Shahrukh Khan spends Father’s Day with kids: Photos

Stars present at the event: Shahrukh Khan
Location: Kidzania, R City Mall

Shahrukh Khan celebrates Father's Day at Kidzania

Shahrukh Khan celebrates Father’s Day at Kidzania

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

SRK celebrates Father's Day at Kidzania

SRK celebrates Father’s Day at Kidzania



Shahrukh Khan with kids

Shahrukh Khan with kids



  • HNY 300 cr… storm is coming this diwali. After which ppl of ringupur which be left with only a topi to cover themselves

  • Srk should never forget his GODFATHERS-Aamir,Salman,Saif who rejected Darr,baazigar and Dilwale dulhania le jayenge and srk was born

  • Lagaan’s 13th Birthday, Kick’s Trailer Release and Shahrukh Fans’ Mass-Crying day. Triple Celebrations Yestrday. What a day !

  • Our king loves kids and he also made Ra one for kids and showed stars to kids through telescope in swades and it does not matter whether they liked it or not

    * SRK Is The 1st Indian Citizen To Be
    Invited At “YALE UNIVERSITY — USA” For
    Giving Speech To The Students On
    Economics .
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Be Invited At
    Speech and Motivating Students
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Have a “GOLD
    COIN STATUE” Of Him In Paris
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Be Honoured
    IN MALAYSIA” By Malaysian Government
    *SRK Is The 1st Indian To Be Honoured
    Award Of Intellectual Merit In Morrocco By
    Morroccan Prince
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Get
    Award For His Charity Worldwide [Now
    This Is The Biggest Achievement For Him]
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Receive
    “”L’Etoile D’Or”” Award From Mohammed
    VI of Morocco the King of Morocco.
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Ring The
    Prestigious “NASDAQ OPENING BELL” In
    Berlin Which Is The Worlds Biggest Stock
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Sign The Great
    * SRK Is The 1st Indian To Recieve an
    Honour Called “DATUK” From Indonesian
    The List Huge, But For Today This Much Is
    SRK as a Brand Ambassador Of INDIA For
    These Countries
    1) South Korea
    2) Morrocco
    3) Germany
    4) Malaysia
    5) Indonesia
    # MassiveRespectFor This Legend For His
    Contribution In B’wood & World.

  • @vikram if 30 stars and rajnikant say yes then nobody can stop multistarer happy new year to do 300cr. Congratulations!

  • KING KHAN IS LOOKING SO HANDSOME AS ALWAYS. ALSO HE is A GREAT FATHER for HIS kids and HE loves HIS OWN FATHER WHO WAS A FREEDOM FIGHTER who expired,due to which KING KHAN helped many poor for free cancer treatment in the remember of HIS FATHER,GREAT SALUTE TO THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.

  • @dark boy rises,sallu,amir,saif are papa’s made boys.they offered big films sitting at their home with out any labour at first.but after that due to lack of acting amir rejected DARR, salman rejected BAAZIGAR.if those stars would have casted in their rejected films that would have become a big flops,so they showed their intelligence not did any grace.but after getting success KING KHAN rejected many movies like Lagaan,3idiots due to which amir stands here.also amir’s 90% success movies are multistarrer and he is a star having no fans who is depending upon salman for fans.what about dhoom3,3idiots,dch,rdb,tzp all are multistarrer films,lol.then why you’re so worrying about multistarrer films,lol?

  • @sick rum Dont worry the topi is atleast more effective in the scenario of a major storm coming which is more than can be said of the lungi which during the Dhoom Storm abandoned all the Paglapurian folk n lungiwalas from Bakrapur last December when it flew away leaving the villagers bare….! Not a pleasant sight to behold…! :-P

  • @Dark Boy — DEEPIKA RAJNI starrer KOCHADAIYAAN is average deapite mega hype. …..30 stars featuring in LUCK BY CHANCE, BOMBAY TALKIES, DUS KAHANIYA were flop to average…..also in OSO the 30 stars featuring had no bankable star (SUNIL SHETTY, ARBAZ, SOHAIL, SANJAY DUTT, GOVINDA etc)…even SALMAN was going through a rough phase at that time… you will bring HONEY SINGH….But despite HONEY SINGHs song BHOOTNATH RETURNS remained average, BOSS remained a flop and YAARIYAN just became hit despite Honey s two songs…..
    Now Bark.

  • @Dark Boy Rises..Our King also should thank HR and Armaan Kohli(Big Boss) for rejecting Don and Deewana respectively!!! :P

  • @Dark boy rises, u misses cdi too, lol. m.r dark you should know that if those movies, would have been with others, doesn’t mean that the collections,would have been the same, i mean who would have played, cdi,darr,ddlj and baazigar better then srk(even lagaan,ghajni and 3idiots were first offered to srk).about guest appearances,you should know that almost all of guest appearances of srk,aamir and salman are in flop films, so don’t worry.
    @legend, you should know that, yeseterday wasn’t the day of aamir, nor salman, yesterday was the day of srk, it was fathers day, it was the day he should be proud of himself(aamir,also have childs, so it was the day of him too).

  • I like dis getup of shahrukh..
    After kicks trailer.. Umm sure shahrukh wil plan something more larger n grander for us in sha Allah
    hoping kick wil do 200+ crs.. N hny shd beat that easily.

  • Wanted (multistarrer) salman, Vinod khanna, inder kumar, mahesh manjrekar, manoj pawa, Prakash raj did 61 cr less than MNIK.
    Janeman multistarrer flop
    London dreams multistarrer desaster
    Heroes multistarrer flop
    Yuvraj multistarrer desaster

    Ready multistarrer
    Bodyguard multistarrer salman, raj babbar, Aditya pancholi, Katrina

  • @sht True Sarkar is an ‘admirable’ father as you put it hence he gave beti Suhana a wonderful example in how to conduct oneself in a public place back in Wankhede 2012…! Im sure Suhana overcame that embarrassment next day at school despite other kids calling her papa drunk n disorderly…!

  • LOL at those srk fans who are calling him handsome in these pics. abe kavi toh sach bola karo. even the die hard fan of srk would say he is looking too ugly and old here if he said the truth.
    as far as happy new disaster is considered, then its a clear cut disaster.

    kick will be blockbuster. singham returns will be blockbuster. bang bang will be blockbuster. PK will be blockbuster.

  • Salman in KKHH,AKKI in DTPH,HRITHIK IN KKKG,SAIF IN KHNH,ABHISHEK IN KANK,ARJUN IN DON every film of has Bankable stars in them. @kingshuk bhattacharger @sss @rotten pig year

  • To all you call who me sickrum- better worry about our lovely bhabhijaan’s new movie ‘sick’ as it’s looking though for bhabhi to break Chennai Express records forget dhoom 3

  • @DARK BOY — SALLU was going through rough patch at that time with back to back flopssss…..Saif never proved himself bankable star…..And if you think few scenes of ABHI or one scene of HR made OSO BB or the rest of dewangi song actors like sunil shetty dharmendra govinda made OSO BB then lol at your logic.

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