnel will as always stop our Global King Sarkar n interrogate him just bcoz his name is khan but he will claim he is not a terrorist.

  • SRK is one man industry! No wonder he tops Forbes’ list every year and is now on its global list as well. No other star comes close!

  • Oh My God!!! I have been observing for a few days. Indicine and its Forbes-mania!! Amazing!! Indicine, could you kindly get over this topic now and give space to actors like Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi etc? Enough said!! I have now come to realize the magazine cover a result of SRK’s PR Machinery!! See how he rushed to unveil the cover since he has invested his money in it!!!

  • @js why should SRK take acting tip from this moron? King Khan should learn acting from you YOU R GOD OF ACTING if i am not mistaken

  • @vicky, you loser, your fake star couldn’t give a clean hit even with katrina and anushka and help of YRF lol. Your fake star was defeated badly by Hrithik in his debut year itself, shame on him. Hrithik gave all time blockbuster with a superhero film, srk gave all time flopbuster and losses to distributors with Khans are hiding behind national holidays. tell them to come out of their hidings

  • @Ravi — Its not your birthday party son…..its the invitation from the royal family of DUBAI……Feel the difference.

  • Truth is Srk lacks IQ to judge proper acting. Shimit Amin must have hypnotised Srk into doing good acting other wise all his performances are hammy,OTT and plain laughable.

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