Shahrukh Khan to lend his voice for &TV’s Razia Sultan

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan will lend his voice for ‘&TV’ historical show ’Razia Sultan’, which is based on the life of the first woman ruler of the Delhi Sultanate.

Sources say, Shahrukh visited the sets of ‘Razia Sultan’ on Monday and was seen discussing its concept and other finer details about the show.

Khan is the star face of ‘&TV’. He will also be seen as the host of their ambitious new game show ‘India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun’. It was while shooting for his show that the makers of ‘Razia Sultan’ approached SRK to be the ‘Sutradar’.

“It was 1AM, but Shahrukh’s energy was high. While the channel representatives were happy with the first take, he insisted on doing it again with more variation. He then wanted to try something different and got under the skin of the characters, acting them out through dialogue” a source was quoted as saying.

Razia Sultan and India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun will both be aired on ‘&TV’ from March 2.



  • Already there are so many entertainment TV channels… one more and what is even more funny is its name “andtv”,but just bcoz of srk promoting it people will watch this new channel.huh

  • SRK Rocks eagerly for Christmas 2015 for DILWALE, if SRK-Rohit got solo release sure shot PK’s record will be finish.
    Bajirao Mastani is a tension for SRK, hope it may be postpone on 2016.

  • Razia sultana is the first woman ruler of delhi sultanate. Centuries ago,before british rule,Delhi was ruled by the Arabs and the Turkish rulers.Many rulers carried all the booty and riches of Delhi like Alauddin -Al-Khalji and Mohammed-Bin-Tughlaq. This rulers were overthrowed n Razia came into power during the Mughals!
    It will interesting to see to which Mughal Character SRK lends his voice. And Pictures is a new channel and they will definately get some viewership due to SRK !

  • Oh Wow Finally SRK Article ^_^ Now I can comment against SRK :)
    Thank You SRK Tum na hote to him bhai fans Indicine par bhukhe mar jate :(

  • @ftk,don’t worry slb will surely shift his release date because bajirao is his dream project,if he unwilling to shift the tease date,then no don’t it will be saawariya -2.along side with ranveer’s career will finish,lol.

    It will be awesome to hear HIS voice.lucky &TV waale and ‘razia sultan’ show.

  • My 10 best and worst movies of SRK(acting wise) >

    BEST >
    1- Swades
    2- Chak de India
    3- My name is khan
    4- Darr
    5- Devdas
    6- Baazigar
    7- DDLJ
    8- Rab ne bana di jodi
    9- Don(the chase begin again)
    10- Veer Zaara

    1 exceptional is there i.e- Karan Arjun i hvn’t put as it is both SRK n SALMAN and both hv done acting gud in this movie(cn’t rate whose movie is this completely)

    WORST >
    1- Paheli
    2- Trimurti
    3- Josh
    4- Koyla
    5- Phir bhi dil hai hindustani
    6- One 2 ka 4
    7- Ashoka
    8- Yes boss
    9- Duplicate
    10- Chamatkar

    nxt time Salman n Amir

  • @fAizAn tAriq khAn (F TK) Tamasha already postpone to 2016 n heard somewhere bajirao mastani prepone to 4th dec. After ouatimd no one even dream to clash with srk rohit combo

  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao will crush Dilwalle completely. Bajirao is an epic historical classy film, while Dilwalle is another Rohit shetty crap.
    Bajirao Mastani 175 crore
    Dilwalle 125-150 crore

  • Rohit shd include Deepika in d lead role…if he wants to chase any record this year!!
    He should now really take into account Srk last 200crores movies and d screen space and time d lead lady made in those movies…!!
    Am I lying? How??
    Only way to b convinced is for me to have a blank picture of d lead lady in those two 2 movies
    DEEPIKA EXPRESS and HAPPY DEEPIKA YEAR and believe it wasn’t Deepika in his 2 highest movies…but impossible!!..Deepika will always come to my mind once I hear

  • Oops forgot…DEEPIKA LEELA too will b remembered…..what an actress..
    Ranveer 1st 100crores wit Deepika
    Rhandbir 1st 150crores plus…wit Deepika
    Srk 1st 2 200 crores…with Deepika!!..
    Aamir Salman…. Don’t laugh its a fact….or should they have tried actress like Jaquelin Fernandez or Anuksha for anything like 200crores???

  • @js ,stick to your word.if that will not happen,then will you vanish from you’ll accept the challenge if you’re real dabang fan,come on,lol.

    @Romance,slb also experienced the jhatka during OSO,now he’ll not dare to last time both ranbir+salman defeated by KING KHAN ‘s OSO.

  • and here comes the unemployed srk

    mnik – 2010 feb normal release – again 3 hour long serious drama movie based on an intense topic – made 72 cr in india ,,became hit and dont talk about its overseas performance – it was perhaps an ATBB in overseas and managed to cross 200 cr worldwide in 2010 while superstars like akki ajay are struglling to cross 200 cr even today..

    don2 – suspense thriller with release in 2500 screens in 2011 – made 106 in hindi 4 cr in tamil+telugu , worldwide 211 cr even 25th dec christmas was on sunday so only one holiday in first weekend…

    baby – 2 holidays in first weekend with one on sunday nd one on 26th jan ,,same number of screens atleast 2500 and struggling to cross 100 cr..though both movies are awesome..

    2011 again – diwali release – perhaps srk’s worst received movie in last 10 years in a full fledged roll still managed to make 114cr in hindi and 7-8 cr in tamil+telugu..worldwide 210 while people can make excuse as it was diwali but again – look at salman akki’s janeman ,, again salman’s main or mrs khanna ,,akki’s action replay ,,blue all were diwali releases but yet flopped at u cant make excuse that diwali made srk succesful.

    2012 – diwali – jthj being a 3 hour long serious love story clashed with so called masala entertainer sos(again a south remake) and salman also promoted the film with popo song yet managed to do 121 cr in india and overseas – it completely roasted sos as jthj made almost 12 million while sos was struglling to cross even 3 million mark.worldwide again jthj did over 235 cr.

    2013 – finally eid – where salman have made even average films blockbuster ,,srk for the first time perhaps came and stormed all records be it single day or first weekend or first week and most importantly -the unbeaten 3 idiots was finally crossed for the first time and also became first 0ne to cross huge 400 cr worldwide..
    take a part outimd ce controversy – outimd was a bad movie thus even in 2nd week with competition from outimd ,, ce made almost 43 cr and 3rd week almost 17 no doubt that ce was hugely appreciated by family audience.
    had it not simoultaneous releases like outimd ,, madras cafe ,,satyagraha on each weeks ,,may be ce would have crosses 250 cr mark also..

    2014 – diwali – hny – again srk came back with farah with whom he has given hits like main hoo na and oso ,, but farah gave a flop-below avg with akki in tees mar khan that released in christmas..

    this time srk broke all time single day record by a distance and shocked each and every single hater with its first weekend record..
    though movie was not stable (only with comparing ce) it still did 49 cr in weekdays of 1st week nd added 35 cr plus in 2nd week – 3rd best 2nd week figure after pk and kick..
    eventually crossed 203 cr india (haters will surely pick boi figure again – to their gk ,,acc to boi ,,tiger made 186 cr,,kick made 212 cr,,bangbang made 140 cr ,, baby will do max 80 cr – if u r ready to accept this fig than i am ready to accept boi fig for hny also) and was 2nd highest grosser in overseas after pk.worldwide also stood at num3(may be num 2 after release in china and further markets)..

    overseas fig doesnt matter – this is what haters can say for srk movies – overseas fig brings distributor share also than why shouldnt we take into account ?

    this was just for to open up your eyes..

    may god bless you all..

  • @JS I think slb has taken lesson from saawariya vs OSO.he will think 100 times for clash with king khan.he will not dare to release his film with KING OF BOLLYWOOD as small child also knows the result.

  • @Sani D How could you compare Srk’s last two movies with some of his previous movies.His last two movies were masala movies.You can’t expect JTHJ,Don2 to collect in the same range of Ce or HNY.I am happy you didn’t say Deepika was the reason behind the success of Om Shanti Om

  • eagerly waiting for – kareena starrer bajrangi bhaijaan and neil starrer prdp.
    hope both will be super succesfull sue to their immense
    indicine – any updates on FAN release date and hny performance in china??

  • how many hits by srk salman akki aamir ?
    question on boi by a reader.ans by boi –
    srk salman around 25
    akki around 20
    aamir 15..
    now it is open to every one who has done how many total movies – clearly srk aamir has much much better success ratio than our beloved bhaijaan nd lil baby.

  • Ohh really all of you said deepika is main reason to cross 200 crore for chennai express and happy new year then all of we see that finding fanny cross 300 crore india lolz
    What a stupid lukka bhaijan fans are

  • Funny how producers didnt ask for kings insight into sets n locations, historical costumes, mannerisms coz afterall king has made historical masterpieces like…. Hhmmmm…let me think… Hhhmmmmm oh yes Paheli…

  • @chala… Oso was pure SRK movie and then Arjun rampal….d rest Deepika…. Don’t mind my comments just decided to b a rebellion today anti srk.. cos of tonnes of insult your fans were using on Akki(even though not my idol). Nothing personal…u r cool even your reply cheers @chala

  • King should fully concentrate on tv now to give us some epic mega blockbuster shows like zor ka jhatka, panchvi paas etc….

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