Shahrukh Khan to quit smoking after Don 2

Over a period of time Shahrukh Khan has been trying hard to quit smoking. The pack of cigarettes, which he always carries with him, brings down the glamour SRK carries.

On the other hand, Hrithik Roshan has quit smoking and a book on the same topic is said to have helped him a lot. He’s even gifted the book to his good friend Abhay Deol and has also given a copy to SRK.

Before the release of Ra One, SRK had promised that he would quit smoking if the film succeeds at the box-office, but was found smoking even while cycling with his daughter on the streets of Mumbai. He has cut down on the number of cigarettes though, as his Suhana does not like it.

SRK been smoking for years now and giving it up quickly is obviously very difficult. We wonder if he will actually quit after Don 2. He’s a role model for millions and if he does get rid of the habit, many around the world are likely to be inspired.



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