Shahrukh Khan to host a ‘big show’ on Zee’s &TV

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is all set to make a grand return to television, as he has been roped in by Hindi entertainment channel ‘&TV’ for a ‘big show’.

“Shahrukh has been roped in by the channel for a big show, which will be aired on &TV” a source informed IANS.

The official announcement and details related to the show will be made later today.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh will be present at the grand unveiling, and if sources are to be believed, he will surprise his fans with his upcoming stint on the TV.

The superstar has had a fairly successful stint on television. In fact, he made his debut through television with fiction shows like ‘Fauji’ and ‘Circus’. After a super-successful career in films, he replaced Amitabh Bachchan as the host of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepathi’ Season 3. However, TV shows like ‘Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain’ and ’Zor Ka Jhatka’ weren’t as successful as they were expected to be.



  • Can’t wait for this… SRK may not have been successful in his last two attempts, but this time he will rock it. His charisma on TV is unmatched, he was clearly better than Big B on KBC. Very friendly with contestants and super charming.

    • @Navin : Look who is back ???? Look like Free treatment days are over and our friend @xzone can no longer afford it !!!! :-P

  • Srk has been extremely poor on TV. His Zor ka Jhatka and KAPPSTH flopped badly . Nobody could bear him on TV. His KBC version was not acccepted by people and producers had to call back Big B to save the show. Lets see if SRK finally succeeds with this new show.

  • Anything can’t be better and bigger than Zor ka Jhatka, the channel ndtv Imagine could not tolerated the Jhatka and shuted down. Now, its turn for Zee TV.

  • Another flop show like Jor ka jhatka and Panchvi paas. Srk lacks charisma due to which these shows were rejected by public.

  • Yes, he was better than amitji in KBC thats why he was kicked out from the show for next season….lol.

  • all the very best to shahrukh khan……hope the show lives upto xpectations….
    panchvi pas was a good n humorous show…….but agreed zor ka jhatka was bad.
    he hosted kbc well too. its just that people are behind him like always… bcoz of which his moderately successful attempts are tagged as failures

  • Why exactly do people hate Shahrukh Khan so much? Why do they want to see him fail? I have noticed this not just amongst fans of other actors, but even in the industry. Lot of people want to see him fail.

    • Dont know about others but I thought he was quite good in KBC 3. But somehow I was so used to BigB that I found KBC 3 unengaging. And the other shows were being made on mediocre channels like NDTV imagine where his show was followed by creepy wannabe daily soaps. So those shows never hogged limelight.

      And to answer you question, everyone has his fare share of haters. If we complain he has so many haters, why cant we see the fact that he has a huge fan-following as well? Let’s look at the brighter picture :)

    • Because no other actor (No matter how successful) proclaim himself as ‘King’ (fake) !!!!!!! Big B and Aamir are best examples.

    • @Hrithik most people in India don’t understand sarcasm.Yes Srk has said it many times that he’s the king but he has always said it on a lighter note.The media loves to create controversies and that is the reason why most of his quotes are misconstrued.

    • Agree but that sense of humor won’t be digestabke if he come regularly.His recent dil se baache Indiawaale show also wasn’t quite successful.Basically when you are hosting award function or live performance we expect entertainment in which srk is great but on reality shows sense of humor starts to irritate and sometimes looks horrible/disconnected that’s why he failed on TV yet.Let’s see how he fares.
      And don’t know about others but srk attitude with other actors including big b were not good in last decade during 2006-07 that’s was a reason that many got offended him.Even fans too.
      Rating himself real Don, only khan in Bollywood,Self rated king etc somehow irk his non fans.

  • Many fans of two stars were mocking SRK as if their own stars shows had been highly successful :-D

    Big Boss 8 is running on low trps
    Satyameva Jayate was high on twitter but low on trp

    And they are mocking SRK :v

    • @kingshuk : This is the only season (since Salman hosting) where Big Boss got low TRps due to boring contestants but still these TRPs are way ahead of Paanchi Pass and Zor ka Jhatkaa !!!!

    • Still those shows are 100times better, successful and entertaining than Zor ka Jhatka and Panchvi paas….

    • @kingshuk seriously Big boss now on 8th season so if now it gonna down for sure as people gonna loose interest and it also depend much on popularity of contestant.
      And satyamev jayate never been a show who garner huge trp.It is successful and got appreciation and criticise both.But srk Joe Ka jhatka,paanchvi pas neither liked nor appreciated by any.Atleast I don’t find even a single srk Dan around me who said jkj and paanchvi pas was good.

    • Don’t lie mr Hrithik….May be one season of Dus ka dum or BB since salman hosting is high on trps but since then it all about droping….for eg check out the trp of season 6 ( may be)…which is co hosted by sanjay dutt….lol.

    • Don’t lie mr Hrithik…may be one season of BIG BOSS since salman hosting is up to the mark but since then its all about low trp…KBC,SJ all has been beating it considerably…even Dus Ka Dum shut down due to low trps from season

    • @sky – Yes I know that SJ has been successful in creating awarness but the truth is audience needs entertainment to be glued at reality and game shows…thats why SJ flopped…on the other hand SRKs KBC was killed by comparison with Amitji….while he did Zor Ka Jhatka for financing RA.1 but the channel was itself a flop and wrapped up afterwards… lets see how this one fares.

    • @kingshuk : Get your facts correct. Sanjay Dutt co-hosted BB5 and not BB6. Bigg Boss never the achieve the lowest TRPs like Zor Ka Jhatkaa. Why are you blaming channel now ? According to you, your king can turn mud into a Gold and he is such a pwoerful man. Isn’t it? So why blaming a Channel? If he can resurgent YRF (according to Srk fans logic) why cant a mere TV channel ?

    • @Hrithik – When i said all those….:-D…looks like you are too high on your imaginenitivity and sophistication….FYI NDTV IMAGINE is a flop channel…Zor Ka Jhatka wasn’t a much publicised show also…..While Colors started with a bang with then top superstar AKKI….Also BB got mostly highlighted because of Shilpa winning Big Brother.

  • @hrithik,ha ha that’s why BIGB called KING SRK as the best actor among 3 khans when asked in koffee with you should say BIGB doesn’t know anything,blah blah.pour freezing water on your burning cheapest controversial shows big boss also become a glorious for what I can say?it shows who is fake and genuine,seems like your burning level also becomes very high just like pet chuha @tiger.ha ha,HE already got success in HIS tv show FAUJI before sallu/amir.nor HE gave bunch of flops like salman/amir,lol.yesah you never talked about salman’s 34 golden epic flops rather than more interested about 2 average show kapppth and zkj,lol.double standrad,jealousy and hypocrisy at it’s peak notch on your head,ROFLMAO.

    • Ur king himself said Salman had given shelter him, right now Salman is the box office king, why don’t u accept that??? U Hypocrite ki factory, double standard ki wholesale shop, u see Salman has more flops than king but why can’t u see Salman has more blockbuster, ATBB, Highest grosser of the year than ur king!!!
      Hope, u won’t say now hits are considered bigger success than blockbusters and atbb.

    • @sss : Abbey bawre !!!! Its about how public react to a superstar from big screen to small screen not the other way. Srk was successful on tv doing chota mota serials before coming to movies whereas Aamir n Salman came on small screen (tv shows) after their super stardom n when entire India knows them. Even Sushanth, Karan singh Grover are highly successful in tv serials before coming to movies. So no big deal with it, unlike Big B, Salman Srk failed to recreate his magic on small screen. n This is not only my opinion but majority of indians. Big B was asked among 3 Khans, its his opinion I am sure if He was asked to name best including all current actors he would have named Irrfan Khan or Manoj Bajpai who are much better than Srk but they lack stardom.

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